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  1. This is another bad example what installers can do! Something like this could never happen with a zip-installation!
  2. marled

    XLN updates

    IMO it's the "new" Middle Ages in software development and regrettably also in a lot of other areas in modern life (it is not allowed anymore to say your opinion, it's always the risk that it is interpreted racist, not eco-friendly or anti-women). I hate those plugin installation managers! Honestly, it would be much more user-friendly if we had zip-files to extract the contents with a simple readme instruction! It takes so much time to clean up what most of those silly installers do!
  3. For me it is the contrary, because most of the plugins today allow to use the mouse wheel just by positioning the mouse over a control. Thus if it is required to click the control first to use the mouse wheel, I often forget the click and that causes sometimes that the previous clicked control is changed. The bad thing is also that this control is not in my current focus, i.e. in the worst case I even don't know what control I have changed, but in all cases I do not know the old value. That's why I prefer that the mouse position is relevant to change a value and not a click on the control!
  4. Unfreeze synth this is a good point! Today I found out that all my settings were lost when I had unfrozen Strum Sesssion 2 in two tracks. This is really a pain! Good that I write down a lot of my settings in a text file for each song, so Iuckily I could recover the mess! But more and more I get the feeling that it is better not to use freeze for instrument tracks, but instead bounce to a new audio track and mute the instrument track. Like that you avoid to have those +3dB problems with mono tracks and it is always possible to redo the instrument without losing the settings!
  5. This is true that if you have less transient markers the risk of problems is reduced! Me too, I reduce the automatically detected transients pretty much, but most of the time I cannot reduce it to only 1 marker per bar in my case. I also noticed that if the corrections (stretching/compression) are really minor, then there is often no problem. Again, I agree with this. It is also my experience. But if you do this, then you cannot use the automatic quantizing, i.e. you have to do it manually, since the automatic quantize tries to align it to proper beat positions (whatever you choose 1/16, 1/8, ...).
  6. I am also not in love with the current export naming convention in CbB. For some time I did the renaming manually, how laborious if you often export tracks! Then I tried to use shell renaming and there was sometimes a whole mess, because the shell worked recursively. In the end I wrote my own rename program, because there was so much trouble! Also I do not agree that it makes sence to use the internal track number for export, because when you do not create your tracks in order, i.e. you insert new tracks in a later state or move them up or down, then you get a real mess if you re-export some tracks (track number may have changed)! Thus I support absolutely a track export name configuration in CbB! IMHO this would be a very valuable addition to make life easier!
  7. There is the same behavior when I bounce a clip. Most time the solo and mute settings of tracks (other tracks?) get lost! But it is not just since the latest version.
  8. I don't want to frustrate you, but for me the list of tweaks increases with each Windows update! For me Windows does not get better but worse! Since the start of W10 there was only 1 single tweak that I could cancel, because it had been fixed! 😄
  9. I cannot remember any Windows 10 update that had something new that I really needed! Most of the time the updates are only a pain, time wasted, settings reverted, some unnecessary cloud play things (child stuff), ... If I had the chance to choose, I would still use the first Windows 10 version!
  10. In addition what @John said, if you use the right click menu to insert a new track, you can select one track in the same breath to define where the new track has to be inserted. I like to use it that way, because often you do not want the new track to be added to the end.
  11. It's strange, the same thing happend to me, too!
  12. Lately I wrote a harmless contribution and there was 1 word banned. For me with non-English mother tongue it is difficult to guess which words could be banned! 😉 This is why I made the precautionary measure to prevent that my "sentimental" message cannot be read! 😆
  13. No, absolutely not! I worked myself a lot with codesets/codepages... as a professional, but I saw in the 21st century that many big software companies (like MS) make a real mess with it! It seems they do not understand the concept, that's why they finally jump to unicode and that's better like that! 😄 Yes, Mac is definitely not an alternative! It's made by a similar dinosaur! This is the pain with those W10 issues, there is actually no real alternative!
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