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  1. Hi Wookie, Yes interesting info, I've never given Sargent Peppers a try "in mono", I'll have to try that. I was trying to see a close up of the REDD.37 mixing console they used, to see if it had variable pan knobs or just switchable left - center - right panning.
  2. I took a look at that, yeah I would also have expected to see a wider spectrum, that's a great song by the way. If you put a mono signal on a track without Ozone turned on, then pan the track all the way to one side, we'll say the right side, so that no sound is coming out of the left speaker, then turn on the Ozone Imager...you will hear some sound now coming out of the left speaker. That little bit of sound seems to fix the missing part of the sound field when we pan to one side or the other. With that little bit of sound filled in, the audio then seems to sound a "lot more ok" to be panned hard left or right. I don't know for sure how Ozone Imager does that, I think delay is part of it, but I think there is more going on than just delay. It's interesting, a lot of people think that all the Ozone Imager is doing, is adding volume, so it "tricks the brain" into thinking it sounds better. There is some truth to the idea that boosting the volume can make a song suddenly sound better, but even after attenuating for a a slight volume increase, I definitely notice a "broadening of the stereo field" with the effect turn on.
  3. Yeah, some of it "did not" sound good, too radical, even before I started recording, when I was younger listening to Beatles, early stuff, I would wonder why they mixed with those weird pannings, it made you just want to listen to it in mono instead. Man, I miss The Beatles creativity in music, that's the group I grew up listening to. Ha, I am no spring chicken, turned 67 this year. Hey Steve...I figured out why I could not get the quote button to work on this forum. I went through all my plugins / extensions in my Firefox browser and turned them off one at a time, and would try the quote button after turning off each extension, when I got to this one ---> (OurStickys - Sticky Notes on every page Add Persistent Sticky Notes anywhere on any web page, they will reappear when you re-open the page) and turned it off, the quote button immediately began working correctly. 😁 Oh well, time to get some zzzzzzzzzzz. 😴
  4. Thanks! You have good ears, yes the drums are a little left. Was on another forum a while back and they were talking about songs where they had noticed the lead vocal being slightly left or right, and the only reasoning they came up with was that maybe it makes the vocal "stick out" a little better, being slight away from drum and bass. So, since I had no vocal on my song, I decided to try it with the drums. Speaking of panning...It's odd, but somehow on a lot of older songs from the 60's and 70's where instruments and or drums were panned in weird ways, it seems to have worked ok a lot of times even though if I try to copy the song with my instruments and plugins and pan like that it does not sound good, things sound out of place, I don't how they were able to do that and make it sound good. 😕 A lot of home studio folks say they don't use or don't like to use any of the stereo widening plugins. But, I have found one that I really like and to my ears it sums quite well to mono, it's the one by Ozone called Ozone Imager. I use it all the time now even while I am tracking, for me it seems to add that (stereoness?) for lack of a better term that seems missing when you just do simple panning. You can do similar effect using delays, but then I definitely notice a difference when summing to mono. I don't really care much any more about the whole summing to mono thing, I like the sound of stereo and I mean for my music that I create to be listened to that way, in stereo with headphones or speakers. Do you use any of those stereo widening plugins?
  5. Hmmm, I highlight what to quote and hit the quote button and it open post box to type reply in but there is nothing quoted in the box, not even what I highlighted to quote. I'm using Firefox, maybe it's the browser. I haven't been active much in here in so long, I can't remember where to look for my @username. Is it listed in my profile or maybe settings? I looked but not seeing it. Hey, that's a nice mixture of midi and real instruments, and your skill level at playing them is really good! Here is a song I uploaded recently using Distrokid, all instrumental called Sunset, let me know what you think. I think I mainly used patches / instruments from Komplete 12, the drums are a free vst, but I can't think of the name right now. Have a listen:
  6. Yes, I am a carry over from the old Cakewalk forum, have not be in the forums in a long time, good to see there is still an active forum with lots of activity happening. When you do your covers, are you playing all instruments or using some midi and actual playing, however you do it...it sounds great! PS...wow, I am confused on How to use quotes and or the quote button on this forum, enlighten me, I finally highlighted your text and copied and then used " and " and pasted in what I copied, but how do you quote so it shows the user's name and all, the quote button doesn't seem to work like I thought it would?
  7. Hi Steve, Very nice job on the cover of this song, one of my all time favorite Beatles Songs! ...Jeff
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