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  1. This is a great addition. Could you add an easy way to swap between accounts in the Bandlab library? I don't know if I am missing something but I don't see a log out button.
  2. I am intrigued Can you tell us more? 😅
  3. I am testing the library and is not working in the free Msoundfactory player but is working perfectly in the beta Mdrumreplacer. It has a wide variaty of great sounding shells and cymbals and the drum replacer is really good. I was thinking of buying one of this things on the upcoming Black Friday deals but maybe this is cheaper and I can't use it for free as long as it is in beta.
  4. Hi Bandlab team! I would like to see a easier way to add custom note names in the CbB PRV. Most of the home studios program some drums and is useful to see the notes properly named instead of the diatonic layout. In its current form you have to create an Instrument Definition or a tedious Drum Map. Other DAW like Cubase or REAPER allow you to just write, save and re-load the custom note names in the attached PRV keyboard. Thanks! Video example of REAPER implementation:
  5. This seems a little messy... I was looking a way to just write the Note Names in the PRV keyboard but as I see is not possible. That would be a useful feature addition.
  6. Hi folks! I am trying to program some drums using Steven Slate Drums 5 Free and I can't find and easy way to add custom note names in the PRV. The General MIDI Drum notes works for the most part but there are some names missing. Thanks!
  7. I am testing this with the free Spitfire BBCSO Discover and is working https://www.babylonwaves.com/2020/05/07/free-art-conductor-for-spitfire-bbcso-discovery/ Did someone try if it works to switch between "Attribute" (single notes) and "Direction"? In my case both expression maps seem to have the "Direction" behaviour.
  8. The integrated Breverb is not bad. I really like the ones from ValhallaDSP, maybe Vintageverb is what you are looking for.
  9. Why would be a paid upgrade? They are still selling the AD1 kits using the AD2 engine. With AD3 for sure there will be more AD and groove packs but the engine is like Kontakt Player. That's because I like XLN, there are no absurd upgrade policies. @TerraSin If you like SD 3, just buy SD 3. AD 2 is a completely different product, easier and suitable for almost every hardware. You don't need a powerful computer but it is still a top notch virtual instrument. How can it be improved? The only things missing for me is a more flexible routing system (you can't route, for example... Kick In and Kick Out mics to different tracks as thery are blended) and a scalable interface. I don't undestand the snobbery with music software. It seems that everything that you own will be crap in 4 years.
  10. What upgrade? AFAIK the XLN player is free, there are no upgrades.
  11. Considering yearly upgrades and such... I think the wiser decision is the subscription service (Pro X Suite 365). At the end, software is a service and not only a product.
  12. Great work bakers! Seriously CTRL + mouse wheel was inverted? Since when? I didn't notice it or I just got used to it.
  13. That's the thing, to have a rollback feature "just in case" we need it. I tend to not update until I read your comments regarding stability and such but, now, I can update in a non destructive way.
  14. Sorry for the double post, I can't edit the previous one with my phone. Thank you for the roll-back option, I am sure that many people that is working on a tight deadline doesn't want to wait for a hotfix.
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