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  1. As per title: Say I have about ... 80-120 tracks in a random project. I hide a few outdated takes in track view until it looks clean. I normally save this as a screenset (1) called "TRACK VIEW", then lock it so it stays this way. Then I press "2" and make the console (mixer) fit the entire screen, making sure all the tracks I don't want to see are hidden, and then assign this to screenset (2) "MIXER VIEW" and lock it. In the past this has worked fine. Now when I go back to 1, and then back to 2, all the hidden tracks are visible again under "MIXER VIEW". I open up the track manager and see that the hidden tracks are in fact unchecked and should be hidden, and when I close Track Manager they disappear. Extremely annoying to do this every time, especially during high track counts with deadlines. This is yet another reason to go full REAPER despite my having used CW for 20 years. Input?
  2. The "Now" time isn't the issue for me. Pause/break I discovered many years ago for this purpose. This regards every action taken within a specific projects. Mouse moving slow, windows not opening, solo/mute buttons not responding for several seconds etc. Thinking it might be ghost automation causing it, but that also seem ridiculous. It's 2020 ffs. GPU is a NVIDIA 1050i btw. 4 GB or so. Should be enough.
  3. Same issue here. Been running SONAR/Cakewalk since 2002. Current specs: CPU: i7-8700 RAM: 32 GB 2400 Mhz 4 TB SSD (OS, Sample libraries x 2, Audio ...) AI: RME UCX Everything off. Remember back in the day where we talked about optimizing Windows by prio background tasks, turning off indexing etc. None of that is useful. Obviously offline and no other processes running. Project is merely some 60 tracks, and CPU on 5-10 %, RAM on 25 % tops. Looking at going Reaper again since I have deadlines to attend to.
  4. A few other peculiarities with the latest update I don't see listed: - Beginning of fade on specific clips in takes does not start at the beginning of the clip if going back and forth. - If adding audio track, saving screensets and then deleting audio tracks (to 0 present) you can no longer change screenset.
  5. Just a feature request: In staff/notation view it would be nice to have the option of adding quintuplets and septuplets as well. Right now slightly hampered with only triplets. Granted one could add a 16th every 192 tick (or 137.14), but it would be nice to get rid of that step.
  6. Yes. All my drum and percussion books are still using old staff notation. Not a single one is written in PR notation. Future sounds, The New Breed, The Art of Bop Drumming, Syncopation, Extreme Interdependence, Creative Control, Conversations in Clave ... you name it. So when I need to see a drum performance I need to see notation. Maybe the BBC Orchestra, London Philharmonics or other institutions have implemented PRV this year, but one cannot be too sure.
  7. Laying down some drum tracks for a client. As most people I obviously use Staff mode for this. Occasionally I need to right click on one note to manually change its velocity. It's fine when writing in the value, but if I use the scrolling function right next to the little window where you can enter the velocity value, everything hangs and the velocity values goes crazy by itself, and CbB makes a distinct beep for every up and down. At that point I just have to wait until everything settles after a few minutes, save and close. Back to SONAR for now. This is too risky.
  8. As per title: I create layouts for VSTi and FX. Plugin layouts only visible and selectable in Browser view though, and cannot be selected (and does not show at all) in the Insert>Soft Synth>Plug-in Layout menu. Extremely annoying. Input?
  9. As per title: Been using SONAR since ... 1999 ca (while still TTS CW). In this new by BL ed. context menu quantizing does not work when I am selecting a bass line in track view, heading over to staff view and then right clicking in staff view (which I have always done before in SONAR P). The clip/notes gets deselected immediately for no reason, and thus the options in context menu are greyed out. Apparently impossible to select a clip and then right click in staff view w/o the clip getting deselected. Input? edit: just tried doing it in SONAR Platinum. Works perfectly. In other words a HUUUUUGEEEE bug in the Bandlab version.
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