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  1. My head is spinning a bit with the arranger suggestion. Will have to gig into it. Symphonic compositions these days so a lot of player notes/time changes/etc. Appreciate Steve Hader's thoughts as well, I could sure use this feature too! -rich (btw, I don't get notified of any replies yet the "notify me of replies" is active ??)
  2. Good ideas but all hacks 🙂 Staff view would be great but it's never (ever) worked well enough to be of much value. Lanes is just too much when you already have 100 or so tracks 🙂 Just looking for enhanced Markers perhaps. Maybe a two tier system - the higher one you can create a colored blocks with. The lower one is what we have already. Just thinking . . . -rich
  3. Good thoughts. Looked at arranger some time ago and didn't think it would help - but I'll look again. Basically looking for the ability to embedded more textual information. On a side note (pun intended:-)) I can't tell you how many times I've tried to make the track title textual box bigger - not sure why it's locked down in size maybe there is a way around that.
  4. Greetings! So I use Cakewalk to "capture the moment" when I'm composing. But then I end up with a lot of moments:-) And I also desire to textually insert (mostly so I remember) performance notes like particular violin instructions, or horn mutes, or whatever. Markers does some, but it's not designed for either of these needs. Simply a new "Hyper Marker" (aka "HM" - patent not pending:-)) that draws a line through the tracks or otherwise blocks a track section via color would be helpful. On the crazier side, the scripting software Final Draft has the notion of outlines. That would be way cool to string together blocks of composition. But I'd take any additional capability towards this notion. -rich
  5. I'm working a symphonic piece tonight in Cakewalk, as I always have. It's so easy to transfer my creative notions to digital meaning. Tonight, I just wanted to thank Bandlab and everyone else for keeping the Cakewalk/Sonar pulse alive. It's complicated stuff for sure! Easy to take it all for granted. But it really, really works well - at least for my humbly-programmed brain. -rich
  6. So back at it again. Are there sonar friendly templates available for EW Orchestra Diamond? Spent some time with my friend google but no luck yet 🙂 (funny when your best google search turns up your own thread:-)) -rich
  7. Good stuff - just what I was looking for. And a lot to think about! Using Garritan I just keyswitch in the same track as the notes. -rich
  8. Greetings! Purchased EW Hollywood Orchestra Diamond and just starting to look it over. Been a longtime Garritan user. Any pointers? I saw a video that had a separate tracks for different string performance techniques - a logical help no doubt but could lead to a lot of additional tracks. Anyone out there with thoughts on how best to proceed or other tidbits? I haven't found a correlating template or anything yet either. -rich
  9. Fascinating, I missed all that. Not entirely sure on it yet for meter changes and such for full scores but thanks much, will look into it! I guess I would ask why cut and paste special aren't so special:-) I think in logic threads and they do not function logically IMHO. -rich
  10. Greetings! It's been a while since I composed symphonic but find lots of time on my hands these days:-) This was bothering me back when I was more active and it is again tonight. So with my symphonic works I don't pre-plan the meter. Hence I select everything and cut and paste it ahead a partial measure for example. But using the cut and paste special I'm just brain-farting on. I make track 1 the active track, select all, cut special, paste special 1/2 measure in the future, but it's all pasted back track wrong. Seems not all tracks are considered and it's all miss-aligned. Thoughts? Looking at some 85 midi tracks some perhaps some audio too in there. -rich
  11. I contacted AudioEase a while ago they assured me it was not their product. Odd thing is BandLab's Sonar is better! But it still happens occasionally. Could be some sequence of events or maybe opening my project before all my plug-ins are scanned? I have a lot of them:-) -rich
  12. For the last incarnation of Sonar I had a challenge in... that my Waves L-3 maximizer would sometimes forget it's setting upon a project opening. Same thing with my Altiverb reverb settings. I actually thought this was fixed moving to BandLab. But it happened again tonight upon project opening. It's a goofy one in that it isn't repeatable, but seems to happen over time. Any ideas? -rich
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