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  1. I wonder about this sweetwater article (very blue-eyed)! Yes, the spec has been around for 10 years, but the last year I read about so many problems with VST3 (now with AAS), thus I doubt that "VST3 is as reliable as VST2.4" at all, that's bullsxxt! Also, even if the spec has been around for 10 years, many manufacturers did not jump to VST3 for years! I mean a lot of the conversion has just happened or is happening first now (there are even great players that have not yet jumped on VST3)! "Remember, the issue isn’t the spec itself β€” it’s the implementation.": It seems the guy who has written this does not have any clue about IT! Specs have a lot to do with implementation problems, especially if used cross-manufacturer! Most specs leave a lot of details open, the spec theorists say: This is not relevant! But often in the real world it is! I have found and understood several of such issues in my IT career.
  2. I meant this more as a provocative joke! But there is also some truth in it, as VST3 has been more bane than boon for the music world! I don't think that we really missed something if all plugins were still VST2! πŸ˜‰
  3. This is only true if your system is always online, not for offline usage! On the other hand I do NOT have any objection doing offline activation with the Bandlab Assistent, so far it works witout any issues and is no big deal! πŸ‘ It is even not necessary to update the Assistant on the online computer! I agree, but it is not necessary to do it repeatedly as long as you keep the same pc system. Dongles have the advantage that they are not bound to the system, but with CbB this is no problem as there is no limitation.
  4. I agree with you that it is somehow strange! Also, I can approve that in most other industries Windows is taken seriously. The only thing to come to mind as a reason is that in most of those other industries there are professional IT guys that handle the Windows desktops and they prevent Microsoft to undermine the system stability with their permanent updates! On the other side most professional and hobbiest music studios can't afford having permanent ITs to handle Windows. As a result the permanent Microsoft updates create a lot of hassle. I've seen this myself! I have least trouble with my offline DAW that still has Windows 10 Pro 1909 ! I really don't understand and agree to forcing software updates, except for things like Windows Defender!
  5. I have made exactly the same experience! It is annoying! πŸ‘Ž
  6. IMHO it is the result that quite a few of the more professional Sonar users left Cakewalk for another DAW or only use it occasionally nowadays. 😒 I've read a lot of such comments here on the forum where long-time Sonar/Cakewalk users say that they are very happy with their new DAW, that it is more stable and they regret that they did not switch earlier. Or some of those users simply admit using another DAW without comparison. That's why you do rarely hear comments of some of the former renown Cakewalk users anymore. There are other Windows-only or Mac-only DAWS that are not treated like this! πŸ˜‰ I doubt it is only a money problem! This sounds too simple for me! I guess it has also to do with a DAW company's evolution direction and its user base.
  7. More and more I am convinced that there should be an "official" recommendation not to use VST3, if there is a VST2 version! πŸ˜† Maybe there should also be a switch in the preferences "Hide Related VST3 Plug-ins"!
  8. The only way is if you saved the installer! 😟 I have already rollbacked to 2020.11, but as I looked in the release notes, you are absolutely right, the best version was 2020.08 ! πŸ˜‰
  9. marled

    Sonible Smart EQ3+

    A product (not only plugins) with the word 'Smart' in the name raises my hackles! πŸ˜† So many times I've noticed they are everything else than "smart"! Maybe the purpose is to obscure this!
  10. Don't forget offline authorisation! It is only supported by BA!
  11. Not that weird after the new CbB release! πŸ˜† No, seriously, the last year until now there were too many dead bodies around me! 😒 When the Gibson debacle had happened, I looked around on the DAW market like many others. Then I had the same feeling like you about Reaper, maybe I was too lazy to learn another way to work, 'cos it seemed to be really different (actually it is not so much as I thought). But I regret that I did not invest some learning effort earlier, instead of wasting my time with Cakewalk bugs! 😁
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