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  1. I have Studio Session Analyzer, but I am undetermined whether I shall update! 🤔 That's because it would require to install Flux::Center on the downloading PC and on the offline machines, just for one single plugin! Honestly, I am tired of installing, configuring and learning installation managers and handle the hassles that they raise (e.g. they're more often updated than the plugins themselves)! More and more I come to the decision that I will ignore companies that make simple installations, updates and authorizations of plugins so troublesome , so time-consuming! 😡 Companies that clutter the customer systems and waste their resources ... I am no more willing to spend any money to them! The last years I have dropped some because of that, not because their plugins are bad (Waves, IK Multimedia, AAS, MAGIX, Black Rooster, HOFA, Overloud, Presonus, ...). NI and XLN are of the same kind, but currently I have excluded them, because I don't have reasonable alternatives for their stuff. 😄
  2. Reminds me of a lot of gadgets that was available in our band(s) or that I owned myself!
  3. For CbB offline activation you still need BLA, unfortunately!
  4. I doubt this with Native Access! E.g. it's about 10 times faster to install an instrument manually (where this is possible) and use NA only for authorization (locate), than using only NA (Without downloading time! The installation alone takes a lot more time! I wonder why?). NA does also not allow to go back to an older release (what I would like for NI's FX)! Also if you install on several computers you cannot (without tricks) use a single download for one product (what a resource waiste!). And also when you install a lot of products at the same time, then NA has trouble to update itself. E.g. sometimes there is the wrong product name in the installed message or sometimes a product status is never updated (unless you close NA and restart it), ... From my perspective as former software engineer this does not look very trustful! The only advantage that I see with NA, is the overview about installations (once it is properly updated 😆).
  5. That's why I prefer using iLok with a dongle for my main computer. Like that there are no problems if I change something of the PC hardware and software. There is another issue with PACE non-USB authorizations: You cannot authorize offline! When I had a major issue with my laptop replacing the system disk, then like you, I also preferred the plugins with file licenses, registry keys or machine-indepent keys! But for the rest of plugins I was glad when they were PACE, because it was obvious what to do! 😉 For the non-PACE, machine-dependent plugins it was a hell, because each provider had another way to unauthorize (if available) and authorize and it also wasn't easily visible how many authorization were remaining. It was time consuming to find out all that! Thus I created a little text file to store this information, hope I don't have to use it once! 😄 That's the advantage of a standard authorization system like PACE, you know what to do! I agree with your statement, except that it is also valid for all non-PACE, machine dependent authorization systems. I think even worse are those installation manager systems (NI, XLN, ...). There is not only the authorization a single point of failure, but also the installation and revert (often even not available). +1 User-friendly: Authorization file, registry key or machine-indepent key!
  6. And a lot more! 😉 I have just started to use Reaper (some months ago) and I have found minimum a dozen things that I could not do in CbB or in the other DAWs that I own (AFAIK)!
  7. Absolutely recommendable, one of the best 1176!
  8. I've waited for this price for a long time, but unfortunately no voucher anymore (already used for the Lindell De-Esser) !
  9. If this is a problem for you, then I guess you don't look at TV, movies anymore, don't listen to radio and music anymore, nor read any information from international organizations, 'cos all this is full of political undermining! 😉
  10. I agree! I have been using it a lot for time stretching (with and without pitch change) and for timing corrections (like AudioSnap). It is absolutely solid. I never stumbled on bugs or crashes until now! Also it allows to specify details to the stretch algorithms (e.g. elastique Pro) for fine tuning. And the small fingerprint (memory, cpu) is a delight (e.g. I use the same plugins like in CbB, but the plugin scan is about 5 times faster in Reaper!).
  11. I use quite a few, like Acon Multiply, TDR Kotelnikov (lately upgraded to the paid version), Analog Obsession Varimoon, BlueCat Phaser/Flanger, DD Expander, Odin2, Obxd, Hofa 4U Meter, Klanghelm IVGI (until I bought SDRR2), PechenegTremolo, some of VarietyOfSound, a.s.o. Though I agree with some of the comments above, I wonder a bit about the common statement! Like with free plugins I also hoarded a lot of paid stuff that I will probably never use in my life, because IMO it is pure rubbish! The only difference in this case is that I regret having thrown away some money! 😄 And there are not only small providers that I could list here, there are some plugins of the big actors that have no use for me!
  12. Great idea! Though this challanges the sense of such installation managers 😄, if you have to find out where and how they do their installations! 2nd, unfortunately I cannot get the latest installer that I liked (I think it was the one that still had 32-bit versions also). 😟 But I have a lot of other plugins that do the jobs better and with less resource waste. Maybe I skip the NI ones (except for instruments)!
  13. I am tired of updating NI stuff! Since the last updates their FXs are really uncomparable resource hogs! And their stupid Native Access does not allow to go back to the latest version!
  14. I like the RX functionality, but navigation in RX is a horror IMHO. I can only work with very small clips reasonable! Otherwise I prefer to work with the RX plugins in any of my DAWs! The 2nd thing I don't like is that iZotope does not sell the individual RX plugins! 😟 I have RX Standard and there are just about 2 plugins of Advanced that I miss. Thus the upgrade price is much too high for me!
  15. Using the export menu a lot lately (in version 2021.12 build 102) I have the following suggestions: It would be helpful when a project is closed and reopened that the last settings in filename and path (location) would be restored without creating an explicit task. Exporting a clip of a take lane and setting name to {clipname} results in a blank name (only extension) even if the clip has a name. It would be convienient if enter would execute the Export button (as in Sonar's old file dialog). Thanks for your replies!
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