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  1. Articulation maps for the BBC SO sample libraries The BBC SO now comes in three versions: the basic 'Discover' offering which is free, the mid-range 'Core' option, and the top range 'Pro' version. The free version is rather limited, including only ensembles of the major orchestral instruments - no solosits and no pianos etc. Neither does it offer many articulations. It does have a few basics, like pizzicato strings, but there's no legato for example. Nonetheless, an articulation map for it is available (https://bit.ly/XELKEY1). It's not compatible with the 'Core' version but there are articulation maps available for that version, including of course the one offered at the top of this thread by Neel Modi.
  2. Project load performance I am using this latest release on a well specified PC (Win 11 Pro, i9 CPU, 16Gb RAM, SSD etc) and with Cakewalk projects of small size and very modest requirements (e.g only about 200 bars/5 mins long with <10 tracks). The only third-party plug-ins I use are Garritan Personal Orchestra and Spitfire Labs sample libraries. I experience little delay with opening new, fresh projects but a delay seems to grow as I work on projects. Currently my projects take about 30 seconds to startup. This was the case prior to this new version release as well. I was hoping that things would be better in this release but, for me at least, there is no change. In trying many, many things to help with the issue, including the ideas put forward in these forums, I tried the following. In 'Edit -> Preferences -> Audio -> Playback and Recording' I unticked 'Use multiprocessing engine' and 'Use MMCSS' and 'Always open all devices'. When I did that my startup time went from 30 seconds to less than 5 seconds. BUT - when I went back and ticked them all back on and rebooted everything the delay DID NOT return - startup was still fast. I present this to help with diagnosis of what is a continuing problem for some users at least. Thank you for all the good work on this excellent piece of software.
  3. The failure of Cakewalk to stop after the last note (or other event) but at a point beyond that is still evident as a bug in the very latest version of the program. It arose in one of my own projects just a few weeks ago - a very simple, short testbed project for a sample library, only a few bars long. However, the end mark seemed to be at bar 14, about 9 bars past the last real note. Experimentation showed that this didn't relate to a particular track - it was clearly a value held in the software/project and not accessible to the user via anything in the user interface. It wasn't being maintained/updated correctly as edits were made. (I don't believe it relates to any 'ghost' item such as a hidden articulation or CC message.) I did manage to reset the marker properly in my project using the information in this thread as follows: Find the faulty end point by entering Ctl-End at the keyboard Set the project to 'Ripple edit - all' by toggling it on in the box at top right of the track panel Select everything after your real last note to a few bars beyond this faulty end point Go to the main menu item 'Edit -> Delete Special' and tick 'Hole' then all other tickable boxes then click 'Ok' If the faulty end mark has moved but is still not correct then reset the selection and repeat the 'Delete Special' step. I found that in my case I did need to do this TWICE. However, even then, it did not work in another project that suffered from the same issue. Cakewalk Version 2022.11 (Build 021, 64 bit) Windows 11 Pro (21H2)
  4. I know this is fairly old and has been solved but just a tip to say you can apply write permissions on the whole folder to avoid having to reset each individual Sonitus effect .ini file.
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