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  1. I noticed that my older version 9 Waves plugs load only as VST2. This is not a big issue. They were at one point VST3 in Cakewalk. They are working as VST3 is Studio One. All other versions, 10, 11, and 12 load as VST3 in Cakewalk. I tried re-scanning frontward and backwards. Anyone else notice this with ver 9? Thanks.
  2. Fab Faux is great. Will Lee is great. I hope he is still in the band.
  3. We currently have Color Follow Bus. However, I like having my Bus grouped with the tracks I am summing rather than having the Bus on the far right of the mixing console. The use of Aux tracks solves this but it would be nice if there was a Color Follow Aux Track option. Thanks.
  4. Haha. I was in a Beatles Band when I was younger. We did a lot of covers but one set was all Beatles with suits and ties. The Hofner bass was always in need of intonation. One night the neck pickup fell into the body. That bass was a struggle. I prefer bands that only play the music and do not get dressed up. So when we put the band together you will not need makeup 😁 My favorite Beatles tribute band is http://www.theanalogues.net/ They take it to the next level. Here is a pic of me back in the day... Right handed. I still have the P-Bass. It was my first bass. Purchased new in 1978 or 79. Notice the Acoustic 220 Bass Head. I used it for 10 years with the matching 2 x 15 Cab. I had to sell it because I bought a smaller car.
  5. Thank you Michael and Mahavishnu! I thought I was the world's biggest Beatles fan. 😁 I'm filled with useless Beatles knowledge and currently reading "Tune In" with 1200 pages of more knowledge.
  6. Thanks Steve!
  7. Bummer! Yes, I refuse to buy their update renewal too. Every once in awhile I get an email asking me to complete a package by buying the last plugin for $29 or low price. When I did that for Abbey Road they automatically updated all the old plugins in that set. Other than that it is no deal for me.
  8. That's weird. They should work after following the link I posted. My waves are in C:\Program Files\VstPlugIns. The only suggestion I have is run the plugin manager "Re-scan existing plug-ins." It takes longer but is more precise. I'm using V9's in a Cakewalk project right now.
  9. Brian, What DAW are you using? All of my V9's work in both Cakewalk and Studio One 4.5.
  10. Waves now makes you jump though hoops to keep all of your V9 plugins. I download the new studio rack not knowing it would knockout my older V9 plugins. https://www.waves.com/support/how-to-install-waves-v9-92 Waves - We make life difficult!
  11. Thanks Steve!
  12. Thank you Max and Freddy! The left guitar is a real Epiphone Casino tuned down a whole step. The right guitar is a Line-6 JTV 59 emulating an Epiphone Casino. The tuning is a little crazy. D-B-G-G-D-very low G that you can hear ring out at the end. The Line-6 allows for this tuning virtually via emulation. You would need a very thick string to tune the 6th string to a G below an open E.
  13. Tom, thanks. I know exactly what you are talking about. I found the best cover of the drum part on YouTube. You can't even hear the song. The guy is reading a chart and you have to sing along to figure where he is, but; that guy nail nailed the part. I recorded the drums using my V-Drums kit. I overdubbed all of the fills. It was then I realized Ringo relied on a certain fill combination a lot in the song.
  14. Thanks DeeringAmps! Haha on Casino. Never. Funny thing about my guitar is I bought it on eBay. It is an Epiphone Elitist model. They guy I bought it from was in a Beatles tribute band called "The Cast." He played George Harrison. However, it didn't come with a Bigsby like George had. So the guitar has a lot of Beatles' music in it
  15. Lynn, noynekker, Douglas, and Wookiee, Thanks for the positive comments! It was a fun project. I'm hoping it gets things rolling for me.
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