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  1. Yes, if I bind T to "Go to Time", then I can reproduce this crash!
  2. Actually I don't have SD3, but I prefer to extract the individual drum instruments with all Vsti drums and I even export them as audio files. The reason is, because if I once want to change something in the mix/make a new mix and the Vsti or DAW is not running anymore in the appropriate version, I cannot do that. I made once this mistake to only export the stereo track of the drums and it is nearly impossible anymore to create a new better mix, even with drum replacing (but it is still a challenge for next year 😉).
  3. One minor thing: If you want to import an audio file into a lane with the right click menu, then the lane selection is still ignored! But this issue is not so urgent, because if you use the import in the File menu or the double click in the media browser, then the lane selection is respected.
  4. Wrong thread! Moved to Feedback.
  5. This is again a great release after the 2019.07. There are so many fixes and features I like that I pass on listing my favorites! 😄 Many thanks, Bakers!
  6. Sorry, but I am very old-fashioned, I do not have/use a video screen capture at the moment, even if it was convenient in such cases! 😆 Yes, I use(d) the Smart Tool. Having done some more tests I realized that it only happens when you click on the clip title for selection! It is very easy to reproduce: New project with one audio clip Split the clip Select the both clips Click with the Smart Tool on either clip title bar (with lanes closed or in a lane, it does not matter) => the selection is not changed! In previous versions this did change the selection to the chosen clip. In the new release this is only possible if you click into the upper part of the clip under the title bar (first I did not realize this, because I was used to click the title bar for selection).
  7. Yesterday I worked the whole day with this EA version. I am really pleased and happy with it! 😊 Together with the 2019-07 release it represents a milestone in the history of Sonar/CbB. It is definitly the best and most stable Sonar/CbB ever! There are so many helpful improvements and fixes in such a short time, incredibly! These are my favorites: Issues with Focusrite interfaces fixed (gorgeous!) Take lane enhancements: Crossfades and cropping on single lanes/clips, crossfade type choice, audio file import (via menu) to lanes, a lot of fixes like clip copy, a.s.o. Transport issues fixed (stop playing jumping to project start or not to now time, play engine looping) Reduced starting time Many thanks to Noel, the Bakers and the BandLab team! I almost have no wishes for CbB anymore, it is perfect! 😉 @Noel Borthwick I noticed that if you select 2 or more clips and then click on a single one of them, then the selection does not change to this one as it was in the earlier releases. Is this intended? Other then this I haven't found issues.
  8. For me it is enough to have one subscription: To the tax office! No demand on additional subs!
  9. @Noel Borthwick Additional investigation led to the following findings: Because I guessed that it may be related to the weak laptop PC (i5-5200U, 8GB, HD Hybrid SSHD 5400), I tried to repro on my main Daw computer (i5-8600K @3.6GHz, 16GB, SSD). In the first moment I couldn't reproduce. But then I suspected that the Focusrite audio interface on the laptop could be the problem, because I use the same CbB version and settings on both systems. Using the Focusrite interface on the desktop PC succeeded! The problem is definitely related to the Scarlett Solo audio interface, respectively to the Focusrite driver (, 2019-06-19). I am not able to say if it is the sole culprit, often it is a combination of several things. By the way I use Windows 10 Pro on both PCs, version 1803 on the desktop and version 1903 on the laptop. Marc
  10. Great! Thank you! Yes, the option "On stop rewind to now" had been set. I have tested with the option "On stop rewind to now" disabled and here it gets unstoppable even then very easily. Have you tried to hold the space bar continously pressed down for 2 or 3 loops (it is essential to have a repeat loop activated)? This recipe causes here always the ghost playing. Maybe I have some other settings that are required to get it happen? But I have also found a way to stop it nevertheless: As soon as I enable the input echo (either on the single audio track or globally) I can stop the playback again (maybe this helps to find the cause). But initially setting the input echo does not prevent the uncontrolled looping. Then I have to disable and enable it again to be able to stop the playing.
  11. This subject is something I am fighting with for years. Yes, I tried to use all those techniques to reduce the level differences. The only one that helped a little bit without destroying the performances was more distance to the microphone. I know there are those restrained vocalists that can be recorded without any pain. Those takes are very balanced and even-tempered, but sometimes boring! On the other hand there are those singers that use a wide range of dynamics and there it is very difficult to get an even recording. Sometimes there are just single syllables that are too loud. Yes, you can adjust the input level to their highest peaks, but then there are still those uneven results that take a lot of time to be adjusted manually afterwards. You cannot just use a compressor or limiter to even them out. To cut a long story short, in such cases I use my old dbx166 dynamics processor (from about 1990) right after the microphone and that helps a lot!
  12. I wanted to ask for the possibility to configure (disable) the function that a long space bar click jumps to the start of the song. But when doing some tests I detected the following bug: If you press excessively the space bar during run, then you get CbB into the unstoppable play loop (has to be killed in the task manager)! This bug has been reported several times, even in the old forum. But now I have a simple way to reproduce it: Create a new empty project. Set the loop on bar #2 and the now time to 02-01 (start of the loop). Start playing and before the iteration jumps back press excessively the space bar (just keep on pressing). I always have noticed that there is some sort of bug in start/stop by pressing the space bar. It is not only the unstoppable loop but also jumping to the beginning or stopping anywhere, even if you have configured to jump back to the current now time. IMHO it may have to do with keyboard events coming in an unexpected order!
  13. I really like British beer (is my favorite beer), so I must counter the sentence above: I would say "due to the pint in his hand"! But I agree to the rest of your comment, Tezza! 😃 Also congratulation to Mark, I am sure he will contribute a lot to CbB!
  14. I agree to Colin! Most of the Vst instruments on the market define pitches that way, i.e. by setting the base octave in CbB to -2. I wonder why this is not the default setting, because it is most common! If you use the standard setting in CbB (=0), then C0 equals to C-2 in most Vst instruments! Just to make it more complicated! 😁 No really, the setting in CbB does only change the name of the pitches, the pitch values stay the same!
  15. ^^This!! The example is not from the "real life", I just made it to present the problem! The thing is that many times when I have small parts that have gone wrong (sometimes only one syllable), then I want to replace that before going on with comping, i.e. I attempt to bounce the result before comping. It is in such cases where I use the split moves and cross-fading; it needs precision work to make it imperceptible!
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