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  1. I have followed Scott videos since I have started to use Cakewalk SONAR on 2016 if I remember well. In those times, Chernobyl Studios was the only "serious" channel that was making free updated and quality material about that DAW. So much was this way that even Cakewalk had contacted Scott for making the last official Cakewalk videos and to provide official Demo projects that are still present on CbB. I was truly disappointed for the Bandlab decision of not contacting him for keep making quality official Cakewalk content. I hope that at least Bandlab consider to listen some of his (more than reasonable) criticisms.
  2. I think that only the first two points and maybe the sixth are applicable to Cakewalk this times. AFAIK Bandlab is working on the bundled Cakewalk instruments and maybe we will see more of them added soon and there is no need of marketing for a free product. In my opinion, being free for everyone is the best possible marketing strategy (but maybe it would be better to announce the actual program on the Bandlab main page). The learning material is growing each day and I think that this is going to be the rule as long as the program remains free. When I started to show some interest on Cakewalk SONAR (maybe 2016 or 2017), there was only one Youtube channel that was making updated and quality free training content for Cakewalk, Chernobyl Studios. For me, that was symptomatic of a dying program. Now, if you search for "Cakewalk" on Youtube, you will see tons of new updated videos about the program and even people switching to Cakewalk from other DAWs (Fortiori for example). As if it was not enough, you also have the Craig Anderton book and an official online and offline free wonderful manual. So, in this part I think that the program is advancing adequately. On the other hand, I am not sure about the Bandlab commitment to fix the long-standing Cakewalk bugs or any intention to make the program cross-platform. The second can wait but I think that it is a must in the long-term if Bandlab plans to reach a large audience. Regarding Cakewalk bugs, although it seems that Bandlab is concentrating on stability and fixes, it is strange that some of the serious bugs stills remains one year after the re-release and the same applies to the half-finished features, they are still half-finished and there is no commitment to improve them (ehem ehem Staff editor , cough cough Matrix view). Are you losing interest on developing the product? Everything seems to go reaaaally slow. Edit: Please don't tell me that I cannot make any requests or demands because the program is wonderful and it is free. Cakewalk is only free for now as we finally know what are the Bandlab plans for it. For me, the program it is free to download but not completely free, at least as long you are sending analytics about your personal use.
  3. I agree with you, the Skylight interface is one of the best UI of all DAW. But it is true that the developers should consider selecting the BASIC lense as default for newcomers. REAPER has excellent performance when using VST plugins and is less-bloated than Cakewalk by default, but it is only a matter of time that you start adding custom actions, new toolbars, shortcuts, scripts, skins and such....
  4. I have reported weird problems with this plugin when using It on Cakewalk long time ago (VST3 ver)... To Bandlab and to waves respectively. In my case, the plugin works only when I reset all the scanned plugins on Plugin Manager and with Manual Scan enabled under preferences. If I enable Scan on Startup, the plugin it is not detected when I re-open Cakewalk.
  5. Wow! It is true that Bandlab is listening to the community 😄 Can this manual be accesible from the DAW help menu? Thanks!
  6. I am on VST/MIDI 95%, currently doing orchestral music with the exception of some recorded vocals and occasional guitars. I have found Cakewalk to be and exceptional MIDI sequencer. It is very intuitive and I really like the PRV setup for multi-track editing, the floating toolbar on mouse cursor, the groove quantize templates, the synth rack and the in-built midi track controls and MIDI plugins. The ProChannel and the Skylight interface also help me to be more productive while composing because the first give you a set of standard mixing tools right at your fingertips (maybe it is all that an average composer would ever need) and the second offers and excellent work-space set-up for staying organised on large projects (MIDI or audio). On the other hand, there are things that I do not like so much: the score editor is a joke, you can't see note-names on MIDI notes either you can't choose not to audition notes on note insert. CAL is also an outdated and unpredictable way of doing some basic edits like make some notes to be "Legato". In summary, Cakewalk is still a strong contender on MIDI sequencing and editing but it needs some improvements, specially on the long in the tooth score editor. A proper staff editor and decent video support are basic tools for many MIDI composers and maybe that is the reason most of them still rely on tools such as Cubase, Logic Pro or Digital Performer. These days, even REAPER has more useful and updated tools for that. Edit: I forgot to mention the Overlound Breverb 2 plugin, maybe one of the best stock reverb plugins of all DAW and another essential tool for MIDI composers. QuadCurve EQ is also excellent.
