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  1. Did you record the DI stuff with headphones or speakers on? Pickups are a form of microphone...
  2. Why not load a vst instrument and drag the midi into it? Check out tutorials to learn how to accomplish what you are trying to do.
  3. Quad Capture is not professional? Suggestions?
  4. I would pan the audio, if you ever freeze the synth, you can still pan the audio, you would have to unfreeze the synth to pan the midi.
  5. Try disabling your AV to see if it's causing it.
  6. Yeah, [soved} makes no sense! Lol!
  7. The tracks whose measures aren't being deleted were empty already so there was nothing to delete and as a result, the hole was not deleted. The tracks whose measures are being deleted had events of one form or another in them so they were deleted and then the hole was deleted.
  8. Are you saying that the history setting for the clipboard in Cakewalk no longer has any bearing?
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