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  1. 8dio have some so nice libraries as: Liberis children choir, Roula, Jenifer, Laura and many others...
  2. Hello to all here in this wonderful super user friendly community. I want to wish to all here - Happy holidays, happy Christmas and special Very Good Health to all of you here, your families ad friends too. All best - Míra
  3. https://www.rhythmicrobot.com/product/test-unit-kontakt-synth for full kontakt
  4. 1 sale was last year via NI too - when hive 2 cost about 65E, uhe sales are very rare
  5. https://reverb.com/software/samples-and-loops/reverb/3514-reverb-drum-machines-the-complete-collection
  6. still have MI Shruthi XT and Anushri, love these synths so much
  7. https://www.strezov-sampling.com/promo/ *********************************************** freebie for kontakt player with SN https://www.strezov-sampling.com/products/view/the-creative-toolbox-drums-and-percussion.html
  8. coupon was ad to all accounts who sub to his 12 days christmas and it is on checkout page
  9. Sordino strings - great library, great sounds, great dev - direct dl from ni access - 22 gb instaled. Prize is very fair edit - some users from VI use the €12 coupon from sonokinetic to make it cheaper
  10. super they did it again - great deal
  11. https://www.ghosthack.de/Service/Free-Sample-Packs/Advent-Calendar-2022/
  12. https://sonuscore.com/shop/the-glow-bundle/ coupon code "CWGB2022" at checkout ro-ki, lo-ki, ha-pi bundle / full kontakt ends 6.12.2022
  13. https://vstalarm.com/product/numb-dark-acoustic-guitar-by-new-nation-limited-time-free/
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