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  1. Feral State Sound

    Someone else misses note names on PRV?

    I mean to show the names directly on the notes and not only on the PRV keyboard, like this: AFAIK You can't do this in Cakewalk.
  2. I have been using Cakewalk for a while and I still miss an option to show note names on PRV MIDI notes. Taking into account that the Score Editor is not as well mantained as the rest of the program, this option is a must (in my opinion) when doing purely MIDI works. Anyone else misses it? I can send Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the Bakers directly from Spain if they implement that function (not a bribe)
  3. Feral State Sound

    Oke Bandlab/Cakewalk is really awesome.

    I have to update this post. I have cleaned my VST folder of old and unused VST plugins, installed CbB 2019.07 and then the program detected all my Waves plugins. Thank you Bakers!
  4. Feral State Sound

    Oke Bandlab/Cakewalk is really awesome.

    I am also having issues with Waves plugins, specially with their virtual instruments (Grand Rhapsody and Basses). I love CbB but this is surely a drawback. Edit: @Noel Borthwick I am sure that you are doing the best as you can and I am grateful with all The Bakers but maybe this should be revised again. No problems on scanning those plugins in REAPER and Studio One.
  5. Feral State Sound

    EW Play 6.1.2 is not working on CbB 2019.07

    Thank you Mathew. I can use Play Software now and all of the Waves plugins, the problem was that I had the options "Rescan failed plugins" and "Rescan all plugins" enabled under VST settings. I am not sure if this is a bug, but you can try it out the following: perform a VST reset and then enable those settings and do a manual scan. This way the program doesn´t find some plugins, including Play and Waves.
  6. Feral State Sound

    EW Play 6.1.2 is not working on CbB 2019.07

    I have tested it on two different computers and I had exactly the same result: Cakewalk didn't detect the Play.vst3 plugin and REAPER crashed on the first scan but let me use the plugin after re-opening the program. Windows 10 1903 Cakewalk by Bandlab 2019.07 PLAY software 6.1.2
  7. Is anyone using EW products on CbB? PLAY software is getting me mad. If I try to re-scan the VST plugins CbB gets stuck while scanning the latest VST version of the plugin. Even REAPER crashes while scanning it, but fortunately I can still using it in that DAW after the crash. Can anything be done to solve the problem? Thank you! Note: I am getting similar problems with Waves plugins (Grand Rhapsody Grand and Bass Fingers) but this time only in CbB.
  8. Feral State Sound

    Sound on Sound Review

    Maybe Musictech will do a Cakewalk review since it is owned by Bandlab
  9. Feral State Sound

    HiDPI mode in CbB

    I don't know how to describe it but for me it is looking a little blurred and too big to work comfortably.
  10. Feral State Sound

    HiDPI mode in CbB

    I am using Cakewalk on a 13'3 FullHD screen with the scale set to 150% and the program looks like crap. Is there any plans to improve the HiDPI support? Maybe am I missing any settings under preferences? Thank you!
  11. Feral State Sound

    Is Cakewalk gaining users/popularity with Bandlab?

    I don't know nothing about Bandlab or Cakewalk but this thread is becoming very popular for sure 😎
  12. Feral State Sound

    ARA2 Happening!

    That's a worthy update! One that adds an excellent new feature and also fix some long-standing problems. I was hating this bug personally: "Staff view fails to persist on project load". I hope Bandlap to continue this way and finally end with the Gibson way of doing things. I mean, the "monthly" non-sense and the over-promising tendency.
  13. Feral State Sound

    Magix Humble Bundle

    You also have Davinci Resolve for free. It's more than a decent video editor.
  14. Feral State Sound

    Presonus Announcement on May 21st

    Maybe Is it Studio One 4.5 or Notion 7?
  15. Feral State Sound

    NI Heavyweight Bass and Drums featuring OTS

    Super deal! Very tempting... I would have bought it if they had included at least one virtual guitar. Impact Soundworks and Orange Tree Samples has some nice ones, but I don't need 50 drumkits or 10 basses...