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  1. If you're that tight for space, maybe a larger drive is necessary?
  2. Can't reproduce "slower to load projects", it is the same here, both audio centric and midi-centric projects.
  3. Try rescanning your plugins through prefs (vst scan) before freezing and see if that makes a difference.
  4. Is there a chance you updated the plugin after it was first frozen?
  5. Not seeing that at all. Is your SoundID updated?
  6. Great midi fx, one of a handful of people that make mfx for sonar/cakewalk! https://midi-plugins.de/#Home
  7. High quality would mean reputable known brand as opposed to crap found on Aliexpress or Temu
  8. You said "And the output track you must set also to reverb bus", that is incorrect, it doesn't have to be set to the reverb bus. Just because you do it that way doesn't mean that's how it has to be done...
  9. The button switches between pre and post fader, the fader doesn’t affect the send if it is pre-fader, the fader does affect it if it is post-fader.
  10. Was the cursor at the position marked in the timeline? No? Try going to the point you want to cut in the timeline and then try cutting, that's how it works...
  11. Install on both, some plugins have file dependencies
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