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  1. You need to find out if the midi file contains all "Patch Change" info on a single track. Right click all the midi clips and check the event List and look for patch changes and delete it. Xpand2 does not follow the GM standard for patches, so what might be a Piano In TTS-1 could be an synth patch in Xpand2. Make sure the event list is configured to show All events. Peace, Blindeddie
  2. If it works using Mackie Control in other Daws, it should work in Cakewalk, but once to set it up in preferences (Add the Mackie Control and select the Zoom midi ports in and out) go to "Utilities --> Mackie Control" and the Properties page opens up. if you put a check in "Disable Handshake" it should connect the Zoom... I don't have a Zoom, but this has worked for other non-Mackie devices I have that have MCU support. Hope that helps! Peace, Blindeddie
  3. Use the Smart tool instead of "right click-->Split..." There does not appear to be a way to turn off the dialog when choosing it from the context menu. Peace, Blindeddie!
  4. If the start points of the clips are different, then you would need to align the clips manually to get them in sync. One thing you would need to do is turn off "Snap to Grid" see page 380 of the reference guide. this would allow you to move clips at no specific resolution. There is also a Nudge Command "Process --> Nudge" (see page 376) that will move clips based on settings that you choose "Process --> Nudge --> Settings". And the reason I point you to the manual is that there are a lot of Grid and nudge settings and I am too lazy to type it all out...😝 Peace, Blindeddie
  5. I may be wrong, but I think you are talking about crossfading. Check out Page 439 in the manual, to see if that is what you are looking to do. basically it fades out one clip while fading in another which gives you a somewhat seemless transition between two clips (eliminating pops or clicks). if I am off the mark, sorry! Peace, Blindeddie
  6. I have had this issue before, all were activated prior to scanning, but did not show up until I ran as Admin...whether its required or not is besides the point, that is what worked for me...doing it has worked for me many times and usually solves my problems when it comes to plugins. Its the first thing I do when I have issues. Peace, Blindeddie
  7. I checked the authorization process for Nimbus, and it uses ILok authorization. The plugins I was having an issue with also use ILok Auth. I had to run two separate Daws as Admin in order to get them recognized, so hopefully the fix is as easy as that... Peace, Blindeddie
  8. Try running CbB as Administrator. right click the CbB icon and select Run as Administrator then do a rescan. I had a similar issue and that worked for me. Peace, Blindeddie
  9. For scenario 2 that abacab mentions, a simple fix is to run the Cal script "split channels to tracks" and that would create a separate track for each channel. Cal scripts can be run by going to "Process" --> "Run Cal Script" and selecting the script I mentioned. just thought I would mention it! Peace, Blindeddie
  10. if all the instrument midi is on separate tracks. change the midi channel of the tracks assigned to Xpand 2-2 to 1, 2 and 3. Since you are using two separate instances, you can reuse the channels. Peace, Blindeddie
  11. Ok, after much fiddling around, I am changing my tune (Puns Intended) I decided to try CbB using theWDM drivers for my interface and the problem went away. I noticed that other Audio apps I use would exhibit the same behavior after I opened CbB with ASIO drivers then closed it and opened other apps. The Sample rate of the interface would change to Random sample rates with those apps as well. If I didn't open CbB the other apps worked just fine. So I set up CbB to use WDM then rebooted to get a fresh start. Started CbB and Sample rate stayed at its default Closed it, opened other apps that are using ASIO and no issues with Random Sample rate changes. so I think something is going on with CbB and the ASIO drivers for my Interface. Since all is working smoothly now I will just leave things the way they are, but if anyone has a similar issue or knows Why this would be happening, please share. Peace, Blindeddie
  12. This is happening with the ASIO drivers for the interface. Again, I am leaning towards old drivers and Windows update...something funny is going on, not sure what! Peace, Blindeddie
  13. Default settings- 44.1khz and match Windows settings exactly. After relaunch, I loaded Start Screen ->"Empty Project" then set up synth track from scratch... but the Sample rate reported by the interface had switched to 96Khz before even opening up the template...🤔 Granted this is an older unit that is discontinued and the drivers have not been updated in several years. I am leaning towards a windows/driver issue rather than a CbB issue here. One thing I did do recently that I just thought of, was hook up an NI Rig Kontrol I had lying around (latest drivers for that) that has a low end WDM audio Interface built in, maybe a conflict going on there as well...will have to remove that and get back to where everything was prior to that. I just love all the Technical Crap that gets in the way of making music...NOT...maybe I will just break out my old 4 track Portastudio and be done with computers!!!😋 Peace, Blindeddie
  14. Well an interesting thing, this behavior is happening for me now. My interface (Presonus Firestudio project) will switch sample rates to 96Khz when I open CbB...no default project even loaded. This started happening a day or two ago after CbB crashed. Here are the details of what happened. I loaded an Instrument into the synth rack, (AAS -Lounge Lizard Session) I chose MIDI Source and First synth Audio output (not simple Instrument Track) then I attempted to delete the MIDI source track and got the dreaded "Fatal Exception error" Re-opened Cakewalk and tried loading the synth again (simple Instrument track this time) put in some midi notes, and it played at double speed (the project indicates that the sample rate is 44.1 khz. Looked at the Control panel for the Interface and it was reporting that the sample rate was 96Khz. Windows was updated about 2-3 weeks ago to the latest build, but I had not seen this behavior until just the other day. I have a minidump from when I get the error, so if that might help see what might have gone wrong, I can provide that file. Not a complete show stopper, as the sample rate change does not happen consistently, I just have to check to see what the Sample rate the Interface is reporting and if it is wrong, close CbB adjust sample rate of Interface, then restart CbB. Takes one or two tries, but eventually I can get them synced up. Any info or assistance would be great Peace, Blindeddie
  15. Yes, you can delete the zip file as it is just a way to put all the sample files into one file for ease of download. If you have access to download the Zip at any time, then best to let them "Store" it for you. Do be aware though that Companies go out of business and some day it may not be available for download anymore, so best to make some sort of Backup. I buy cheap 16Gb and 32Gb thumb drives, copy the zip to them and then label and put away in case I ever need them. Peace, Blindeddie
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