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  1. Great tone on the lead guitar, I'd like to drive that rhythm guitar just a bit harder but it's very personal thing, I also think a bit more reverb would lift the vocal a touch - great track though - another keeper. Andy

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  2. 13 hours ago, David Sprouse said:

    Your lyrics are a creative take on a common theme.  Timing issues aren't that bad.  I think you might want to switch up the verses a little, a little break here and there would  help.  sorry for trying to change you. :D:D

    Cheers David, you're right - it's a well-trodden theme for sure. I guess this is just my take, thanks for the listen and the suggestions re structure.

    12 hours ago, emeraldsoul said:

    Great vocal on this! I'm sure the art of mixery will flatten out the wrinkles in time, but it starts with cool lyrics and a pleasant voice to listen to, and this has both . . . I'm sorry you are essential! Stay safe!!!



    Thanks Tom, no worries on being essential - better to be needed, than not - right? Appreciate the listen and the critique.

    6 hours ago, Douglas Kirby said:

    Cool song - I really enjoyed the lyrics and your lead vocal. Regarding the mix, if it were me, I would turn up the drums.

    Ha, that's funny Douglas, cos I actually dialled down the drums before I did this mix - just shows - you never can tell how it's going to sound. Thanks for listening.

    2 hours ago, DeeringAmps said:

    I echo the sentiments above regarding the "creative" side of the tune.
    As to the mix, a few thoughts.
    The kick: it seems to dominate the track on the Bose cans here, especially in the quiet sections.
    AC Gtr: the 58 on this, where's the mic pointed? If you re-cut this, point the mic at the 12th fret;
    and I'd put a high pass on it, pretty high maybe. Its kind of "lost" to my ears, needs some top end.
    Solo: I think you could shorten that up a bit.
    just remember, I'm a 3 minute single kinda guy, so take that with a grain of salt...


    and thank you for your service!

    I'll have another listen to that kick part, swapping it for a different bass drum or beater might help, No mic on this guitar - it's a Taylor 314 DI'd via the Taylor ES2 on-board system with a touch of FX - high-pass is a good shout, I'll look at this. Agree on the instrumental - definitely one bar too long.

    Appreciate the comments - really helpful stuff.


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  3. Prepare yourselves, this is a bit of a rough mix but as a designated key worker here in the UK (not in our fantastic NHS, I hasten to add), life's been a bit busy of late and will doubtlessly be so for a while to come. However I am not complaining, as there are many in a much worse situation than me - I'm glad to be working at all right now.

    I do hope you're all keeping safe and well. This is my latest effort - another stock EzKeys track that I simply love so I haven't done much to it, only some very subtle changes - I will probably add a bass track but it doesn't need a lot more instrumentation wise I don' think. There are multiple timing issues on this - I think mainly down to the acoustic guitar track that I need to re-cut and the BGVs; I'm not sure about the long instrumental either and whether it's even in the right place or needed at all - so all critique welcome.

    As for the back story on this one - it's complicated...


  4. Is there any style or genre you can't play?

    Got to agree with Tom, that bass tone is to die for but you have a Joe Walsh sound on that guitar that I just love - reminded me of Life In The Fast Lane

    One crit - too damn short!


  5. Well that's the strangest thing I've watched this week, but hey it's only Tuesday and we live in very strange times indeed. 😂 Loved the instrumental - don't dial that guitar down for me, I thought it sounded just great (was that a 12 string - if not what FXs are you using)?

    As for the video - dentists make me shudder (yeugh) but once I got past that I thought it was pretty cool - 'anti-music video describes it pretty well I reckon.

    Keep up the great work


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  6. Great track - I'd like to have heard the violin share more airtime with the nylon guitar but  that's  just the guitarist in me - the vox are absolutely top drawer. Andy

  7. Good rocker,  I find the lead guitar panned too far right in my cans and I might drop the BGVs just a touch if it were me but these things are very much personal taste.  Andy

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  8. Wow - this is an impressive labour of love - so when's the rock opera coming out or are you going for the full Tubular Bells experience? 😂

    Hat's off to you Wooks - this is some body of work. You know this is not my thing  - right? I've never really 'got' this style or genre of music, but there are a small (very small in my case) number of artists that manage to make it fresh and interesting and you're right up there with the best of them. Some very clever and subtle discords at around the eight-minute mark and I also preferred the second half. I guess a part of me wanted it to lift and soar and go all 'wall of sound' on me at one point, but the objective here is control and surprise - and you achieve it extremely well.

    There's a lot of light and shade in here and plenty of unexpected plot twists - overall - really very well done.


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  9. 11 hours ago, Vyacheslav said:

    Dear Andy! This riff, this song doesn't claim to be a Grammy. This is just a demo. ☺️

    Please see the 8th example.


    Fair enough , however the question you specifically asked was: "Which of these soft guitars sounds more like a live instrument?"

    And the answer - IMHO - is none of them (inc #8). It's  just my opinion, if you don't agree, that's fine - we can agree to disagree. 


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  10. 3 hours ago, batsbrew said:

    Steve Hackett, now THERE"s a name that doesn't get dropped very often!

    iI ike Hackett. he did some good pure prog stuff. very melodic.

    thanks again!

    Here's the news, he's still doing it!

    As well as bringing old Genesis standards back to life, his recent work such as Wolflight and The Night Siren are absolutely top drawer - well worth checking out.


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  11. Sign of a good jazz instrumental: it brings a big fat grin to my face. This absolutely delivered - knockout stuff and lovely guitar work. Andy

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  12. Enjoyed that David, a slight Henry Mancini vibe at the start there - I had images of the Pink Panther in my head for a minute.

    Nice changes and some cool progressions - a really nice feel. Well done.


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