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  1. Regrettably I could not resist the Neold U17 for $15 + tax (=$19)! 😆 Seems to be a very cool compressor.
  2. I think it is an illusion that the "were up against with computer power and functionality" was really used for product improvements in the software industry! No, I am sure (and I know what I am talking about) that more than 90 percent was wasted for development products itself that don't improve the end-software (in the contrary; e.g. compare Reaper's code size to other DAWs)! And a lot of power (of the other 10 percent) was used for useless quality improvement like high pixel photos with poor lenses for low-grade applications, high print resolution that our eye cannot perceive, high sample rates with poor recording equipment, high frequencies in music listening that we cannot hear, and so on ...
  3. Okay, and? The electric guitar is even much older, so do you think it is not worth anymore? When I look at the latest NI "synths" (if you can call 'em like this, "play series"), then I really prefer their older stuff! Sounds much better in my ears! That's a great idea, I like Surge XT! It is one of the better synths available nowadays (even if its roots are far older as you told us). I think the idea "what's new is better" is a very stupid phantom of these days (and was ever since in all so-called advanced civilizations) . Look around in this new world! Regrettably I see more worsening than improvements in almost all areas (and I still hope it is not going on like this ...)!
  4. Strange, here it disables both snaps when I press the N key. But maybe there is a setting that is different in my CbB?
  5. This picture is nearly 40 years old! 😆
  6. I think some of the kids on this forum that want it are a bit older! 😄
  7. Is this progress when an audio tool needs much more resources for graphics? 😡 I am too old, really don't understand the 21st century. To me it gets more and more crazy! 😆
  8. +1 I use mostly Cakewalk and Reaper. They both have advantages. There is one thing in the coming CbB release that is a real improvement IMO: The minimum project loop length has been reduced to 1/128th note. This can help a lot if there is something in an audio recording that is difficult to get in a longer run! E.g. an artifact/dissonance in the start of a note or a misplacement/retardation in a hit/note. Actually it would not be necessary to listen that in a loop, but it is important in such a case that the playback stops at the right position (so a one time loop would be a cool new feature, I think Samplitude has something like this).
  9. The LXP Native are my goto reverbs, they sound really great! Actually I had no need for other reverbs, but there is still GAS. 😆 For this price the LXP bundle is absolutely a deal! Can recommend it!
  10. I don't think that they changed the worst thing that is out of sync to any DAW: The scrolling and zooming! IMO it is a real disaster when you work with Melodyne in any DAW, because the scrolling and zooming is completely different (no mouse wheel + ctrl/alt/shift). Okay, I am a bit older (not so flexible anymore), but I guess also younger people have some trouble to change always the scroll behavior switching between the DAW and Melodyne! 😉
  11. I had a similar problem with the multi-track recordings of my Tascam 38 made in the 80's. And I recommend you to do it not in CbB, because there is no real tape tempo correction, i.e. where the speed also automatically effects the pitch! You can do it better in Reaper or Samplitude, because they support speed change with natural pitch deviation like with tape machines or cassette recorders. The advantage is that you almost get no artifacts compared to doing a separate digitial tempo and pitch change (the only way to do it in CbB)!
  12. IMO it's one of the best transient shapers!
  13. marled

    Deal of the Day!

    What a pity: "Availability: Out of stock" ! 😆
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