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  1. $189 as upgrade from pigments (as compared to 149 now, don't think it includes minifreak).
  2. There seem to be a lot of options; The BOCS bundle at 6GBP, various things from SoundIron at 4.18GBP, many 2GBP items from "Noisy Michael". I'm sure there are many bargain-bin specials that are quite good. Any thoughts on which one to choose? Edit: got the Notebook by Edu Prado. Looks fun.
  3. The dynamic discounts almost sound enticing; 3 wedge force instruments as low as $8 each. Except nobody really likes them. The Unfiltered Audio stuff though ...
  4. Jason Neudorf

    PA Amp Alarm

    Now that's interesting. So IK is getting POSITIVE feedback on something. Nice!
  5. The major issue with sample-based synths like Syntronik Mem-V is that some sounds from the real synth are intrinsically impossible. You get a small, finite set of pulse widths. Maybe modulated, maybe not. With a fully modelled synth, you can do a PWM pulse-width sweep, from x% to y% synced to 1/4 notes or whole notes, or anything in between. Or a sequence of sine waves that get "cut off" in the middle by a lower-frequency square wave. This allows for changes in harmonic content that you just can't get from single samples. It's probably the motivation for "wavetable" synths. Which doesn't mean that the sounds you get from this are bad, it's just limited.
  6. Many libraries offer Beat for free via overdrive. But if you can't get it for free (via your local library's subscription) then this might be a great deal. https://downloadlibrary.overdrive.com/library/magazines/media/9530540
  7. With chromeaphone 2, the latest sets only worked as "presets" in AAS Player, but those originally mastered for Chromeaphone 2 still worked. One way to check is to look at the press section https://www.applied-acoustics.com/press/ . Anything after VS-3 released was released in 2018 would only work as presets (ie, String Theory, Fear Within, Masala 2). So "stranger strings", "masala", "aftermath" etc should work with VS-2. Of course, the macros added for VS-3 wouldn't be exposed.
  8. Choirs maybe? I'm considering bought the Children's one in Ark 2.
  9. Nice. I just wish there were a few more controls on AAS player to make use of instruments I don't have; even CC#74 for timbre would be nice. But I guess beggars can't be choosers.
  10. I think IK may be going overboard with their use of exclamation marks. I know that I'm not jumping up and down to get a free pack of older stuff that I already own from TS3.5, with a full price sound pack. Oh well, I'm sure there'll be another sale come spring.
  11. Reminded me of all the good things that come with Beat Magazine, free with my library card. Downloading Synthmaster BE, Trap Orchestra from issue 184, and yesterday got this month's Mystic Voices and an extra Bitwig 8-bit key.
  12. I appreciate you giving your personal opinions here. It's much better to hear an opinion than just a quote from the manufacturer's blurb.
  13. How do you get the bundle of all 3 expansions? Edit: nvm, go to the pigments overview page, above.
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