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  1. Dump the 25 cent soundcard and get a real interface with ASIO drivers.
  2. Why is CbB running much better on Win10 for me than Win7? I used this to take control of Win10
  3. It's a new release, contact the developer
  4. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=Safe+mode+cakewalk
  5. Happened to me once, I powered down my audio interface, started CbB, acknowledged the warning, shut down CbB, powered up my interface and all was well.
  6. Have the Play engine stream from ram instead of disk, or vice versa (change it to the opposite of what it's set to). I've had your issue before and changing the stream option in the play engine took care of it.
  7. To keep a hd from falling asleep when it's not supposed to, try this
  8. I have an UltraLite mk2 and it's been solid with absolutely NO issues, ever!
  9. There are no rules, just what sounds right.
  10. I have a 1st gen 6i6 hooked up to my laptop, nothing negative to share about it.
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