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  1. DaveT2

    Love is Real

    I like the song. If I was going to add something, I would add a bit more of a walking bass line. Something to accent the drumline. Otherwise nice song and I love your voice.
  2. DaveT2

    Hand Awakening

    This is a very simple sound that I was playing with. I had a traumatic hand injury two years ago so I am in the process of trying to play guitar again. I am fiddling around trying to strengthen my hand and build up the calluses and came up with this little tune. Not too complicated, kind of spiritual. I call it my "Hand Awakening". (note on small speakers it might rattle them a bit)
  3. DaveT2


    Very nice tune.
  4. DaveT2

    When All Is Done

    PhonoBrainer, thanks for listening I appreciate the comments on my voice. I have never been happy with it so like I said, I have always just created instrumentals. I might reconsider and try a bit more vocals. I really wasn't trying for any specific era or vibe, just came up with a sound and pattern that I liked and expanded on it. Thanks again.
  5. DaveT2

    When All Is Done

    Thanks Kevin for listening and thanks for your comments. I never sang much, most of my songs are instrumentals. Take care.
  6. I really like this one. You have a nice, soothing voice.
  7. DaveT2

    When All Is Done

    I have revised the voice mix adding a voice doubler and echo. My concern with the original, which is in the first post was my voice didn't seem to blend. I think this works better, but I may be wrong. Thanks for listening.
  8. Songdoor.com is a site that has original song contests and features original songs/videos for a few days. Mine is featured until Wednesday. https://songdoor.com/
  9. DaveT2

    When All Is Done

    Thanks for listening Deering amps. Keith Wilby, the bassy is my fault, I kept rolling highs out because it stood out even worse on the mix. I did have a version of more aggresive voice, I might play with that some. I have a hard time making it fit in the mix. I feel I am pretty good mixing instruments, but have not done much with voice.
  10. DaveT2

    When All Is Done

    Jack, thanks for listening and your input. The pulsing bass is the free Impulse Synthesizer by Bojo Software with the Atmosphere setting. The pulsing is created by the Blue Arp Arpeggiator using the Simple 4K down 4 bars setting with a few adjustments.
  11. DaveT2

    When All Is Done

    I posted this song as an instrumental a while back while I tried to figure out some words and a tune. I am not a good singer, but I am putting it out there. Comments are welcome, but I know the limitations of my voice. PLEASE LISTEN TO REVISED MIX DOWN LATER ON THIS POSTING>
  12. Jesse Screed, Bajan Blue, Freddy j and Ruralrocker 2010 and others. Thanks again for listening and for your kind words.
  13. DaveT2

    Sad Day

    I hope the music helps heal. As one who has written a few of these as well, I understand. Hang in there.
  14. Love the texture. Nice job.
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