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  1. Hi Lynn well done rock tune sounded great!! on my system love the vocal, guitar work and the arrangement and mix very well done thanks fmm
  2. eric chevrier


    Hi Mark wow!!! very well thought out! very excellent work on this, love this stuff this is very pro sounding work loved how you arranged this tune and great guitar work thanks for sharing fmm
  3. eric chevrier


    thanks Tom for listening and comments I will check out what you referred to me about the hiss thanks fmm
  4. Thanks Mark for stopping by and listening and comments fmm
  5. Thanks Jack c. for the kind words fmm
  6. Thanks Wookie the guitar was the custom 68 les Paul with Gt -100 pedal with a preset I made, and the sax playing along with it using melodyne to get midi from my solo however the version I have is the one that was free and came with sonar never upgraded !!! its not perfect but not bad thanks for asking fmm
  7. eric chevrier

    The Traveler

    Hi guys I used the free sine player new free instruments strings piano and horns also the sax on dimention pro hope you enjoy it thanks for listening fmm https://www.bandlab.com/fmmfmm/the-traveler-25b4d828?revId=1547a676-99fc-eb11-b563-a04a5e796c42
  8. Thanks Burt for stopping by and listening and comments thanks fmm
  9. eric chevrier


    Thanks KurtS thanks for the kind words fmm
  10. Thanks SupaReels for listening and kind words I appreciate it fmm
  11. Hi Larry thanks for your contributions!!! I have pick up a lot good stuff on your posts and others here. hope things get sorted out for you its not right!! my two cents worth good luck and best wishes fmm
  12. Hi Hidden Symmetry very memorable indeed!! this is a well thought out arrangement love the instruments, the guitar playing is excellent and mix is something I would love to accomplish my self some day in my tunes!! what ever you are doing it works really good, well done Eric
  13. Hi Batsbrew really great album Elemental I love all the tunes on this very pro sounding . Apollo 18 great blended peace of music all your tunes are excellent fmm
  14. Thanks Nigel for stopping by and listening kind words and comments fmm
  15. eric chevrier


    hi jack c. sax is you might say a little help from my friends!! great player and really hard to follow behind him!!! thanks for your kind words and comments fmm
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