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  1. Thanks Lynn. You are very kind. I do feel I took a step forward with this one.
  2. Is it still ok to say "album?" Or, collection of songs? Anyway, I hope you like it. This was my lock down project that spilled over to this year. The album is titled, "Signal Run." There's 10 songs. https://masarone.bandcamp.com/album/signal-run
  3. Very catchy and very good performance.
  4. You know if I could write and perform like this I would always be looking for Sync opportunities so I can quit my day job. Sounds great. Good luck.
  5. jmasno5

    Troubled Times

    Is that a Gretsch Duo Jet? 😍 I totally dig the vibe. Really cool. I don't think 80's so much. I think Death Cab for Cutie. Love the drums.
  6. jmasno5

    Use Me

    This is so cool! Great mix. Very clever sync to the video. Love the space in this tune.
  7. jmasno5

    smooth jazz

    I dug it! My only crit, maybe because I'm a bass player, more low end! 😁
  8. jmasno5

    Monkees cover

    Originals are also at http://jmasno5.com They are linked to Bandcamp. https://masarone.bandcamp.com/
  9. jmasno5

    Monkees cover

    Thanks. You must be young Wookie. "Saturday morning!" I remember when they were prime-time. I was in the single digits but remember it was "groovy!" 😁 I still remember when my older brother brought home their first album. I played the crap out of in on my parents big Hi-Fi piece of furniture. You lifted the lid to play a record. It was as big as the console TV.
  10. jmasno5

    Monkees cover

    Thank you everyone for listening and commenting. It is always a great help.
  11. jmasno5

    Monkees cover

    Thanks, Jesse! Yes on the instruments. This was a rare time I actually played the drums using a lesser Roland V-Drums kit. I played the straight beat and then overdubbed the fills. Usually, I use midi drum patterns and edit the notes like everyone but it was an easy beat to cop. I did the same with my cover of "Rain" too.
  12. jmasno5

    Monkees cover

    JDF, Thank you. Yes, along time ago when I first started using a Sonar and in order to learn how to use it I recorded a Mike Nesmith tune "You Told Me." I would like to do "You May Just Be The One" too someday.
  13. jmasno5

    Monkees cover

    Here is a Monkees cover I did. I hope it brings back good memories for 2 minutes 29 seconds. 😀 http://jmasno5.com/#petelink
  14. jmasno5


    Really cool! Very convincing.
  15. jmasno5


    Sounds really great. Yes, Sound Cloud will crush any music. Doesn't matter how great the quality is when you upload it will get compressed to 128bit.
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