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  1. No, CbB's "Normalize" adjusts only to a peak level as far as I know. Neither a compressor, nor a vocal riding plugin does exactly this! But they can be used to even out the loudness before you adjust it to an integrated LUFS value. I would also like such a feature! But for the moment I do it for vocal clips with the free "4U Meter, Fader" plugin from HOFA and CbB's gain adjustment: I split the vocal clip in shorter clips (vocal phrases) that have about the same level. I drag each clip onto "4U Meter, Fader" and it shows me the current integrated loudness in LUFS (and other values). Then I add the dB difference compared to my target level to the clip (menu "Process > Apply Effect > Gain...", for faster access I have defined an accelerator). E.g. when the clip has an integrated loudness of -15.7 LUFS and I want it to be -14 LUFS, then I add +1.7dB in the Gain dialog (by the way if it is a mono clip, then only the left gain value has to be changed in the dialog).
  2. I love the sound, too. IMO it is one of the best guitar amplifer simulations and I have quite a few. Though I don't have Amplitude max, I just have some collections, but they are superb. On the other hand I think the installation process and the user interfaces of IK products are a bit quirky and annoying (e.g. it lists all the sounds that you are not authorized to and T-Racks does not allow just to install the components you have ...).
  3. marled

    Audiority LDC2

    I agree to all what you say. Purchased, too!
  4. Do you mean by using AudioSnap? There are some issues using AudioSnap independant of the algorithm used. You can even see the issues in the wave form if you zoom in. And yes, the Elastique algorithm (even Pro) isn't the best one (sometimes changes the wave in a very strange way), that's why I usually use one of the Radius algorithms for offline render (bouncing). After the bounce I check with Solo listening if there are issues and if there are, then I move the transients slightly or change the algorithm and try again. Most of the time this helps to fix the problem. In rare cases when the problem always reoccurs I do everything manually (cut the problematic area, move it to the correct position and bounce it with cross-fades).
  5. I profited by a broad music background from school and classic guitar education. With my preferred styles I've stuck somehow in the 60s and 70s the most, but there is also a lot of influence from the 80s when we were playing intensively in our band. In that time I learned to estimate my fellow's play on the Jupiter 8 synth. For playing lead guitar Eric Clapton had the most, almost unique influence. Bands (more or less in order of importance): The Beatles T.Rex (Marc Bolan) The Kinks Little Richard Alice Cooper The Rolling Stones The Who CCR Queen Status Quo The Sweet Chuck Berry Sheryl Crow Lenny Kravitz Bonnie Tyler Eurythmics ...
  6. This RAM may have benefits:
  7. I am afraid that such an implementation ... Generates a lot of "useless" tempo events that knock the overall system. IMO it does not make sense to have tempo changes that are more granular than the smallest notes of the song! It may destroy the tempo transparency of the project. With the current implementation it is easily possible to copy and adjust an audio clip of one project to another project with different tempo changes. I did this today successfully with some vocal takes of the same song, but different recordings (projects). I made a copy of the takes in the original project, set transient markers at the note positions (precisely snapped to 1/16, not the notes, but the transient markers). Then I copied those takes into the 2nd project where I could simply stretch the transient markers to the correct positions according to the project tempo. Cool, like this I could absolutely preserve the vocalist's feel (what's not possible if you just copy the clips and then simply quantize them in the 2nd project). By the way like this you can also copy/move a vocal part in the same project with a lot of tempo variations without losing the vocalist's feel! No other DAW that I have ever tested or used has such a cool support for tempo/audio snap! Most DAWs make some automatic adjustments that work only for percussion and absolutely not for vocals or synth sounds ... And those automatic detections/adjustments kill all the feel and swing of the music!
  8. I just wonder: Is there a way for OFFLINE install of CherryAudio synths? On their site it looks as if you have to login from the plugin for autorisation.
  9. marled

    AAS Objeq Delay FREE

    Exactly, it takes more time to remove the unwanted rubbish, than manually installing it from a zip file. I still hope that some day plugin providers will understand that supporting a simple zip file install would help many users a lot!
  10. I had no problems at all! Yes, but I have no Wave V12! I think those who still trust in Waves should be punished a bit, that's fair! 😝
  11. I hate this !!! 😝 First, I liked the internet, but more and more it gets a pain in the axxx!
  12. No, but your question is pathbreaking! I always thought that I have to click into the horizontal bar under the time line numbering to set the now time (because the cursor changed when I went up to high)! But now I understand that I can also click above into the time line! 😄 Fxxx, how stupid I am!
  13. Since my last system reset on my laptop I am concerned about the many exotic ideas developers have to protect their software. It is a real mess! I began then to make a list of the plugin suppliers and sometimes even individual plugins for how many autorisations are allowed and how I can reset them. It is very difficult, for some plugins I have no idea. That's why today I always look accurately at these things before buying a plugin. IMO this is the order of my preference: No protection A license file or key with offline usage iLok The possibility to withdraw autorisations on their website other (I avoid this more and more) Installation managers Another reason for the order above is also that I want to be able to install and authorize plugins/software on my main DAW computer offline!
  14. For me it would be more crucial that the bar for setting the now time is bigger 😆! I often miss it with the mouse when I am looking in the wave to find the position.
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