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  1. I tell it once again: The Middle Ages have just begun! (about 10 years ago) 😄 Fortunately there is music (and software) that was produced before! 😆 Thus I can live in the past and stand the modern times!
  2. I wonder if there is a way to disable the zooming function of the now time marker? I am not so skilled moving my mouse and therefore many times I zoom accidentally when I try to reposition the now time. I think generally that it is difficult to set the now time with the mouse, because the line to click into is very small and usually my focus is on an audio wave form to find the proper position. And so it happens all the time that something unexpected is the result! 😆
  3. Some prices are still lower at AudioDeluxe !
  4. I totally agree! 😄 The latter (adjust split point for a single take lane) helps me also to go round a minor bug with take lanes where you cannot use crossfade on one lane if you have the same split point on other lanes with only a clip on one side (I can move the split point slightly, make the crossfade and then move the split point back).
  5. But at least this is possible! With many other autorisation methods this is not possible! I agree with this for laptops, but at least this is a USB used for many different plugin vendors, not only for 1.
  6. Yes, but this is also a big advantage of iLok, you are able to see in the iLok License Manager how many activations are available for each plugin! The same here! 😄 And even if you have iLok licenses linked to your system (and removed them before the system rebuild) it is an easy and predefined process that is much quicker than handling so many other different autorisation processes (developers have so many sophisticated ideas! 😆) No, it is enough to contact ONE single developer to reset your system and then they automatically contact each other developer to approve it! Lately I had such a case (my laptop's id had changed), worked perfectly!
  7. this ^^^^ And there are even more options that are relevant to users, maybe you want the stereo instrument output split to 2 tracks or combined in a mono track ... 😉 Thus I think the bounce to track with the dialog and all its options is much more transparent and gives each user the configuration possibilites that he requires! By the way you can define your own parameter presets for your workflows.
  8. I see what you mean, but IMO this is nothing else than bounce to track, okay maybe there are some additional steps! But on the other hand I don't like these general commands, because then you do not know the detail settings used for bouncing! I really prefer to have full control about the bouncing setup! That's why I also prefer the export menu over the export module. Even with freeze you really don't know what is all included in the operation (or you have to go to the docu each time you use it).
  9. This is not what the OP wants, because it is not per project basis it affects also the load of audio files, there is no explicit "export" folder
  10. I often have had the same problem, especially when using the Event Inspector and typing in a value when the mouse has been moved a little bit away! It is really annoying! 😝 Thanks a lot scook! This does the job and helps a lot! I should have asked you once before, you know almost everything! 😄
  11. What deals? Realivox Blue has been all the time this price. It is always on sale! 😆
  12. Wow, I am impressed how quickly the reference guide has been updated 😊! Many thanks to the development team!
  13. Fortunately I cannot reproduce this! Because exporting either a mix or single tracks is crucial for me I did some short tests. All is okay! It seems it has something to do with your export or project settings or with a plugin. Maybe if others have a similar problem it can be found out what is the cause 😉. But it seems that it is no general failure.
  14. It had happened in a NEW project! But I have found out now that it is only a problem with a special tambourine clip I copied from somewhere (stereo wave file). If I use my own wave clips it runs properly, whew! Thus it is no problem for me, sorry for the panic! I could not imagine that this special kind of wave file makes a difference! 😄 And thanks for the fast response!
  15. I have problems to move the contents of a clip with Alt+Shift+"mouse move" (with Smart tool) in the new release. Does anyone know what could be the cause?
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