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  1. Thank You for the reply and the suggestion. I actually thought about that while mixing but didn't go thru with it. I really like the way Rex Red treats his backing vocals and at times they sound as if they're hard panned. I'll for sure give it a try .. mark
  2. @AndyB01 Thanks for the listen and the nice comment . @garybrun I Really appreciate your listening and for the earlier private suggestions you gave me for this song . It really got me going in the right direction. Lining the erratic heartbeat up with the song was a "rough job" until I realized an easier way to do it. It took me awhile to get the S problem under control but I was still unsure of the results. It's Always hard for me to get "my own" vocal levels right , I guess I need to get out of the role of the performer and just lock in as a listener. Thanks also to everyone who listens without commenting.. mark
  3. Hello , I was going to wait awhile .. but I got toasted and posted.. Here's a new one I could use your ears on . Thought I'd go back to some vocal songs while I still can . I've been goin back and forth on vocal levels and have had problems with de-essing. Any suggestions would be Great for improvements , no matter how small. Besides the electric guitar DI'd, everything else was captured with an SM57 including the vocals .. (last time for this) thus the De-ess problems. Left side - Dulcimer and Yari acoustic . Right side G&L Tele and high strung Aria acoustic. Ibanez bass and SI drums. Sends to Valhalla Space modulator on the acoustics. Thank You for the listen. This is a fictional song but it's been a close call .. mark
  4. Philip , for me .. you nailed the remix. I thought the quick panning (or however you achieved it) ?? was a Very interesting effect on the lead vocal. That's something I think , if wasn't done properly could really mess a vocal track up. I'd bet listening on a car radio it would be a little more subtle sounding. I Loved the change at 2:02 and the outro . I thought this was a "top notch" production .. mark
  5. I Really Liked all the energy in this one. I especially liked the deep drum rolls. At times I was wanting to hear the kick and chorus vocals up about a half db . Fantastic job on the video as well .. Nice .. mark
  6. Personally , I Loved your vocals on this. I for sure wouldn't hide it in a drawer somewhere like a lost museum piece. mark
  7. When Jeff Beck passed , my wife asked me if I thought Keith Richards might be next. I said I didn't know , but I would be devastated when David Crosby laid his body down.. By far my favorite of all the harmony geniuses. RIP ..
  8. Cool song Jack. I've wondered myself where they're all going , or where do the live , what do they do. I Like the way you compose entire songs from fleeting memories , like a snapshot from an old camera .. Nice mix , no crits or suggestions. Enjoyed it .. mark
  9. mark skinner

    El Guerrero

    First off .. I Love this genre and style of music. Your lead guitar sounds Real Nice , you captured it Well .. If you are looking for any mix suggestions , I'd look at the EQ on the left rhythm guitar. It seems to me to be heavy on the low mids' and could use some highs. I'd also look at using the pro channel (low) saturation knob on the sax. I've found it to be Real useful. It may work or not .. Last , I think you've got a timing glitch at 4:19 on the left rhythm guitar. Great Playing .. Enjoyed it mark
  10. mark skinner


    Ctrl+ V ??
  11. Killer arrangement /mix and Really great lead guitar . I knew I would love it from the first bass runs. I thought the bass was Real Nice. Amazing .. mark
  12. Jesse , I'd Love it .. I'm in N Alabama not far from Mississippi. The cover photo was taken from my pasture fence. I might as well be in the Delta. @Jim Fogle I appreciate it. I can't take credit for the double fade out , as it was in the original. I think I will adjust it later though. I caught a response from @Lord Tim about how to create an S type fade that it really needs. Already a long song and the fades put it past the 6 min mark , but I couldn't stop. @steve@baselines.com Thanks for commenting. Yeah , I pretty much had to rebuild the old banjo just to use it.. @PhonoBrainer "Thanks" for the suggestion. When I redo the fade's , I'll take a Close look at the bass and Vox levels. Thank You . If I make any changes I won't bump it up but will include Mix "D" on the post . mark
  13. mark skinner

    9 Dreams

    Jesse , that was Awesome and mastered So Well ! It was very trippy but I "got" All of it. Just wasn't long enough. I've been suspecting that you were a bot .. I also believe Tom has a Bright Future in web and song artwork design. Enjoyed it .. mark
  14. Fantastic writing and performance Paul ! That was sure a fun one to listen to. You got Very creative on the vocals and I thought that was a Great lead break. I believe you've out done yourself on this one .. Really enjoyed it ! mark
  15. Try right clicking the "record" button next to your transport controls and change it there. ??
  16. That was simply awesome.. I can't even begin to describe the feelings you invoked while listening. I'm glad I've never written anything like this , if I had I would think that there would be nothing else to accomplish. Beautiful and stirring .. mark
  17. Thank You , I'm Glad you enjoyed it. But .. (of course) after a few listens I had to go back in and make a few minor changes and do a little more work on the dobro. I posted another link for mix "C". @DeeringAmps Thanks Tom for the listen and comment on Soundcloud. I Really appreciate it. @SuperFreq Thanks for taking time to listen and comment. I like fooling with a lot of instruments I can't really play. There's even a dulcimer in there somewhere. I haven't seen the Songcatcher movie but it sounds like something I would enjoy. I'm gonna try and stream it. @KSband Thanks , I've had a banjo for a few years but never play it. I've used it once on another song. My hillbilly brother suggested this song for me. @Jesse Screed I don't think they would let me "comp" everything live and on tour. @noynekker Thank You Bruce , If it's got a string on it , I'll at least try to make something of it. My fishing rod's next .. Thank again Everybody ! mark
  18. Hello , this was a fun one for me. I got out my cello and bluegrass instruments. Whitt Townsend , a friend of mine did the upright bass and let me use his dobro to finish the song up. I really enjoyed trying to play it .. Any suggestions for improvement will be Greatly appreciated. Thanks for the listen .. mark " Mix C"
  19. mark skinner

    Lead Me On

    Very Clear mix. I agree with Bajan Blue about the intro. I thought it was a little thin until the rest of the instruments came in then realized it was Perfect. I also appreciated the zydeco feel it's got going in spots. Nice vocals as well. Bass spot ?? Enjoyed it .. mark
  20. Jerry , go to your C drive and find Cakewalk Content. Click the ">" arrow and you'll see your "projects folder". Open the folder , right click the project and choose delete from the dropdown list. It's handy to have a shortcut to this folder on your desktop. mark
  21. Phillip , Very Nice chilled vibe on this. I really liked the atmosphere of everything in it. I thought it had a little bit of an abrupt start but not excessive. Hey , Thanks for turning me on to Sufjan Stevens. That'll be some nice cruising music. I Really enjoyed the song and all your treatment on it. Good luck with the album and your dog .. mark
  22. Wonderful playing ! That was a Killer bass track. This is a head nodder for sure. Loved it ! .. mark
  23. I Liked it. Loved the reverse strings and boingy things.
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