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  1. Just for the fun of it, I am thinking of mirroring my mix in CW in Reaper. It will take a while with all the plug in parameters, routing and gain staging. Not the mention the automation ... Just to see if the rendering itself will be clean. Currently 166 plugins in this project. 8 of them are guitar/bass amps. 6 of them are reverbs/delays. The rest various EQ:s, saturation plugs and FET/Vari-MU/VCA compressors on track and buss level. I might get back later.
  2. Yes, I have already been on Reaper since 4.00, but SONAR has been my main DAW sine -99. Merely since Reaper has not implemented proper drum notation as per 2022. Again, this is not an issue with playback buffers and recording. The files are always stellar. This is bounce related with completely random placement. Feel free to glance through my reply to Jeremy above.
  3. Hello Jeremy. This is not an issue during mixing/mastering. This is only during export, when AI is not in the equation. And always completely random in one or two spots. I have however fiddled with the export buffer size from 40 to 500 ms, w/o any particular difference. It could however be related to reverb tails from one of the many Altiverb or Bricasti emulations I have on my buses in this particular project, that the aud.ini file could possibly remedy. The Neural DSP amps are fine. A few years ago someone suggested ghost automation lanes still read by active tracks, which also seems feasible.
  4. I have the exact same issue as you Colin, and have had for quite some time. I also saw the same thing happening Terry in this thread from early 2021. As stated, completely dumbfounded why this is happening during export, listening back to the WAV (44/24). I have a fairly well built i7 computer with 32 GB RAM, all SSD equipped, RME UCX interface with the latest drivers, no internet, AV or any other processes disturbing things. Now trying to export a finished, mixed and mastered progrock-tune only containing roughly 75 tracks, and the computer/RAM or HD isn't sweating. Chirps still random on the export. I will probably go REAPER from now on I'm afraid. After 20 years.
  5. No, but I figured they might possibly need to be unlocked before changing track visibility in Track Manager. But that does not help either I'm afraid.
  6. Agreed. I always click OK. Regardless if I open Track Manager via shortcut H or via submenu under different views. No difference.
  7. Annoying bug #2: I have addressed this a long while ago, but seemingly it hasn't changed. When working on projects with a fairly reasonable track count (50-80) and I have a bunch of tracks archived I need to get them out of sight. In mixer/console mode this NEVER works. Opening Track Manager and unchecking said tracks they disappear, only to reappear when I change view and go back again. Same thing regardless if opening from shortcut or under Track>Track Manager. 1) No, I don't have any workspaces assigned. 2) No, my screensets are not locked so track (in)visibility should stick. It doesn't however.
  8. I have had (actually have) the exact same issue as you Terry. Which is annoying since it has evolved recently and sporcadically during the past two years. Powerful computer. RME UCX interface with the latest drivers. CPU only sweats around 20% for 70-80 tracks, 10 buses with some 30-40 plugins, and NOT a buffer issue (never has been). The exported (!) file tends to have one or two chirp regardless of dither settings, exporting in realtime, having largest possible bounce buffer size and so on. I mostly think it's could be due to some plugin, but all are green lighted. Suggestions from others tells me it could also be ghost automation lanes (or active ones) with lots of movement. Very annoying since not an issue with, for example, REAPER.
  9. Of course there are. I have a bunch of them. There are also plenty of third party VSTs that act as a gain knob, but I would not suggest CW to remove that feature.
  10. Another Cakewalk feature suggestion: Similar to Logic functionality, it would be nice if the fade out curve could be adjusted (right clicked) to also include a tape stop. As illustrated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MJ_0tXpns0
  11. As I wrote to Wookie, end client's/songwriters request. But to elaborate: the vocals are three pieces. Verse is run through a bus with an amplifier, since it should sound crushed and "quasi-radio-like" (or buried if you like). Prechorus is supposed to be clean. Chorus is the third pieces, also run via the same bitcrusher/amp, but less so than verse.
  12. This time a modded Steve Vai combo from THU (Overloud). Dubbed multiple times of course. Previous releases were ENGL Fireball from Amplitube: https://open.spotify.com/track/4cse0HyUUq6dBWVBPF4b7l?si=vZQYjAW7SkiefWUQgALqAw
  13. Yep. The client (or songwriter) is always right (or not). I wanted the lead vox a bit higher actually, but had to keep them here due to artistic reasons. LUFS around -12 btw. Thanks for input.
  14. As per title. Latest release. Drums, recording and mixing in CWbBL by yours truly. You might recognize the guitarist from the old Japan tours with Majestic and Time Requiem (with Wildoer (James La Brie) and Lövgren (Meshuggah)). This is a different constellation though.
  15. Hi Blades, Thanks for input. Basically I agree with everything you say. I created a ticket earlier over at Presonus, linking to my posts on their own forum and in the Presonus Faderport group on FB. Merely to make them aware of it (if they weren't already), and to take it into consideration. But as you say, this is more of a SONAR/CW problem, since they don't have the same fader resolution as the FP, or standard. If CWbBL would address this in a future update the problem would probably go away. Worth noting is that this wasn't that much of an issue in Reaper – probably due to the fact that they move all the way up to +12dB.
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