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    Hey Harry, I feel your pain, bro. I really do. Here's what I do: I leave comments on very few of the songs posted in this forum because most are not my taste in music. For instance, your recent song post was not "my taste of music" however, I liked the guitar tones on the song. So, I mentioned that. I didn't just leave a snarky comment about how your generic song was not to my liking and making an oblique comment about the mix. So,...let's ignore each other from now on. okay?
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    MTCA - to be reposted.
  3. ABull

    A New Desire

    Hey, good demo of your song Douglas -- good mix and vox -- say, do you have to begin so many of your songs with a drumbeat measure as an intro?--just a thought~~Allan.
  4. Hey, good sound on this -- catchy feel to it -- I like that bass and the growl on the vox -- good one~~Allan.
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    Very dramatic -- good mix -- perfect for a soundtrack -- wishing you good traction on this~~Allan.
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    Much thanks.
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  8. ABull


    Paul, thanks much for listening and commenting -- glad ya like those lyrics~~Allan.
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    Thanks Nigel -- yeah, those Byrds were great but "good thing" was the Raiders--😉~~Allan.
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    I'm pleased that you like it and I thank you for commenting.
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    uh...excuse me...uh...yeah, I just wanna get there to the top of the heap...mind if I get by?...damn, did I step on you?...hmm, sorry, you okay?..almost there...thanks...whoa, the view looks sooooooooo different from here..look out below!
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    Hey, good demo of your song -- vox up front and lyrics are understandable -- I ask -- what more can you ask of a demo?~~Allan.
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    TM oh yeah, ....fub.... and...Soundcloud said... · Lynn Wilson Lynn Wilson liked your track "THAT MOUTH"Liked 13 days ago13 days ago
  14. Hey Bill, I listened to the excerpts on your site -- an ambitious project -- it sounds good and I wish you the best with it~Allan.
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    Cool demo Douglas though a bit hot sometimes.
  16. lo-fi/hi-fi/no-fi/why-fi? (I think we just collaborated but I'm not sure...)
  17. Thank you for your nice comment.~~Allan.
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    So In Love With You

    Hey Rex, this is a very good demo of your song -- your vocals are expressive and pleasing -- the arrangement is also very good -- the mix is perfect (except the drums might come up a tad). My only nit is the lyrics -- they fit the song as is but are somewhat predictable. You are consistently good at what you do~~Allan.
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    Big Moving Parts

    Very well done indeed. This is perhaps the best -- in terms of the recording -- piece I've heard on this forum in quite a bit. The arrangement is interesting, melodic and very well played -- the mix is terrific -- the guitar playing is solid and and the tones are tasty -- the drummer is quite good. My only nit is that this would have more impact and musicality with a solid bass player doing some interesting lines. Good luck with your album. (This should have had a lot of replies on this forum, but...)~~Allan
  21. Sounds great -- mix is good but bass could have more volume -- oh, wait...
  22. there's more here than meets the ear...or is there?
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