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    Metronome presets

    Yeah.. The best solution is to create some project templates. If you are not going to record, then you could make only one template with different measures and tempos highlighted by markers and only selecting and looping the one that you want. Here an example:
  2. Hey! With TH3 inserted on an audio track, you can click on the automation lanes buton, TH3 and here you can automate all the parameters of the plugin in the timeline. Don't sure if it is what do you want.
  3. Hey folks! I think that this subforum is a little wasted. Some of the most interesting feature request are getting buried with more and more topics. Because of that, I think that it could be great if we could vote the topics to make them popular and to see them in the first places. The Questions and Answers subforum has this capability and I don't understand why this is different. Thank you!
  4. I don't know code also but maybe the first step is getting rid of some legacy code of the app.
  5. I suspect that there will be some payment addons in the future 😉
  6. I am not experimenting crashes but more audio dropouts and a weird bug (reported) that make tracks invisible sometimes.
  7. Me too! A MAC version is mandatory for any app that wants to reach a large audience this days.
  8. Don't sure about this... It is already an existing free feature. If you are quoting the old Overture offer " I felt bad for the guys at Cakewalk and on my own decided to help Cakewalk by offering to put a free light version in Sonar at no cost to Cakewalk or Gibson and we would sell an upgrade that provided full notation for a very small price" then I agree with you.
  9. Sorry but I cannot understand such decision.
  10. I don't know anything.. Maybe @Meng, @Noel Borthwick or any of the other staff members could give us some official info.
  11. Yeah... The staff view is the most urgent improvement in my opinion. I hope Meng and the Bakers to re-consider the Sonic Scores offer.
  12. I am a lazy musician... A remote control app for Android/IOS may help all of the lazy Bandlab users. I don't want a full control surface on my phone but a basic remote controller for recording, undo, solo, mute, enable/disable click and a few things more. Thank you!
  13. I come from the old one (my old nick was a13xhp) 😀
  14. This facts also make me have some mixed feelings with Bandlab. I mean, I am really grateful with the team for sure but also a little mistrustful. But nothing significant, just concentrated on the music side 😁.
  15. I agree with you, maybe they should get a proper "insiders" team... At this moment, a "pre-release discussion" here would be well received for me and others.
  16. Yeah! I don't know why all of the Cakewalk stuff seems to be hidden in some way... the assistant, the program, the forum etc.
  17. Hey all! (a13xhp in the old forum) Why is the new forum not accesible from the CBB official page? Maybe I missed something... I got the link from the Facebook group. Thank you for the best free DAW ever!
  18. Great idea! The current system for mapping key switches is outdated.
  19. Hey re-again 😁 The included Studio Instruments Suite is a great start but very basic. From my point of view, it doesn't make sense that the Bandlab online editor has more instruments than the flagship DAW of the company. Maybe a basic synth, and acoustic piano and a brass section would make feel a "more complete" start for new users. Thank you!!
  20. Hey again! I am not missing any important features on CBB and it is a great DAW in its current form but I think that a new feature in the vein of the Studio One or Cubase chord tracks could be very well received for some of us. Thank you!
  21. Hey folks! I think that Cakewalk always had a reputation among composers for it's great MIDI implementation. Nevertheless, now is lagging behind the competition and I think that one of the main factors is an staff editor with no changes in 10 years (if I remember well). I am not asking for and integrated kind of Sibelius/Finale but for more serious and competent notation tools in CBB. Thank you for all of this!
  22. You should check out the Ignite Amps stuff also: https://www.kvraudio.com/developer/ignite-amps
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