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  1. i want buy it today 🙂 this is really fine adventure with great atmosphere
  2. if someone will have spare licence to sakura pm me..... bundle is not so interesting last few past.....
  3. wow just wow dawesome love and now update for onee of best free verb :))
  4. Dawesome LOVE - one of best freebie with purchase what i remember ..... fantastic thx
  5. Hello dear Satya 🙂 what about make 1 thread about and edit new ios bf aps ? im part of some beta ios aps from past like Mirack modular, Drambo etc , nice to see some new info - but 1 big thread maybe better, what do you think? Nice to see deals on ios here too - for all who use ipad as music source is best for now Hilda and Fluss from bram boss in sale... 🙂
  6. Hi to all 🙂 that boxed version of pigments 3 with free upgrade to pigments 4 is much better than croosgrade for future retrade or ressel right? hm cannot put item to cart.... and after five minutes - warning msg got a big X on the screen telling me I've been blocked.
  7. hello thx for link and new instrument, i have big question - i cannot unsubscribe from gumroad emails, i try 4 browsers etc with no luck if anyone haves lucky pls share idea or pm me, many thx for help, offer nice evening / i want clean my mail as much as possible /
  8. these collection from sonuscore are little gems - i bought 1-5 for 20USD last year - but have 2 from bundle earlier from another purchase, sonuscore know how make great instruments
  9. Hello to all, try different browser - yes sound absurd but in firefox key not come, but from chrome, vivaldi, brave keys come 🙂 hope this helps a little, nice day to all
  10. heh this one was 2 years back on same datum 6.november as freebie
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