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  1. Thought I'd ask as the fact that I don't know or it hasn't been obvious to me - might be of worthy value to code developers. I always want to change a controller value and select the pencil tool. I would expect a single click to drop a value in., but no, I have to scroll it - then switch tools and delete the un-needed points put in else my already overdriven mix freaks out:-) So how to drop in a single point? If easy - it is not intuitive as I've been doing this in my current process for years. My expected way of it happening is not happening. 🙂 -rich
  2. Interesting in that I have the exact same problem. Except your fix doesn't fix it for me. What is the path order for your scan search? Any other clues, all I can think of is maybe it's loading the vst3 version first and thinks it's done the job? When we used a VST2? Not happy about it and will have to resort to using snipping tool in the future as you point out, there is not an easy way to know what configurations are lost when it doesn't load. Thanks for your post. -rich
  3. Googling to see there is a solution as I've just added UAD effects and there's like 100 of them! And I need the ones at the very bottom.
  4. Love this (new) capability as I'm using right now. Still better than exporting the whole thing:-)
  5. So happy to see the update on midi selected exporting from Sonar. Not exactly what I intuitively expected though. I highlighted a region and saved to mid1 file - but the whole workspace was exported empty - except my region. ? So like if I highlighted and saved out measures 20-50 and my piece was from 1-100, 1-100 was saved but the only content saved was from 20-50? Close but no cigar. ??
  6. Thanks all for your thoughts! Part of my asking is that in software development it's possible to get lost in "this is new and cool" when actually all was fine. User experiences are usually not part of the equation. And I don't mean this for anything said. But that was part of the notion in my original post - reporting a user experience. No troubles. I'm working quad right now and just got that all working on New Years Eve. Likely further posts there:-) And yes I'm current, version 2020.11. -rich
  7. I wondered about at and looked at it greatly. There's a couple of what I'll call "non-helpful" views (for me) that show up sometime - I thought this was one:-) My biggest point in even posting this minor challenge - is that intuitively Sonar did not do what I was expecting. As a software developer I can say - if a developer would spend 5 minutes seeing how I use Sonar they might be shocked. Like how I constantly bounce midi tracks to get ride of the annoying track layering upon edits - even though I think I have disabled this. And I'm always switching to the cut tool as the smart tool isn't so smart:-) Intuitive user stuff but I work around things to get the job done.
  8. Ahh, yeah... I don't use that browser:-) I spend my time in two views mostly, Track and Piano Roll. I have two monitors but really could use 3 these days! Thanks everyone, for your thoughts. My orchestral project is up to around 8 Gig in size these days. Quite amazing actually - that it all works so well. This is why I'm still using Sonar - "hand claps loop insert here". -rich
  9. >Ha! Nice trick but now how to I cancel it?🙂 I'm back to all tracks easy.
  10. Ha! Nice trick but now how to I cancel it?🙂 But I spoke very poorly. No - I want to control seeing multiple tracks in ONE Piano Roll. That's what sometimes does happen, but I can't figure out the secret sauce to make it happen on my terms. I'm always clicking say two tracks, then View->Piano Roll (intuitively this should work). I'm sure this is simple I just have not been able to figure it out consistently.
  11. You know. I haven't been able to figure this out for a very long time. I want to see two track in track view so I can reference the one against the other. Intuitively, I select the two tracks and select View->Tracks. Nope. Sometimes I luck out and it happens but I'm not sure why. What is the magic logic?
  12. So happy to see Sonar updates. Fantastic!! But my garsh it took me forever to find where to post this. Logged in and could not find. Eventually went to Help within my open Sonar and found "User Forums". Why so hidden? I would be using another product if it weren't for the forums - that critical. But granted I only go there when I need to - hence my trouble remembering where to find:-) Only way is in Help within Sonar? - mental note on this that I will likely forget 🙂 -rich
  13. My head is spinning a bit with the arranger suggestion. Will have to gig into it. Symphonic compositions these days so a lot of player notes/time changes/etc. Appreciate Steve Hader's thoughts as well, I could sure use this feature too! -rich (btw, I don't get notified of any replies yet the "notify me of replies" is active ??)
  14. Good ideas but all hacks 🙂 Staff view would be great but it's never (ever) worked well enough to be of much value. Lanes is just too much when you already have 100 or so tracks 🙂 Just looking for enhanced Markers perhaps. Maybe a two tier system - the higher one you can create a colored blocks with. The lower one is what we have already. Just thinking . . . -rich
  15. Good thoughts. Looked at arranger some time ago and didn't think it would help - but I'll look again. Basically looking for the ability to embedded more textual information. On a side note (pun intended:-)) I can't tell you how many times I've tried to make the track title textual box bigger - not sure why it's locked down in size maybe there is a way around that.
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