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  1. Lots of tutorials on Youtube
  2. gustabo

    sound not coming

    Lots of tutorials on Youtube
  3. I haven't gotten an activation request in quite some time and my daw machine is offline
  4. With Cakewalk closed, rename your aud.ini file to aud.old and let Cakewalk recreate it for you.
  5. It requires activation now or activation expires in xx days?
  6. Operator error or something wrong with your setup...
  7. That would be an error thesis, not an error message... Lol!
  8. Not really arcane, widely known and makes sense. I also turn off power management on host controller and mass storage devices on my daw.
  9. Sounds like your usb devices are going to sleep. Turn that off.
  10. Did you check the Enhanced Display Scaling for the plug?
  11. The Bandlab app is no longer supported. You can always use the Cakewalk Product Center app.
  12. Did you try signing out and then signing back in with Cakewalk?
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