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  1. Thanks for your responses and leads. I believe I have it solved. I noticed the upper right hand corner of tool bar said "Basic". I checked my fully functioning PC and discovered it's set for NONE. I opened drop down list and changed it from BASIC to "NONE". Thereafter it said Workspaces. All is well!!!
  2. Just loaded CWBL onto a new laptop. Having a few issues after reopening a saved file. Header saved as show all modules, reverts to picture below When project is first opened strips open just as saved (narrow) then reverts to wide in picture below midi strips saved as hidden, reverts to "show" Icons revert to hidden Browser pane shows up as open, right side in picture. How do I remedy this?
  3. How do I add reference material to my project?
  4. Hey Lynn, thanks for post. Seems ok .
  5. Please direct me to that particular setting. Looked under export, did not find "What you hear". Thanks Lynn
  6. I'm a bit late, but I tried doing a straight export with the same results. BTW, I bounced to be able to have a fade at end. Please advise of an easier way.
  7. I have effects on the master channel that works fine. However when I bounce the tracks and do a MP3 export there isn't any reverb. Any help will be appreciated.
  8. I'll mess with it tomorrow. The only Cakewalk core folder is under program files. Nothing under Cakewalk content. Its starting to sound like files were misplaced during an upgrade at some point.
  9. C:\Cakewalk Content\SONAR X3 Producer\Project Templates. This folder does not exist. However the files are under cakewalk content. What's puzzling is that one songs definition is intact.
  10. I am able to see the drum names only in one song of many. Even tried saving that drum setup as a template to no avail. Any Ideas?
  11. Bob Lyn

    Popping sounds

    Can anyone give me a solution? Here is the issue I am getting these popping sounds when 1-Playing a midi file with no action on mouse, key pad or Audio recording, EG guitar 2-Scrolling now time slider with mouse. 3- Does not occur with You tube videos. How can I get rid of them?
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