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  1. Every plugin in Reaper, including 3rd party plugins have wet/dry control so it's certainly possible. The small dial next to 'UI' is a wet/dry control.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I got this response from Softube too and it worked. I've had no issues until now thankfully. I'm pretty deep in Console One land, so switching would totally destroy my workflow. I do agree that their support needs to be much better though, especially for being a 'premium' plugin vendor.
  3. Agree agree agree, this is definitely an issue. Also, when you insert an External Insert on ANY channel, you can't solo any bus or aux track. If you do, no audio hits the master fader and the result is total silence. This is another bug. This really needs an update.
  4. One thing I'd like to know is why it's not marketed better. The cakewalk social media platforms are pretty much dead, the user base seems small, and it generally seems overlooked. The bandlab pages are active, yet zero to minimal mentions of Cakewalk on their website or social media. It gives me a slight worry that one day it might just die quietly. Cakewalk by Bandlab is infinitely better than any previous version of Sonar. I actually don't know how I put up with the bugs in X1, X2 (the worst) X3 and Platinum. I've only realised since having a very stable CbB. There's still a few minor niggles but the overall improvement has been drastic, even from Platinum. I opened a recent, big project in Platinum and the audio engine went truly crazy, however in CbB it played no problem. This is not a dig. I want more people to know about this platform and to use it. It's really much, much better than it's ever been and out performs a lot of the competition.
  5. I haven't actually, but I was thinking about doing it right now to see if it helps. Thanks for the heads up on KVR, I will check.
  6. Does anyone here use Softube plugins? Every single one of my softube plugins have started crashing my projects out of the blue. The first time it happened was actually mid session and they have never loaded since. Crashes happen upon loading a a new plugin, or opening an instance which is already there. I have re-installed, updated, moved install location, re-scanned....various times, and I'm still getting the same error. Very, very occasionally the VST2 versions will open, but most of the time they crash like the VST3 versions. I know this is a Softube issues, but just wondering if anyone here is experiencing the same/have any quick fixes? My sessions are covered in Softube plugins! Thanks
  7. Agree with this 100%. As it stands, 4 free i/o on my interface is only allowing me to run 2 mono compressors, when ideally it should allow 4. Also fix the bus solo error when using external inserts. When mixing with external inserts, solo'ing any bus doesn't work and it's impractical. Sadly, I think anything to do with the external insert plugin will be a low priority for the team.
  8. I use buses for submixing, but I tried using AUX tracks to do exactly what you're trying to do. I got the same error. I can't remember exactly, but I'm sure I got it to work by internally recording audio into the AUX track and then freezing. I assumed the freeze aux error was happening as I was trying to freeze a track that had no audio inside of it. If you don't know already, you can arm the aux track for recording and hit record to capture the audio inside the aux track. I'm too used to bussing, so quickly forgot about it, but let me know if this helps.
  9. Go with an interface better A/D + D/A a headphone amp inputs for recording outputs for monitors you primarily play guitar You have a lot more options with an interface, and you can use the piano roll/step sequencer with your mouse in the meantime.
  10. Agree with this, AudioSnap needs an overhaul. It's really clunky drum for drum editing and quite behind other DAWs.
  11. Same here, I only have the C1 version. Its more than enough like you say. Great sounding strip, especially for shaping busses.
  12. The main thing I enjoy about the console one channel strips is that it makes so many of my other plugins obselete. I think it's ended up saving me money!
  13. This is great. I'm definitely gonna cash in on this now. All I need is a good distressor emulator and I'm free of all subscriptions.
  14. I totally forgot to say, but this solved my issue and made my life way easier. I disabled 64 bit exporting and it exported as normal. The error seems to only occur on heavy sessions. Before this I was re-routing my entire project so I could record into an aux track. Thanks!
  15. Hi all, I'm encountering a really bizzare bouncing issue. Upon export (fast bounce, or slow bounce) my waveform peaks at the very beginning and the rest of the file looks like white noise. After I have exported, the session goes a bit haywire, and pressing any button results in clicking, crackling, and general horribleness. I had a listen to the file outside of the daw, and this happens. I can only get the session back to normal upon re-starting. It's a heavy session, but everything plays fine. I have frozen every track to lighten the CPU load, and haven't installed any new plugins recently. As you can see from the video, I am experiencing what seems like some sort of interference noise when moving any control on my interface when the file is opened. This only happens when I open the dodgy file, all other bounces are totally fine. This also happens with bounce to track inside the session. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. This happened to me as well, a year or so ago. Navigate to your audio folder, and drag the recording in from there. You will probably find the full file intact - I did. This problem, thankfully just dissapeared for me. I'd bet on an update somewhere sorting it.
  17. I feel the best thing to do with kick and bass is to identify what instrument you're going to use as the overall low-end. I usually opt for the kick, as I feel the subs are easier to tighten than a bass guitar. For example, if the kick is driving the track, I'll cut everything under 100Hz on the bass track. The kick will be the only source within the 20Hz - 100Hz range, so it's much easier to shape and level resulting in a much cleaner low end. This gets rid of issues a lot of the time. Additionally, there's plugins such as Oeksound Soothe 2 which help suppress resonant frequencies across the frequency spectrum. Another technique is to use something like Wavesfactory Trackspacer to duck the bass slightly upon kick drum impact.
  18. Because not every engineer I'm working with uses Cakewalk. The majority of them ask for tracks to be named this way, it's pretty standard. If more control over file naming existed, everyone would save time.
  19. No, because I'd still need to go in and edit the ''-'' out of every file, and the numbers would still occur at the end. The idea is that a mixing engineer could import every single file, to any daw, in order without renaming anything at all. I bounce tracks weekly, so it's time consuming renaming 50+ tracks all the time.
  20. Yeah, that's what I do, but the tracks export with a much longer name than needed, and then I have to rename in the file explorer. I'd just like exported tracks to use the track name only. With the Cakewalk naming convention, DAW's, or the file explorer don't know how to automatically order the tracks, Examples attached.
  21. Boz plugins are a hidden gem. The +10dB channel strip, The Hoser and Imperial Delay are my personal favourites. His stuff isn't on sale half as much companies like Waves for example. Well worth the money at full price.
  22. I'm regularly boucing stems and tracks, either for archiving or for sending to another engineer to mix. I'd really benefit from the track export function to keep the same names as the cakewalk track names. I know Reaper lets you do this. If this existed, I could name tracks like: 01_Kick In 02_Kick Out 03_Snare Top and they would appear in the window file explorer, in order, and in a naming convetion most engineers are happy with. It would also mean tracks could be imported into any DAW in order. As it currently stands, the export with a convention like: Songname-TrackName-Number They're then all out of order in the file explorer, and I have to go in a rename every single track, which can be time consuming.
  23. Yep, I've been working from a Samsung T5 connected via USB-C for the last year. No issues to report, great drive.
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