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  1. Bob Lyn

    Popping sounds

    So far so good. Thanks
  2. Bob Lyn

    Popping sounds

    Thanks, will try at a later date.
  3. Bob Lyn

    Popping sounds

    Sorry for not getting back to you. Tried that, so far nothing seems to work. I'm using an older Presonus Audiobox USB interface. I am also using it with Reaper at 256 block size and it functions flawlessly. Cakewalk any thoughts?
  4. Bob Lyn

    Popping sounds

    Here we go again! worked just fine until recently I used laptop while traveling. Reconnected to its normal peripheral devices. This time I have popping along with scratching sounds, much like connecting 2 audio live wires. Used ASIO set up at different block size, no help. I have another DAW which works just fine at 256. Went as far as saving a copy and removing all unnecessary plugins and froze all tracks Your thoughts?
  5. Noticed when splitting an audio file then creating a loop (ctrl L) with the sections, the measure count is reduced by a number of measures. In this project the 1st 8 measures looped correctly. The 2nd set of measures in this case 12 had (2 transients per measure), were now reduced to 8 measures (3 transients per measure) out of tempo. Not sure if its the latest update or not. Any thoughts?
  6. Bob Lyn

    Popping sounds

    All on their own.
  7. Bob Lyn

    Popping sounds

    My noises just went away.
  8. Seems like plug in is the general consensus. Looks like I will have to do some more digging and redo.
  9. I uploaded a sample, don't know if it works. Parts of the song in question plays perfectly fine up the 20 measures or so and plays OK thereafter. I have no plugins on trial that I am aware of and no compression in use. Think of that dreaded hiss of a TV with no antenna connected, riding on top of music but pulsating. That's the best I can come up with. sample.mp3
  10. Hey all, I have tracks that were fine for sometime now, all of a sudden several have developed this loud pulsating noise which reminds me of white noise that overrides audio. This occurs on raw MP3 import or recorded audio at differing locations. I certainly don't want to rerecord all tracks, any help would be appreciated.
  11. Thanks for your responses and leads. I believe I have it solved. I noticed the upper right hand corner of tool bar said "Basic". I checked my fully functioning PC and discovered it's set for NONE. I opened drop down list and changed it from BASIC to "NONE". Thereafter it said Workspaces. All is well!!!
  12. Just loaded CWBL onto a new laptop. Having a few issues after reopening a saved file. Header saved as show all modules, reverts to picture below When project is first opened strips open just as saved (narrow) then reverts to wide in picture below midi strips saved as hidden, reverts to "show" Icons revert to hidden Browser pane shows up as open, right side in picture. How do I remedy this?
  13. How do I add reference material to my project?
  14. Hey Lynn, thanks for post. Seems ok .
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