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  1. Hi Noel so far i can not get it to crash which is a good thing tried the same projects everything seems fine at this time and pro channels most of them have eq enabled thanks Eric
  2. Hi Noel thanks for responding support suggested to clean up registry keys and sent details on how I admit I was a little scare at first but this really made a great difference as far as the pro channel selection it was a present syth or piano I think . now I was in playback mode when I did this and sometimes reason rack however its really been super stable everything is good right now!!!! sorry for taking so long thanks Eric
  3. lots of crashes bandlab completely vanishes out it does not freeze i can get back in and open here's what the last couple of things i was doing opening reason rack then going to pro channel click on preset it vanish just close it self out now one time Webroot virus software said that calk walk might have a memory leak ?? the last 4 updates I have seen this happen however more lately thanks for any thought I have a dump file!!! thanks guys Eric 04022021_125348.dmp
  4. now this is strange my web route anti virus says cakewalk has a possible memory leak don't know how it knows that !! however lots of crashes some times it just vanishes and can open bandlab some time i have to do a hard re boot and other times I can use the task manager it seems like the last 4 updates have been bad for my computer I have not tried using task manager and get crash dump it I will try that then send to support anyone having same issues thanks Eric also plugins i am using are kontakt reason studio rack, plugin air, plugins, session drummer etc. thanks Eric
  5. I think I might have fixed some of the problem for me I check let windows do what's best for my system so far its good
  6. forgot about the little icon piano thing is back!!! stays and does not go away i have to do a reboot or some times use task manager !!
  7. yup I have been getting crashes a lot for a while I thought it was re mdi2 but also midi madness as well and without the midi plugins it just disappears no error message nothing !!!!! sample tank was a problem I was thinking it was a heavy on cpu ?? hard to nail down
  8. hi Steve just re installed midi madness in bandlab vst folder and it seems to make a big diffrence so far so good has not crashed so far hope you get things working Eric
  9. Hi Steve phrasebox seems okey running well but midi madness is a mess !!!
  10. hi Steve i have been getting a lot of crashes using midi madness to the point of locking up or bandlab disappears off the screen, were the task manager has to end the bandlab daw and I notice the the piano icon is left behind again when you go out of the program will check using phrasebox and see if i get crashes as well and let you know thanks Eric
  11. wdm runs lower then asio 5-6% at 96000k 5.8 msec 13.8 round trip
  12. wdm runs lower then asio 5-6% at 96000k 5.8 msec 13.8 round trip
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