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  1. I am not a coder but Why not to get rid of most part of legacy code that it is not maintained?
  2. Doing further testing I have noticed that it happens 60-70% of times if you have hidden the screenset module. If you show the screenset module and load any of the screens, the tracks are shown. Nevertheless, this is only a workaround and that is a bug that must be fixed.
  3. I am having the same problem since the latest update... Kinda weird for sure. I have reported it but I only received a workaround: Try file/New/Blank Project. It seems a problem related to project templates, even the default ones. A shame πŸ™ˆ
  4. I wonder if the "Give What You Want Model" will last forever... Will there be payment addons through Bandlab Assistant while the core program remains as a free host? Not much info has been published on this topic and in few months is going to be a year since the first CBB release. Thank you.
  5. BL is a work in progress social network... Nowadays it is full of wrongly catalogued songs and people trying to sell things or trying to spam you with their songs. Nevertheless, it has some unique and promising features: integrated mastering, online DAW, unlimited storage, "Patreon" like capability, "forkable" songs and, of course, a full featured premium DAW for free.
  6. The time has proven that Gibson were completely wrong with such decision since Cakewalk has been loosing users since the X1 days. Yes, people wants new features but polished ones and only followed by a solid core functionality. I agree with Bumbleebee in this part: "If Bandlab just took what’s already there and fixed it, it would be a great product. Get rid of the annoying popups, consolidate the menus, finish the tab view, finish the matrix view, improve automation, give the console an update, add some proper MIDI tooling, improve audiosnap, speed up the GUI, and integrate a decent audio editor, add AAF support. Now you have a product that will give any DAW a run for its money no matter the cost."
  7. I can mention two of these: - The Metal Factory Studios, Spain: https://metalfactorystudios.com/ - Aeonix Productions, Singapore: http://www.aeonixproductions.com/ Cakewalk seems to appeal Metal/Rock guys \m/ πŸ˜‚
  8. Another guy complaining about Cakewalk: This one is different, since it has been done by a long time Cakewalk user. I am starting to think that the previous owners (Roland & Gibson) did very little for improving the software. Bandlab seems to be pushing the things in the right direction.
  9. I agree with you, this guy seems nice and from my point of view his review is very impartial. Let's stop the "fanboysm" with the software and let's face reality. 1 - Is Cakewalk the best free DAW in the world? Yes, no doubt. 2 - It has tons of unfinished features? Yes, it has... Video support, score editor, matrix view, audio editing, midi editing etc. 3 - Not being cross platform is a problem? Yes, it is for some people. 4 - Is the new owner fixing and improving the software? Yes... somehow. There are frequent updates but also there is no commitment of doing a much needed overhaul to the program from Bandlab. The same happens with the "features & ideas" section. 5 - Can you make music professionally with Cakewalk? Yes you can, as you can do the same with REAPER, Studio One, Pro Tools and all the others.
  10. I have contacted Sonic Scores and they told me that they have talked several times with Bandlab but suddendly the conversations stopped. What is going on @Meng?
  11. I cannot use all my VSTs on this and that is the point. Linux is not a viable option for me now. Happy end of the year to all!
  12. In my opinion, the strongest DAW notation wise it is Digital Performer but it is not widely used and the Windows version still has issues. Pro tools + Sibelius, Studio One + Notion and Cubase + Dorico also seems interesting but... If we have to use two different programs for doing decent notation editing We not to use CBB + Musescore for 0$? Nevertheless, I hope some changes on the CBB staff editor, even the REAPER staff editor is much more powerful.
  13. Hey Bandlab team! Now that we have a new forum I wonder if you plan to keep the Cakewalk by Bandlab website as a little part of the Bandlab website or If you plan to create a new dedicated webpage since the old site still is online. Thank you!
  14. I plan to make some covers on Bandlab. Let's start with The Phantom of the Opera: If anyone wants to collaborate please PM.
  15. I can't live without the ProChannel. I am doing MIDI work 99% of the time and using those plugs also 99% of the time. I have Waves Gold and others but the PC it is just at my fingertips. I hope the devs do not forget this wonderful feature.
  16. Great idea on the Matrix view! You should post it on the feature request section. Why don't you like S1? Now it is pretty similar to CBB. Cubase is a beast, no doubts, but I don't want to pay for updates every year. Ableton Live it is not for me I guess.
  17. I would like to switch to Linux also but it is not possible since I rely on ton of third party VST.
  18. I am also having problems with Waves plugs in CBB. In my case with the latest V10 version and I have to reset all parameters on the Cakewalk plug-in manager to get all plugins properly working every time I install a new plugin. That is really annoying and I haven't received any response from Waves Support. On the other hand, the Bandlab support team told me that they will investigate the issue.
  19. I have tried that DAW a little bit and while it is very good for mixing "in the box" I didn't find it useful for composing music. I don't know it is implemented yet but during my testing it lacks a proper PRV. The audio and MIDI editing were basic at most.
  20. Yeah... Studio One is probably the most intuitive DAW out there. Maybe this could explain its fast expansion.
  21. Hey folks! What about a topic to discuss our experiences with CBB and other DAWs? I am sure that we have tested some since the GIBSON announcement. I will start first: - CBB: instantly familiar for SONAR users and a no brainer for PC users since it is a free full-fledged DAW with VST support. I really like the UI, the Prochannel system and its analogic/traditional studio workflow. Its main drawbacks, in my opinion, are some included tools that are lagging behind the competition (the staff editor or the stock plugins for example) and some bugs and compatibility issues with third-party plugs. - REAPER: fast, lightweight, stable, affordable and highly customizable. But... that is it main drawback for me, the defaults are weird and you must customize even basic things (the stock metronome is synthy generated for example). Non intuitive for newcomers. - Studio One: very intuitive, comfortable workflow and a less bloated "Skylight" like UI. Although, no staff editor, no surround, no polyphonic midi aftertouch... And it cost 400 $. That is all I have tested for the moment, What are your thoughts on this? Edit: I forgot to mention that CBB it is not cross-platform and I imagine that it is a headache for the MAC guys. Even Digital Performer and FL Studio are now cross-platform.
  22. Hey again! (I am a little irritating I know 😁) I think that a REAPER like "Pre-release discussion" subforum with the possibility to test unsupported/development versions and being able to report bugs and problems to the devs will be great. Particularly, if the Bakers want to focus on "stability and fixes". Thank you!
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