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    Melody In My Mind

    The mix is pristine (see Kevin's comment) -- that synth violin can really sound poignant and you did good work arranging this to bring out that aspect.~~Allan.
  2. ABull

    Cats Don't Care

    Hey, the mix is good and clear as a bell. I like your voice -- it has an appealing hint of English 80s new wave -- nicely done~~Allan.
  3. ABull


    A commODE TO BANALITY Dis here's such a glad azz bump not like that certain sad azz chump who thrills his mates with bad bazz thumps on songs that smell like his azz dumps.
  4. ABull


    Hey thanks Paul.
  5. ABull


    Thanks Douglas -- I appreciate your listening and commenting~~Allan.
  6. Hey Steve, you've got a very good song buried in an opaque mix -- please consider redoing this with a stronger guitar based sound -- your vox are very good -- and there are some interesting melodies but the mix and instrumentation detracts from the song. Man, I'd like to hear a new version of this~~Allan.
  7. ABull


    Hey Treesha, that's some do-wacka-do synth doodlin' there (which after all seems to be the craze) -- since you say you were "playing around" we'll go with that -- good mix on this one as is~~Allan.
  8. ABull


    Hey Kevin, terrific demo of your song -- vocals are very nice and the arrangement is interesting -- good mix too -- I enjoyed listening to this~~Allan.
  9. Terrific demo of your song Barry -- your voice is perfect for this style -- like that guitar part too. (Just a comment on the lyrics -- the first verse where you're on the floor and she's on the bed sounds like the dramatic climax of the song -- there's nowhere to go after that in that the other verses are setups to that scenerio -- if that was the last verse lyric it would have more impact.)~~Allan.
  10. Hey, Paul, I enjoyed this a lot (love the style and the like) ~~Allan.
  11. Hey Kevin, "Shot in the Back" is terrific --- that groove is infectious and the opening guitar is perfect. Your vox are outstanding -- I like the rock grit in your voice -- the mix is great -- stellar work mate~~Allan.
  12. Freddy, you are a professor of existential blues philosophy for sure -- this mix on this is very good; clear and everything sits well -- another track from you that's a pleasure to hear~~Allan.
  13. ABull


    Hey Paul, this reminds me of something Steve Miller might do -- good groove and I liked that guitar break -- the playing and tone are perfecto -- good work mate~~Allan.
  14. ABull


    Hey Douglas, another good track from you -- I enjoyed this -- Allan.
  15. ABull


    I'm glad you like the tune Freddy -- thanks for commenting.~~Allan.
  16. ABull


    oh yeah...a sad bump...
  17. ABull


    was written (music & lyrics) & performed (vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, etc.) by me – home studio -- no autotune, melodyne and the like.. ©
  18. ABull


    Well, t you drew no lines but you did reference the song demo... I'm glad you like it -- thanks for listening and commenting -- much appreciated~~Allan.
  19. ABull


    Hey, I'm glad you like my demo dude~~Allan.
  20. ABull


    Thanks Nigel - I'm glad you liked that song demo (other than those box drums )~~Allan.
  21. ABull


    Hey Freddy, glad you like my tragi-comedy song and esp. the vox~~Allan.
  22. ABull


    Hey, Douglas, thanks for that -- glad you like those vox~~Allan.
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