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  1. I really love that heavy, driving snare and different instruments playing the same melody line - very neat. Piano mixed maybe a little left in my Sony cans but it's not too out of place. Some very cool chops on show here (love that Hammond btw). Andy

  2. An odd observation but I like the fret noise on the acoustic - because I can hear you working the instrument to get that great tone (which is superb btw) - how did you record that?

    Oh and the lead isn't too shabby either 😉😂

    Great job.


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  3. I wanted it to get 'big' in an orchestral sense and 2:50 was a long time to wait for that crescendo but definitely worth it. This is beautiful work Fred and by no means easy to do (my attempts sound so lane in comparison), well done. Andy

  4. I didn't have anything to compare this with so I searched for a sung version on YouTube and then listened again to your version - you did a good a job with this. I would have liked a little more light and shade (crescendo and diminuendo) to give it more feel - perhaps a nylon strung guitar would give you that - but otherwise I enjoyed it.

    Thanks for sharing


  5. I thought the original mix was perfect on my Sony MDR-7506 cans (but I do love me some drums) - enjoying that muted guitar and that dreamy sax - aww just lovely. Great to kick back to and fabulous guitar chops all round.


  6. .

    Kurt is right, Mike's Cakewalk videos are incredibly good. One way to fatten this is to triple the guitar track using panning and switched reverb - here's a really neat technique I picked up from @Creative Sauce - watch from around 20 minutes in where he covers this. Might help: 


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  7. .

    Hi Kriss. Bass was a little too high for me and Kurt is right about the timing, but some lovely guitar chops and tone in there. It's a very intimate vocal but it comes and goes a little in places but that kind of adds variety and mood so maybe don't change it. I'd also agree with Kurt on some percussion and maybe some strings to lift it in places. The lead guitar melody worked for me but the tone didn't - a little 'thin' I felt so maybe you could fatten that a bit or add some drive on the remix.

    These things are all subjective though and ultimately what I think doesn't matter, it's your song and if I'd written and performed that I'd be feeling pretty pleased with myself. Thanks for sharing, Andy.

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  8. The thing about clean guitar is that there are simply no hiding places for any flaws in your technique (not than you need any) because this was peerless and flawless at the same time - loved it. I'm with Lynn - it finished way too soon. 🙂 Andy

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  9. 3 hours ago, Wookiee said:

    I wondered if anyone would notice, thank you 

    I listen to a lot of Steve Hackett and he makes lots of small nods to and excerpts from previous tracks - often from different albums - in new material, so I'm always on the lookout for that trick and and I think it's a really neat one.

  10. This has an AOR feel - I love a 12-string - nice chord progression, story and great lead work too. Very nicely done all round. Andy

  11. On 12/15/2020 at 10:59 AM, Wookiee said:

    Touch of early Simon and Garfunkel. 

    I definitely agree with Wookie on the above - that was my first thought. Home run on the mix for me - sound great on my Sony MDR-7506 cans - what a terrific song and such creative lyrics; you should be very proud of that. Top work. Andy

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  12. Kudos to your percussionist (the rest of it wasn't too shabby either). I really enjoyed that Peter, as I do a lot of your stuff. Thanks for sharing - that video was well worth the effort, really brings the track to life.


  13. Gary that's beautiful work my man, simply superb and you chose a very nice arrangement.

    Just as I was listening to that, my outside Christmas lights flickered into life (they're on a timer, but no coincidence methinks). 

    All I can say is 'more please' and when's the album coming out?


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  14. Great song - killer ballad and vocal - both big ticks for me. I agree with @emeraldsoul on the drums but given the brilliance of the rest, it's a minor crit for me. BGVs were a stand out. Thanks for posting.


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  15. OK so this is a serious issue - I get that - but we all need a little light relief from it - right?

    Some of you may have seen this video (which is getting shared like crazy online) comprising clips from spoof Xmas Songs but there are only clips, not full spoof versions of the songs featured (whether there will be remains to be seen).

    So my sister sent it to me and after having a good laugh, I felt inspired to see if I could write the lyrics for one of the songs on the album. And so friends (and I really do apologise so sincerely to the wonderful Johnny Mathis), I give you - new for 2020 - my version of "When A Mask Is Worn"

    If you're not in the UK, some of the humour may not translate so here's a mini cultural guide to the lyrics:

    Matt Hancock is our award-winning Health Secretary

    Boris, of course, is the UK PM (less said, the better) renowned for metaphors in press conferences that refer to cavalry horns and bugle tooting

    Pubs are places we love to consume beer and chat for hours about nothing of any significance - but they're all closed so we're all getting smashed at home

    mRNA of course is the smart new Pfizer vaccine - around £20 a shot (probably the one the politicians will get) compared to the Oxford vaccine at a mere £3 a shot (which is the cheaper one we'll all get) 😉

    Disclaimer: the mRNA vaccine may not actually make you immortal - that may have been poetic licence on my part 😂

    Anyway - enough rambling - here are the lyrics and the song - I hope it makes you smile (I apologise if it didn't)

    A vial of hope
    Sits frozen in a block
    Encased in ice
    So says Matt Hancock
    At his vaccine plans
    Doctors laugh and scorn
    This comes to pass
    When a mask is worn

    Crosses land and sea
    It’s out to get
    Folks like you and me
    But as the bugle toots
    Boris sounds his horn
    This comes to pass
    When a mask is worn
    A drunken hue
    Settles in the air
    We’re all so pissed
    We’ve passed out in the chair
    We may be locked at home
    But as always, here’s the rub
    This comes to pass
    When you close the pub
    So for the few
    A new reality
    And immortality
    But it will come true
    For Boris said it clear
    We’ll all be saved, now
    The cheapskate vaccine’s here

    Ten thousand planes
    Take off in the sky
    Masks are burned
    The smoke thrown way up high
    All across the land
    Dawns a brand new morn
    This comes to pass
    When a mask is worn

    Yes this comes to pass
    When a mask is worn


    I'm not looking for nits and crits as I really threw this together quickly (as you can probably tell), it's just for a bit of fun.

    Keep safe everyone



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  16. 5 minutes ago, paulo said:

    You should still give it a go. Maybe you won't have the same problem. Or maybe you will and then at least I will know that it's not just me that it happens to.

    I've used it in CbB too - not noticed any crashes or significant instabilities but a lot of 'noise' online about it being buggy as a product. Maybe it depends on the use case and how far you push what it can do. Certainly seems ok in my 'other' DAW that I 'very rarely' use... 😉



  17. I have it working in S1 Pro (sshhh). Mainly inspiration so far Andy and you can learn way more about music and chord theory than is good for you. 😂

    I load up a loop I like in Scaler (it has loads built in), bind that to the midi keyboard, set the inbuilt sounds to none and then route the I/O to my VST of choice then I can 'play' the bound chords and edit them using the chord wheel, change inversions and so on.

    I am still right at the bottom of the learning curve but it looks useful.


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