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  1. Yes! No, IMO the contrary is true! All other DAWs that I have tested have less functionality. E.g. most do not have manual correction of invalid detected transients and this is crucial! Also the huge possiblities that you have in CbB/Sonar to use the transients is exceptional.
  2. VST3 64-bit: I have the plugins in the standard folder, but I made subfolders for plugin type (Dynamics, EQ, ...) for better overview and for Samplitude X3 that does not have a plugin manager but displays the names of the subdirectories. VST2: I have 2 main folders a FX and an Instrument folder and under them I have the same subfolders as above. The advantage of separating FX and instruments is that I define both in DAWs, but only the FX folder in Editors (Sound Forge, RX-7, Audacity, SpectraLayers, ...; also for MixBus that I only use for mixing). This reduces the scanning time for the latter. Actually this is not the whole truth! Physically I store the VST2 plugins in a 64-bit and a 32-bit folder with underfolders naming the plugin provider such as "Nomad Factory". In the FX and Instrument folders I have only symbolic file links (mklink) to the plugins in the provider folders. The big advantage is that I can define the "general" FX, instrument folders with the plugins that I want in all DAWs/editors. For plugins that run only in a single program I create special folders (e.g. for CbB/Sonar). Also I do not have to uninstall plugins that I currently don't use, I simply remove the link! Storing all the plugins of one provider in a single subfolder has also the advantage that they normally remember that folder if you install an additional plugin of them. That it is easier to manage I have all my plugin folders out of the "Program" folders (no admin rights required), except VST3. By the way this concept runs perfectly on more than 1 computer and using the same plugin properties on each computer and CbB/Sonar Platinum/X3!
  3. I agree that XLN is a prime example for that, but I had such problems with other plugin providers, too! But I cannot remember which ones! πŸ˜„ AD2: I like it and use it, too. But as one said before, there is a lot of processing in their presets and I prefer to do the processing in the DAW (CbB) by myself! I don't like those over-defined presets, because they often conflict with the rest of the mix. Yes, they sound cool when you run the drums on its own. But as soon as you add several other tracks (bass, guitars, synths, ...) they get your mix too busy! The 2nd thing that I dislike in AD2 is that many of their drum instruments are too roomy. If you listen e.g. to their snare track only, then it is very quiet, i.e. the snare goes mainly thru the overheads and room mics. This makes it very difficult to mix when you want to increase or decrease the snare, because you also affect other components and the sound of the snare. And if you want to choose your own room and reduce the room/overhead on some instruments, then the sound is quite weak (snare, toms). Regarding roomy the worst for me is the kick, because until today I have never managed to get the more natural sound that I want (that is very easy to achieve within NI drum kits).
  4. More and more I understand that VST3 is one step back compared to VST2! I have listed the disadvantages for me and the list gets longer and longer! πŸ˜„ Besides that some VST3 plugins cannot be relocated it is very annoying that each program that uses VST plugins has to scan all VST3 plugins, i.e. FX and instrument plugins, although a lot of programs like wave editors almost never need instruments, stupid definition! This was easy to handle with VST2 though (I have an FX and an instrument location that can be included in each program/DAW). Also preset handling is a real chaos in VST3's or in the programs using the plugins! And there is a lot more ... On the other hand there are much more regressions in the 21st century! Fxxx! I'm getting old!!!
  5. The only way to really turn updates off is to disable the network!!! And that gets more and more impossible with all those software providers that really don't support real offline installation! So in fact those software providers (no names) cause such issues! 😑 I don't wanna total all the hours that I have spent/lost to fix such Microsoft update problems. And each time when I look at the changes protocol of MS I get angry, because there is almost nothing that I really wanted! Just annoyance for nothing at all! I hate MS (but Apple is surely no alternative)!
  6. IMO it is very difficult to avoid such behavior. Thus I always use a power distribution with an off switch for my pc's. Like that I never run into such problems independent of my Windows/BIOS configurations! πŸ˜‰
  7. @Noel Borthwick IMHO the take lane behaviour has been much improved in CbB! 😊 But there are still some hassles that should be addressed: It is very difficult or even impossible to instruct whether edits (cross-fades/moving the split point, ...) are only for the current/selected lane or for all lanes with the same start/end. It often happens to me that I accidentally change multiple clips instead of 1. Sometimes the Smart Tool does not work on adjacent clips (e.g. for cross-fade), because there is a tiny tiny gap between them. The gap is as little that it cannot be represented in the clips start/length values in the clip inspector, but I can see it if I zoom in completely. It is the same thing when you select multiple clips that have the same start/length values in the inspector, but when you select them together it shows multiple values (tiny, tiny difference, almost unvisible!). In rare cases where you updated a clip (moved contents within clip, slip edited, ...) the contents moves when you apply a crossfade and it gets impossible to define where to start and end the fades! Sometimes it even does not help to bounce the clip as it is, you must change something else that the bounce really appears!!!
  8. I think there is no question concerning CbB where scook doesn't have an answer! πŸ‘ Incredible!
  9. Thanks a lot! 😊 Fantastic, it works also in Europe and they even included VAT within the $39.99 !
  10. I don't know why they call themself "Musician's Friend", 'cos here in Europe I never reach the page with your links. It seems they are only "North America Musician's Friend"! πŸ˜„
  11. Here in Sweden it shows a price of 599 crowns. That is about $64, too much for me now!
  12. Yes, but this is an extra step that is not necessary. As I explained above you can focus on an area by using the zoom with the mouse pointer over your area!
  13. I understand that, it is not the common way. But I got used to do it differently. I focus on the section/notes that I want to zoom in and move the mouse pointer over there and then use the Alt+scroll wheel. Works perfectly! E.g. when I correct detected transients for AudioSnap I can even scroll indirectly with zooming out/in at the "right" mouse positions (without additional scroll operations). This is very fast and I like it! 😊 I admit that it may take some time to get used, but I swear it is worth it! Unfortunately some change in the last version 2020.05 made it a little worse (it is more difficult to aim for a location) and I can absolutely comprehend your trouble now.
  14. First I have to praise AudioSnap as IMO it is the best tool to quantize audio. One thing that most other DAWs are missing is the possibility to correct the transient detection manually. No automatic detection is perfect and thus the manual correction is so great and useful! πŸ‘ Also does AudioSnap support a huge set of functionality compared to many competitors. But it would be great if the transient detection would be improved with certain parameters just like track type (rhythmic, vocal, bass, guitar, ...), grid (1/4, 1/8, 1/16, ...), minimum level and so on. I hope this request finds favour with the development team, because I cannot imagine to use another program than Sonar/CbB for quantization, it's simply the best! πŸ˜‰
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