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  1. No, beware! My computer keyboard looks more like:
  2. Yes, on my keyboard there are no letters at all! The keys are only white or black. 😝
  3. Setting the display language to e.g. Swedish does not only affect Windows, but a lot of programs set their translation also to Swedish and believe me there is so much inventiveness in translation that you often don't have a clue what some words mean in the programs' context! 😟 But on the other hand if I have a Swedish hardware keyboard (in the laptop even built in), then I do not want to set English to my keyboard language, because it is a nightmare to find all the special charaters! 😰
  4. It drives me crazy! All developers urge the users to use the newest versions of their software. The arguments are to prevent virus interaction, more stability, better experience, ... But my experience is completely different, especially with Windows 10 (but not only). From the beginning I had difficulty to define my language preference in Windows 10: English display language and Swedish keyboard language. Finally, some updates ago I managed to define this only language combination without any others that can be activated accidentally. But now those Microsoft development bastards have changed it again! And I have found no way to remove the language combinations with English keyboard without losing the English display language! Are they really so stupid or do they have fun to plague their users? In many programs (that use a modern layout) the settings get more and more stupid, intransparent, incomplete and illogical. I just hope CbB does not go this way! In any case the biggest virus to me is Windows 10, because it has stolen me so many hours with its problems and updates!
  5. Antares ASPIRE Evo Aspiration Noise Processor and SYBIL Evo Variable Frequency De-Esser for $21.00 each on JRRshop (instead of $59.00).
  6. I tried all of these methods today with some frozen mono synth audio tracks (AD2). No success with #1 and #4, they did boost by 3dB in my cases! #3 was not my favorite one, because you need another program then to split the stereo files. So in the end there remained only #2. Or #5: I opened the audio files generated by the freeze in the audio folder with another program and exported them in my target format. Finally I must admit the whole thing is a PITA, because you either have to use an additional program or you have to do actions that have to be reverted manually! 😒
  7. Thanks scook, I never found this so clearly described! But nevertheless to me it feels a bit like a bug when exporting a frozen synth mono audio track (interleave=mono) or its clip copied to a usual mono audio track don't deliver the same result! It is exactly this inconstancy that confuses me. One time I think "Now I got it", but the next moment I get irritated because it does not behave as I expected! 😆 I have also observed that in some cases the indicated level on an instrument track (mono) had changed by +3dB after freezing when I reopened the project.
  8. Me too! Working with mono tracks is sometimes very cumbersome in CbB. I have especially problems with virtual instruments that output to a mono audio track (e.g. bass). If you look at the peak during play, it is sometimes completely different when frozen and then when you export anyway! If you copy the frozen audio to a new audio mono track, then the export is no more +3dB, very strange! To me it is not transparent anymore in what case there is a +3dB gain! So I had invested some time in creating a sample project that shows the troubles and sent it to the support in December. They said they have logged it for review/changes and I still hope it is being fixed one day! 😄
  9. Don't understate! I would say after 25-30 years! 😆
  10. A lot of Plugin-Alliance plugins that use the standard preset setting (drop-down list in the plugin header). With these plugins it is painful to load presets with the VST3 version 🥵, because you always have to select the correct folder manually!! It is valid for bx_bassdude, bx_rockrack, Noveltech Vocal Enhancer, SPL De-Essers, SPL Vitalizer MK2, Lindell 254E, Millennia TCL-2, Vertigo VSC-2, bx_hybrid V2, bx_panEQ, SPL Transient Designer Plus, SPL Attacker Plus, bx_meter ... By the way this is also valid for other plugin manufacturers!
  11. marled

    PSP 20 for $20 Sale

    I avoided this, the PA deals were to expensive for me (with tax nearly $40)! 😡 Anyway I have almost all the plugins of PA that I am interested in.
  12. marled

    PSP 20 for $20 Sale

    I hope so at least, without any Lexicon I would be very sad! 😥 Essentially the 2 Lexicons and the Twin-L are my goals and if there are not 2 plugins in the end, then I am really disappointed! Still hope! 😄
  13. For me this is even the worse problem than to uninstall T-Racks that I don't have, because there is no work-around to avoid those silly messages! But in general I think both of these issues show that IK Multimedia is not really listening to customers, instead they think this is a good promotion for there products, but I doubt in that 😉!
  14. Here it still works! But I have experienced cases that plugins were listed that I have removed or moved to another location (including plugin rescan). Thus in those cases it did not work of course!
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