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  1. marled

    Outrageous New Copyright Issues!

    Keni, you could combine some songs, i.e. just make a little passage between them and make a combined title like "Title1 (Title2)" and then you sell it to them as "one" song! Maybe that is also an option?!
  2. marled

    2019.07 Feature Overview

    This CbB release is surely the best "Sonar" ever and your effort to communicate the changes is awesome! I really like it! 1000 thanks to you, Bakers!
  3. marled

    I had it with Wave Plug-ins.

    Since some years I have stopped using Waves plugins and I really do not regret! 😉 It is not just their WUP, it is also their weird shell stuff that I dislike! 😡 It makes plugin scanning much slower, because the DAWs cannot optimize. Also it does not let you reorganize folders ..., no installation transparency at all!! Maybe Waves makes more waves than happy times! Or you have to breast the Waves if you use their plugins! Sometimes it is better to abandon a ship to the Waves!
  4. IMO all these installers and even worse the installation managers just obscure the plugin installation. If you do not use the fxxxing AAX stuff, then the installation of plugins is actually very simple and was a delight in the past when a lot of developers deployed their stuff in simple zip files (there were less problems then!). In fact you have to know anyway where which plugins and settings are installed or you really get a mess!!! And nowadays things even get worse when you want to install on several computers (endless downloading, mindless waste of network resources, worse like in the Stone Age)!
  5. marled

    Bugs Drive Me Nuts!

    @Noel Borthwick : I have checked the clip issue above, both with the EA2 and the final 2019.07 release and I am sorry, but it is still present! An additional observation to this issue: If it happens, then first the clip start time disappears in the properties and then when I click on the clip to refresh the properties the clip disappears, i.e. I noticed that it only jumps to the beginning of the project: "01-01". The unstoppable play thread is definitly coupled to the Focusrite interface/driver, because with the Behringer UMC404HD it did never happen! But nevertheless, the new release is really the best Cakewalk we ever had! It makes me really happy that so many take lane/comping issues have been solved! I also like all these copy 'n' paste improvements and these lovely, obvious selection markers! Thank you Bakers!
  6. marled

    No Power...AGAIN...for 3 days.

    Like fans? But they require power, too! Ahh, now I understand, you mean windmills! 😉
  7. marled

    Bugs Drive Me Nuts!

    Thanks Noel, also a lot for the new release (I only read about the contents and that makes me really happy)! Regarding your questions above: It happens in any project (even very light weight like described above) and there were times when it occurred several times an hour, but sometimes only once a day. But what let me ***** my ears today (fig.) is the comment that Marc(msmcleod) has written (2nd one) in the "Early Access Program" thread about the "motor-boating": "I can usually make this happen reliably by quickly stopping/starting the transport repeatedly. ... It's worth mentioning I've only ever heard of this happening with the Scarlett interfaces. I certainly don't get this with any of my other interfaces." Even if I have another result (unstoppable playing), the initiator is exactly the same: Scarlett interface + quickly stopping/starting!!! For me it usually happens when I am aligning comping clips, i.e. I listen to a very short part (1/2 or 1 measure) several times (quick start/stop) and change in between the clip start time to find the best fitting timing. Surely, I will check the clip issue with the early access release after next week. It looks like I don't have time earlier, but maybe I am wrong?! 😄 I will write about the result in this thread.
  8. marled

    Cuba's quantize hell

    That's it! They probably quantize their cigar production machines!
  9. Actually I don't know what they quantize there!
  10. This takes my breath away!!! Wow, I am just overwhelmed! This is really the best "Sonar" (CbB) ever! Thanks a lot, Bakers!
  11. marled

    Bugs Drive Me Nuts!

    In one thing you are absolutely right, Chuck, the Focusrite driver (both versions) was really involved in the unstoppable play thread! 😉 So far with the Behringer UMC driver this bug has not occurred! Nevertheless should CbB IMO react when I press the spacebar or the stop button, 'cos the driver has not crashed (still playing)! This is only a matter of technical implementation. For me the result means that I will use the Behringer UMC404HD interface now. But out of interest I will try if some configuration change makes a difference with the Focusrite one as soon as I have some time. Additionally I will cancel my plans to buy a Scarlett 18i20 next year, because this is the third time I had trouble with their drivers. It's a great pity 'cos I like the 18i20's design ... 😥 I wonder why Focusrite have such a good reputation? Concerning the other bug the interface/driver change made no difference, as expected. If I try to fine tune the start position of an audio clip in a take lane, then it happens sometimes that the clip disappears (can be reversed with Ctrl+Z fortunately). I change the clip Start in the properties either with the arrows, Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Shift+Z, then start play and listen, press stop and then the whole thing again and again (I am cautious and do not change the clip start during playing!).
  12. marled

    PA Announcement

    That ^^^ Plus: I have already most of the plugins from PA that I am interested in.
  13. marled

    Bugs Drive Me Nuts!

    Thanks for all the comments! Even if I don't think that these bugs have to do with the system itself (the 2nd bug certainly not!), here are the system specifications: i5-8600K (3.6GHz, 6 cores, Coffee Lake), MSI Z370-A Pro, 16 GB memory, 512 GB SSD Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd Gen (I tried with the previous and very actual driver) I didn't have the time yet, but I will try to find out if the Focusrite driver has something to do with it (unstoppable playing), i.e. I will test with my 2nd USB audio interface (Behringer UMC404HD). But even if the Focusrite driver is involved, CbB should have control over its audio thread, so that you can close it! Also I have to mention that this happens even in very tiny projects, i.e. there is only one simple instrument track (AAS Strum GS-2) and a second audio track with some loop recorded takes (44.1kHz, 24-bit). I did not use any more plugins (Not that the ones jump in that always insist it maybe a plugin problem)! Most of the time the instrument track is muted, because I have soloed the track with the takes! And maybe 2 very important details: I had always enabled a small loop range but I stopped (tried to stop) the audio transport before repetition by hand (with the spacebar or the stop button). The metronome is always enabled (play) In addition to the test with another audio interface I will also check if it makes a difference if I replace the instrument track by an audio track, as this would remove the only plugin used. The second bug (clip start position) may also have a relation to loop recorded takes only. In any case I have had this problem always with such clips.
  14. marled

    Bugs Drive Me Nuts!

    The last days the "unstoppable playing" bug and a bug with changing the clip start in the properties drive me crazy! Puhh, I had to vent my anger!!! 😠 The first bug just happens when you are often starting and stopping play with the spacebar. Suddenly, the play thread is unstoppable and the only way to get rid of it is to kill CbB with the Task Manager (Maybe CbB should have an included Task Manager for this case?!). Happens to me several times each day! It doesn't matter which project, which computer, which interface I use! There are others that have complained about that, too. The second chagrin happens changing the "Start" in the clip properties with the arrows. Randomly the contents of this field disappears and when I click on the clip then, the clip also ends in smoke. Thankfully there's Ctrl+Z that gets back the clip in a wonderful way, but the flow of work is always stopped! I hope the Gods hear my lamentation and there will be soon a new release without this agony! 😄
  15. marled

    My wife passed away

    I'm so sorry to hear this, Zargg! Such things make me really sad, I feel with you.