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  1. As I wrote to Wookie, end client's/songwriters request. But to elaborate: the vocals are three pieces. Verse is run through a bus with an amplifier, since it should sound crushed and "quasi-radio-like" (or buried if you like). Prechorus is supposed to be clean. Chorus is the third pieces, also run via the same bitcrusher/amp, but less so than verse.
  2. This time a modded Steve Vai combo from THU (Overloud). Dubbed multiple times of course. Previous releases were ENGL Fireball from Amplitube: https://open.spotify.com/track/4cse0HyUUq6dBWVBPF4b7l?si=vZQYjAW7SkiefWUQgALqAw
  3. Yep. The client (or songwriter) is always right (or not). I wanted the lead vox a bit higher actually, but had to keep them here due to artistic reasons. LUFS around -12 btw. Thanks for input.
  4. As per title. Latest release. Drums, recording and mixing in CWbBL by yours truly. You might recognize the guitarist from the old Japan tours with Majestic and Time Requiem (with Wildoer (James La Brie) and Lövgren (Meshuggah)). This is a different constellation though.
  5. Hi Blades, Thanks for input. Basically I agree with everything you say. I created a ticket earlier over at Presonus, linking to my posts on their own forum and in the Presonus Faderport group on FB. Merely to make them aware of it (if they weren't already), and to take it into consideration. But as you say, this is more of a SONAR/CW problem, since they don't have the same fader resolution as the FP, or standard. If CWbBL would address this in a future update the problem would probably go away. Worth noting is that this wasn't that much of an issue in Reaper – probably due to the fact that they move all the way up to +12dB.
  6. I believe I have solved it. I did a new factory reset to firmware 3.21 from June 2019 and tried. Seemingly no twitching. I then uninstalled everything. Including Universal Control software (which really wasn't necessary). Went through the process anew and updated to firmware 3.44. Calibrated, rebooted etc. and so on. Tried in Cakewalk/SONAR and Reaper. The twitching was back. Did a new factory reset to 3.21. Recalibrated. Rebooted. Twitching gone. So the solution is to NOT update to firmware v. 3.44, and if you have: do a factory reset. So to elaborate: this firmware most likely addresses the "need" to have virtual faders match the fader resolution on the Faderport. The thing is that Cakewalk/SONAR does not have the same fader resolution (nor can you change it). That one is from infinity to +6dB, while FP is from infinity to +10 dB. So if you are somewhere in the middle with the faders running the newest firmware, you might be ok. But way down below -25 or so on the FP the virtual fader hasn't reached that far due to resolution – which is why it jumps back up. Same thing if you go above 0 dB. So basically you will use 3.44 and see that FP faders match the virtual faders, but accept twitching. Or revert back to old firmware, get rid of twitching, but then realize that the difference in fader resolution means that -20 in your DAW might be -24 on your FP fader. And so on. Thanks all for input!
  7. I see. It might as well be that this unit behaves this way, so would not like to think it's defective in any way.
  8. Thanks for swift input. You replaced your FP? So it was an issue before? Surely should not be with the new FP v2 and latest firmware of 3.44? Asked the same question over at Presonus. Waiting for feedback.
  9. Resurrecting an old thread. Long time SONAR/Cakewalk user here (+20 years). Recently got my hands on a Faderport 8 (Presonus) and quite happy with it. Read the manual. Obviously understand I cannot map everything, but to a reasonable amount at least. The main issue (which seemingly is what other Presonus users also have noticed overall) is the fader calibration. Moving a fader on the Faderport it moves on respective channel in CW, but upon releasing the physical fader it twitches and changes it's position up or down to match the resolution on the virtual fader. So technically they are both correct, but the problem is obviously that the resolutions don't match on the FP vs CW. The itch is merely the small adjustment the fader has to do when letting go of it, hopping up to the correct corresponding number on the FP scale to be aligned with what CW:s fader is reporting. Now question: You can change the audio meter resolution under console view for example. But I don't see an option for changing the actual dB resolution next to the faders. In my case I would like it to be from infinity > +10 dB. Right now we are at standard infinity > +6 dB. Supposedly there never were such an option? Anyone else experiencing/experienced this fader twitching? To be expected when using FP8 with CW and regular MCU protocol?
  10. I think I have solved it. This must definitely be a bug. I have to open Track Manager in Console view via the "Strips" menu. Opening the very same Track Manager via the regular shortcut "H" shows the track as being invisible (when it is not), while opening Track Manager via Console > Menu > Strips displays the same track as being visible.
  11. Thanks for input. I believe my second and third sentence was clear on this topic. I always have them unlocked, then make changes, then lock them. Going back to track view where everything is good, and then back to console/mixer view then still has this issue of displaying a previously hidden track – which is also hidden in track manager, meaning I have to open TM, verify it is hidden (i.e. not changing anything) and then close it. The track disappears.: It always is. No change.
  12. Hi Rick, Thanks for asking. I believe this is an issue you should escalate in order for it to be fixed in the next update.
  13. As per title: Say I have about ... 80-120 tracks in a random project. I hide a few outdated takes in track view until it looks clean. I normally save this as a screenset (1) called "TRACK VIEW", then lock it so it stays this way. Then I press "2" and make the console (mixer) fit the entire screen, making sure all the tracks I don't want to see are hidden, and then assign this to screenset (2) "MIXER VIEW" and lock it. In the past this has worked fine. Now when I go back to 1, and then back to 2, all the hidden tracks are visible again under "MIXER VIEW". I open up the track manager and see that the hidden tracks are in fact unchecked and should be hidden, and when I close Track Manager they disappear. Extremely annoying to do this every time, especially during high track counts with deadlines. This is yet another reason to go full REAPER despite my having used CW for 20 years. Input?
  14. The "Now" time isn't the issue for me. Pause/break I discovered many years ago for this purpose. This regards every action taken within a specific projects. Mouse moving slow, windows not opening, solo/mute buttons not responding for several seconds etc. Thinking it might be ghost automation causing it, but that also seem ridiculous. It's 2020 ffs. GPU is a NVIDIA 1050i btw. 4 GB or so. Should be enough.
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