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Plugins not found: Volume & Simple Delay


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So I'm not 100% positive on the sequences of events... Working on and off on this project.  But I am getting the attached error no matter what I try.  Just made sure I have the latest release, which "About" says is 2022.11.  Find that hard to believe but that is what I downloaded tonight.

It is a problem when plugins don't load.  So what were they doing I always ask?  And their values?  Computers are suppose to provide repeatable solutions 🙂



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It means that your project had those 5 plugins loaded, but CW is unable to find them now. Why? you could have moved them to another location, or they were uninstalled, or your plugin manager menu is not including the path that contains those plugins... or other issues.

You could rescan your VST's and make sure that you include the folders where those 5 plugins are installed.

It usually solves the problem.

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CbB supports 64-bit DX effects. If your old DX effects were 32-bit, it won't see them. Obviously, if they're missing from the system it won't see them either.

"Volume" and "Simple Delay" sound like things that you could easily find free replacements for. ReaDelay from Cockos is free and has a minimalist GUI that makes it look sort of like a DX effect.

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Thanks!  But how can you tell they are DX effects?  I've never purposely used DX effects.  My biggest concern is I just don't know what settings they had in my mix.  Easy to replace I know!
Thanks for your thoughts:-)


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Welcome to the wonderful world of  digital audio and plug ins. 
If projects are of value and you want them to be future proof then you will need to start taking steps to ensure that they are safe from becoming obsolete down the road. 
Steps to take: 

If the project contains any midi, save it as a midi file. Also export those tracks as audio stems. 
Audio should be exported as stems both dry and wet versions. 
Put all this in the project folder in its own folder. Any DAW could be used to rebuild the song instantly. 

Then take screenshots of all the plug ins GUI open. This will help figuring out what they were and the settings used. 
Make a document and write down important details you think you need.  

As time moves on plug ins have evolved and right now we are beyond using any 32 bit plug ins in a reliable way.  
DX is next on the list and a 32 bit DX will be bad news. 
Many of us still really like the Cakewalk supplied DX plug ins but I have stopped using them for this very reason. I can’t rely on them to work 10 years from now. 
The TTS-1 is now crashing if added later in projects,  so building a huge project relying on it is only asking for trouble.  
Next on the list might be VST 2 plug ins probably will not be supported in the future.  


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On 7/18/2023 at 12:34 PM, Xoo said:

I think they are DX effects that cane with an older version of Sound Forge, so recanning VSTs won't help.

This is my guess.

SoundForge did and may still include plug-ins with the names "Simple Delay" and "Volume"

They were DX format (although there is nothing in the CbB missing plug-in message to indicate format) and available for 64bit hosts.

I see them in my plug-in layout today.

So, they came with SoundForge Pro 12, 13 or both. The only SoundForge versions installed ATM.

Probably bundled with other MAGIX products too.


Depending on the age of the project, it may require installing a 32bit DAW and SoundForge to get the project to load the plug-ins.

If one has a 64bit version of SoundForge available that may work too.

I have not used the SoundForge plug-ins in a very long time and never in Cakewalk products except to test. 



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15 minutes ago, User 905133 said:

FWIW, the manual for Sound Forge 7.0 lists "Simple Delay: adds a delayed copy of the audio signal to the file."

Oh yeah, these are very basic plug-ins. Stuff Sonic Foundry may have included with the original product in the 90s.

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