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  1. I would drop out some of the these instruments during the vocal part, they would have more impact then when they come back. Drums seem a bit wrong for rap. Too rock style. Need more definition, not exactly sure how to describe it.
  2. I like the sound and song, but the string squeak gets in the way a bit.
  3. DaveT2

    What We've Got

    I really like your voice in this and other songs I have listened. Nice mix and harmonies.
  4. Nice mood piece. Thanks
  5. DaveT2

    Good Or Bad

    thanks. Mine are usually inspired by an extreme emotion, mostly grief. I am trying to write an "upbeat" song and it is not easy so that is why I asked.
  6. I like it but on my speakers the bass drum is a bit loud and distracting. Might sound different on a full on sound system.
  7. DaveT2

    Hold My Hand Demo

    I like the simple sound. Might back off of the reverb on the voice. (unless that is the original recording). Just distracts to me. Otherwise, very nice.
  8. Nice tune. The one synth sound comes across more as static on my smaller speakers. Especially near the beginning.
  9. DaveT2

    Good Or Bad

    Interesting. What was your inspiration for this song?
  10. Projectscope has some of the features, but it is not real specific. It gives a general list of tracks and effx, but doesn't tell which effx are on which tracks and any of the settings. A good start for sure and nice that it is free.
  11. thanks I found this link http://forum.cakewalk.com/ProjectScope-for-Sonar-Project-Files-CWPs-updated-to-support-new-Sonar-project-features-m3584169.aspx
  12. Is there a way to print out a project so that you have a listing of tracks along with effx, VSTi's, EQs, etc that were used?
  13. DaveT2

    Where to upload?

    I did find this information from the website https://help.songtrust.com/knowledge/who-do-i-need-to-get-permission-from-to-record-and-release-a-cover-song INCLUDING A COVER SONG ON YOUR OWN ALBUM You don’t need a license if you are releasing a cover strictly on streaming platforms. Services like Spotify and Apple Music license songs and pay royalties to publishers as part of The MLC (The Mechanical Licensing Collective) that was launched in 2019. This means that artists releasing covers on those platforms are not responsible for any related royalty payments. If you plan on releasing a cover song as part of a physical and/or downloadable record, you will need a mechanical license. The current statutory rate for mechanical licenses in the US is 9.1 cents per downloaded song or song on a physical album purchase. You can secure this license through Harry Fox Agency's Songfile, Easy Song , or the copyright holder themselves. If you want to cover a work Songtrust currently administers, you can email us directly instead of contacting a third party service. Distributors like CD Baby will usually help you obtain licenses as well. If you want to release two different versions of a cover song (live and studio recordings, for instance) you will need to obtain two separate mechanical licenses.
  14. DaveT2

    Where to upload?

    Wow, I see a lot of unlicensed covers on this forum. Nobody is calling them out.
  15. Very nice. Guitar tones reminded me of Trans Siberian Orchestra. (compliment). Thanks for sharing.
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