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  1. Camo is alpha and wants to know why Troop has top billing.
  2. Thanks, Bjorn and John! "Sardine can" - Don't be fooled by the camera's wide angle lens. It's tight.
  3. Thank you! They like the song are a lot of fun.
  4. I've dived into a music video. I hope you like it. A feel good song about my two dogs. Thanks for viewing. You will get a glimpse of my Shoe Box Studio. It actually gets uncomfortable with two people in it. https://youtu.be/7RndyVHJy3U
  5. A good one! A fantastic clear and clean mix. I listened in my studio.
  6. Nice cover! I love the guitar tone. Steely Dan is in my top 10 favorite artists. I use to think Aja was my favorite album but then I listened to Royal Scam.
  7. Please don't misunderstand. I said I like the vocals, "in the mix," not unintelligible.
  8. Michael, Thanks for the great complements! A long time ago I realized that some of my favorite Classic Rock songs didn't really have great mixes, just were great songs. Before I record a song I do a demo with just a click, guitar, and vocal. When you do this for a lot of you own songs all at once, you can not help but become objective about your own music. Believe me, you don't want to hear the songs that were cut from this project. I'm not sure I want to either:)
  9. Jesse, Thanks for listen and you complements. I'm actually the opposite when it comes to lead vocals. I like them "in the mix" instead of on top, or in front of. It's all taste. A lot of the guitars were recorded clean and then amp'd with plugins. I will probably do this less in the future as I did not realize the amount of CPU power required for many gtr parts. I used Toontrack for drums. However, I only used three kits because I wanted continuity between the songs. The drum kit "is the room" you are recording in. The noise comes from plugins and guitars. Yes, everyone was in the same room. That would just be me and my cup of coffee 😁
  10. Thank you Olivier! No, you don't have to buy the album and I do not expect you to. I use bandcamp.com streaming because it sounds a lot better than soundcloud.com or reverbnation.com. broadjam.com is good but their setup is old school compared to other platforms. Enjoy! John
  11. bjornpdx, Lynn and Joad, Thanks for listening!
  12. I watched "JUNK - JAZZFUNK - BAND @ Mary Lloyd Bar - Hackney" on YouTube. Yeah, so great! Loved it! Thanks.
  13. Rik, Tom and Freddy, Thank you for taking time to listen. There's a lot there. Thank you for the kind words I really appreciate it. John
  14. Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I posted any new music (late 2017). Last year I wanted to try my hand at writing a bunch of new songs before recording them. The recording and mixing part took a lot longer than expected. An hour here, two hours there for months (but fun). Here is my effort, an album titled, "Despite My Situation." I hope you have a moment to listen to a track or two. Thanks. https://masarone.bandcamp.com/album/despite-my-situation
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