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  1. Yes, you can do offline activation and I am thankful for that! 👍 But you have to use Bandlab Assistent on another PC to get the offline response! If you update CbB on an offline computer, then the activation is NOT reset, please believe me! You still have to do a offline activation every 6 months (I don't complain about this, but I just want to clarify the facts for others)! Else I did something wrong all the time! 😊
  2. If they would have time for it! This is only true if you are online! Again, the former is not true if you're DAW is offline! The latter maybe possible, but it's somehow complicate because you don't know how many days are left! At least this would be a great improvement, if you could look up how many days are left! As long as you are online ... !
  3. That's true, it is the same sxxx ! If all plugin vendors used such stupid shells, then the plugin scanning would be minimum 10 times slower! I saw the impact of the Presonus shell on my laptop where I tested some of their plugins. Plugin scanning got sooooo slow just with one shell and it's happening always, even if you do not add/change some of their plugins. This alone is a reason not to use plugins with shells! The other thing is that plugin organisation has a lot of issues with shells!
  4. This is a reasonable price, for this I would also update. But as I only have RX7 ... ☚ī¸
  5. Sxxx, now you have exposed me! 😄 You could not have better described me! But I have to add that those days my skills were not only bad, there were almost no skills at all!
  6. It seems the Tascam multitrack tape recorders are missing! In 1984 I had bought a Tascam 38 8-track half inch recorder. Later I complemented it with 2 Tascam dbx noise reduction units, a Tascam M-208 mixer and a Tascam 32 tape recorder for mastering. The sound, but also the tape consumption (1/2 inch tape, 15 ips) was awesome!
  7. It seems there is not a lot of new stuff in the RX Standard version. I have RX7 Standard and IMHO the $99 update price is quite steep compared to the improvements! I think I will skip!
  8. I can recommend the Restoration Suite 2. When I made a comparison with the corresponding RX plugins some time ago, I found that they are on the same level and one plugin (Acon DeClip or DeClick) was even better IMO, i.e. it delivered clearly a better result on my test case. Another thing to consider: The Acon Digital plugins do have a real offline autorisation key (no internet required at all, even no 2nd PC with internet!). By the way I could not resist to grab this deal with my monthly voucher!
  9. Okay, there are some companies that deliver plugins that initially need some fixing (no careful development? 😉). But as far as I can see with the plugins I have (a lot!): Those ones that have not been updated for a long time are very stable and resource- friendly, whereas the other ones (recently really! updated) often tend to eat a lot of resources and often introduce new bugs! Thus you can count me to the first kind of folks! 😆
  10. I still hope that one day they (Waves) dispose of their cumbersome shell (seems not in v13)! As long as they keep their plugins shellized I will stay Waves free (the handfull plugins that I have are almost never used)!
  11. It's only some lashing, nothing more! 😆
  12. I also wonder how it compares to AudioThing's Outer Space! Anyway, Cherry Audio is dead for me! They don't have any offline authorisation, regrettably (was interested in some of their synths)!
  13. IMHO the best bass amp sim I have ever bought!
  14. Thanks, this works now as expected! But there is still an issue exporting a selection of MIDI: If the selection starts at 001:01 (project start), then the whole clip is exported (instead of the selection only). In all other cases it works as expected!
  15. You can resize the export window to your taste and then close CbB. The size is saved, so the next time the window will have your custom size! I had the same problem on my Laptop (1366 x 768), but @msmcleod revealed this trick!).
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