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  1. IMO the only thing that is missing with this method: You cannot assign a senseful value range to the knobs, e.g. if you have a threshold, compression ratio, release value or whatever how can you know what 1-100% means??? Okay, you can say you have to listen, but that's not a quick starting point for a setting!
  2. The only reason why I don't use normalize to approximate the level of multiple clips is because in many cases there are spikes that lead to a very different loudness result of the clips. Therefore I measure the LUFS integrated value of each clip (I use HOFA 4U Meter Fader, where I can just drag and drop the clip) and then adjust the volume with 'Process > Apply Effect > Gain...'. This is the way I do it, but surely there are many ways to come to heaven! 😄
  3. I had this problem several times (even today). The thing is if the Ctrl-Z command is sent to Melodyne only the last step in Melodyne is reverted, but if the Ctrl-Z command goes to CbB then the Region FX command (Melodyne) is reverted, so Melodyne is closed! But the good thing is that you can reopen Melodyne with Ctrl-Y (or redo) and the editing is still there! The first times I experienced this horrible close I thought the same as you that all my work was lost. But once I understood that it was the revert of the Region FX command I tried the undo and it worked. The problem is that when you press the space bar in between to start play (or click anywhere into CbB) the control goes to CbB and if you then enter any short-cut it is sent to CbB and not Melodyne. It's not so logical for the user, but it is program logic!
  4. I think I understand what you and some others here mean. I totally agree that each bass/guitar/keyboard player or drummer does play differently to the same song and I 100% agree that there are definitly songs that profit of a special, inventive instrument line (a good sample is the bass/drums of "Come Together"). I also agree that there are songs that would not be half of the value without some instrumentation or vocals. But nevertheless I think this is instrumentation and not composition! And it is wrong to believe that the composition is the thing with most value, in some songs the other parts of the whole process are even more important! 😊
  5. By the way it is not necessary to make a MIDI file/clip! You can simply select the measures of the tempo range that you want to copy in the timeline and then use copy special with only tempo changes activated. Then you can set the now time in the target project where you want to insert the tempo range and use paste (or paste special). Like that it is possible to copy a part or all of the tempo changes and insert them into any position in the target project!
  6. IMO the easiest way is to select the clips you want to mute/unmute, open the clip properties and then toggle/set the Mute value.
  7. Sorry, I don't agree at all! If I consider all the renowned songs that I like and where I know something about the composers, then I dare to say that most of the time there was/were only 1 or 2 persons involved in the composition of the songs! Only the arrangement was usually created by the whole band.
  8. I do this often manually on a bunch of audio clips that should have the same loudness, either before I do comping (I avoid to be misled by loudness) or when I construct a track out of several recordings. It is very labor-intensive! Most of the time the normalization to peak is absolutely unsuitable because the clips have too much difference in loudness range. It would be great to have such a Normalize function in 'Process > Apply Effect'. Otherwise the current normalize function could be extended with a choice of the target (peak, LUFS integrated, ...).
  9. Since the introduction of the automatic subfolder logic it happens to me from time to time that I end up with a folder constellation that I have not intended! 😡 Although I get more and more used to this 'special' logic with an automatic project folder with the same name as the project. IMO this is not really a good idea, because in any other program out there it is different and second, it makes it impossible to save a project with a changed name in the same or another folder (in such a case you have to save and then copy manually, crazy)! Just to make it clear I do not mind the automatic audio folder name, I don't care about that!
  10. Our oldest lady gets 21 years this summer. Most of the time she stays in my room on the easy chair, so to me there is only the office chair left! 😊 It is interesting that all of our 4 cats prefer the relation to us humans and the other cats are no real friends to them, even they accept the existence of the other ones! It proves that cats are loners, except when they are young.
  11. @yetoThe problem is that there is no proper way to define what is C3! There are different opinions about that, especially for guitar or male voices. The default for CbB for displaying the octaves is that it starts from 0 (I guess they made it like that to avoid negative octave values). But you can configure in 'Preferences > Customization > Display' the value 'Base Octave for Pitches', and if you set it to -2 it matches most definitions for Vst instruments, also for Ample Sound! I think it would be better if the Bakers would use this as default value, because many people have/had trouble with the current default value! 😡
  12. I am not sure if I mean the same thing, but when I edit a MIDI clip, then as a result there are often several clip (layers) on each other. I handle it like that: I select the region in question in the time line and then the track with the clip and use bounce to clip. As a result I have only one single clip with all the combined MIDI data !
  13. What a strange offer if you already have Mixbus 5 ! 😕
  14. That's why I dropped my comment above! 😉 Sometimes I am a bit dull! 😆
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