  7. I am not sure if it was because being Windows only since Vegas Pro is hugely popular despite not being cross-platform (The same applies to Logic Pro and Final Cut). In my opinion, The Bandlab move is extremely clever, because they just converted a losing ground DAW into a no brainer DAW for Windows users (cost-functionality wise). Here you can see the number of times that people have shown some interest on Cakewalk during the last two years: the first remarkable point is coincident with the Cakewalk closure, the second is coincident with the Bandlab resurrection and the program going free and the third is maybe mainly because of the Bandlab NAMM presence. https://trends.google.es/trends/explore?date=2017-01-01 2019-04-02&q=Cakewalk It is not crazy to think on a new big press announcement from Bandlab during this year, specially since they already own the Music-Tech magazine. In my opinion, Cakewalk future looks promising and probably more than ever.
  8. https://help.bandlab.com/hc/en-us/requests/new 😁
  9. And is there any plan to bring back that project now with Bandlab? Thank you!
  10. Digital Performer and FL Studio are now cross-platform. I don' t know why we shouldn't expect a Cakewalk MAC version if the Bandlab main goal is to make music production available to everyone. All of Bandlab apps are cross-platform and if they want to use Cakewalk as a host for uploading or importing music from or to their social media if makes more sense than ever to think on a MAC version, even if it implies a high cost.
  11. When I started to use SONAR PLATINUM I thought it as a program that was losing users year after year. It was not used by the majority of the music professionals and It wasn't supported by major hardware manufacturers (Komplete keyboards for example). Now, every time I go on Youtube I see a new Cakewalk video. For me, this is a symptom of an slowly and steadily growing user base. What do you think about this? I don't care about popularity as I tend to use what I like the most but I have to confess that I would like to see more hardware manufacturers interested on Cakewalk as a viable music creation platform for developing custom products (hey Roland V-Studio )
  12. Yep... It isn't a native MAC version and it is unsupported now. I hope Bandlab to make the program crossplatform eventually. Many of us don't want to rely on a single OS always.
  13. I couldn't agree more with you... But I work mainly with MIDI and I am quite happy with the program as it is. There is no reason to unconditionally defend or use only one DAW. I have Cakewalk, REAPER and Mixbus installed and all of them are wonderful DAWs and also NONE is exempt of problems or doesn't have improvable parts. Here it is my feature request list: - Better keyboard remapping abilities (same as Scott) - Better plugin stability (same as Scott) - Audio editing/AudioSnap improvements (Same as Scott) - "Audition notes" button on PRV - "View note names" button on PRV - Better notation editor - Finished MATRIX view - Better MIDI learn - PDF manual
  14. Thank you! I will apply every one of your tips on my next composition or maybe on a future "remake" of this song. It is my first mix and the reverb is Vallhalla Vintageverb.
  15. I am composing some epic music for a community developed videogame mod, Perisno. This is the first theme: I hope you like it!
  16. I really like the Breverb 2 plugin from Overloud... Is there any way to get a discount to upgrade the CBB lite version to the full version of the plugin? I can't see any. Thank you!
  17. Perfect, I will try to survive this few days without it.
  18. I have updated to 2019.1 and the Mix Recall module has stopped saving new scenes. Considering that Cakewalk has no Mixer undo, that is a problem... Someone else is experimenting this problem?
  19. Updated and all good here, very good actually. Thank you!
  20. I have been using CBB 2018.11 without a single crash after weeks working on a large orchestral project with tons of VST synths and FX plugged in. I could not have said the same with the Roland and Gibson releases. Please keep focusing on stability and fixes instead of shiny new features. Thank you devs! #Long live CBB!
  21. Hey folks! I am updating the CBB Slant page since it is a valuable resource for newcomers. Any contributions are welcome! https://www.slant.co/topics/1835/viewpoints/56/~best-daws~cakewalk-by-bandlab#recommendations
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