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  1. Thanks! At least the key works also offline like the old ones. Still I don't like Amp Locker, 'cos: It is like Amplitude where you always get updates when they add new amps/components that you do not own! Thus for nothing! Like this it also grows in size! It is not easily visible what components you do own. You just see "trial" after you have opened them. AL looks more like a beta 0.7 to me! There are a lot of issues in the user interface IMO. But YMMV! I am glad if you are happy with it! 😄 I prefer the individual amp plugins.
  2. This is a good reminder for the ones that always require plugins to have updates! 😉 It is like with fixing issues and bugs in DAWs: Many are caused by new features and updates! 😆
  3. It seems this is a real regression to their old authorization system! It's getting worse and worse! I'll pass and just use what I have.
  4. Wow, this is a real good deal! Regrettably, I already have it! Edit: Sorry, I should have said "luckily, I already have it"!
  5. Here it works as ever in version 2022.11 (build 21), i.e. if I select a clip and split it, then the left portion is being selected! My settings: Auto Crossfade = off and Crossfade Types = Linear
  6. Your right! I downloaded it last year and IMHO it is a good one!
  7. Thanks for the info! This encourages me, because I had seen fixes that I waited for a long time and I am glad that like that I don't want to miss them! 😄
  8. Here it did only work if I installed a version before 2022.11. But then it works to get the full installer. But it seems 2023.09 cannot be activated offline! I tested this on my laptop to ensure it will work on my other offline systems. Although I could export an activation request, BandLab Assistent told me the request is invalid. Is this true?
  9. Not only in Ireland, I think it is all over Europe! Definitely in Sweden, the value of the Swedish Crown has decreased a lot!
  10. Do I have too many plugins now? 😄 The last few weeks there has been almost no interesting deal for me! Either I have the plugins already (like this one above) or it is still too expensive, or it is of a developer on my black list (cos I don't like his eco-system)! Regrettably the black list is growing (installation & authorizations get worse)! But as always YMMV.
  11. Although I would miss some changes in these old versions, it would be calming to be sure they still can be activated on a new system, i.e. you could open your old projects in any case (when CbB is no more available)!
  12. The threat is out there! Apokalypse now! 😆 This has been clear from the beginning! I never bought their flimsy excuses! 😉
  13. That's the advantage of DAW-LP of Klevgrand! It does its work as soon as the transport is started only.
  14. @rasure Thanks! For me it worked! 👍 I used the Portal on my laptop that is online most of the time. The Portal did not delete the installers in my download folder (not necessary to copy) and it is even possible to stop the installation after the download (if you want the installer only for another system). Like this I was able to transfer the new installer files to my other offline systems! This way you can circumvent the downloads that are not current on their site!
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