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  1. DaveT2

    What Can I Give You?

    Jesse Screed, Bajan Blue, Freddy j and Ruralrocker 2010 and others. Thanks again for listening and for your kind words.
  2. DaveT2

    Sad Day

    I hope the music helps heal. As one who has written a few of these as well, I understand. Hang in there.
  3. DaveT2

    The Mirror Paradigm

    Very nice sound.
  4. DaveT2

    Your Best Angel

    Love the texture. Nice job.
  5. DaveT2

    What Can I Give You?

    Thank you for your kind comments. Music is my outlet for emotions both good and bad. Thanks for listening.
  6. I recorded this right after my wife passed away, so it is another dirge. Some (or maybe all) will be thrown off because the rhythm is off, but that is representative of how my life felt after she left. The song represents stages of her disease, dementia, from my point of view. Discovery, doctors, mild hope, anticipation, realization, and finally that when you die, you die alone.
  7. DaveT2

    When All Is Done

    Thanks again for the additional responses. Now I am more encouraged to finish it. I will hopefully post a finished song soon. I really appreciate you all taking the time to listen.
  8. DaveT2

    When All Is Done

    Bajan Blue and Dream Art Scientists, thanks for your positive and encouraging words. I just have to clear my head and come up with a tune that works better and lyrics that fit the mood. It will happen, but it may be a while. Thanks for listening.
  9. I like the sound. My only suggestion would be to back off the reverb on the voice just a bit. Not a big quibble though.
  10. DaveT2

    When All Is Done

    I posted this song yesterday but took it done. I had used my voice to sing the tune and lyrics, but it just didn't work. I like the groove of the song, but just can't find a tune that fits. After the intro, there is a 4 bar interlude before the singing would start. I think it is fun, just wish I could write words or tunes. Enjoy and feedback is appreciated.
  11. I would drop out some of the these instruments during the vocal part, they would have more impact then when they come back. Drums seem a bit wrong for rap. Too rock style. Need more definition, not exactly sure how to describe it.
  12. I like the sound and song, but the string squeak gets in the way a bit.
  13. DaveT2

    What We've Got

    I really like your voice in this and other songs I have listened. Nice mix and harmonies.
  14. Nice mood piece. Thanks
  15. DaveT2

    Good Or Bad

    thanks. Mine are usually inspired by an extreme emotion, mostly grief. I am trying to write an "upbeat" song and it is not easy so that is why I asked.
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