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    Forum members /home country ?

    Hello , I have been very curious about how many members this forum has , and from what regions or countries. I think it is very cool to present a problem and have it resolved in a matter of minutes from someone half way around the planet. I think a running count with regions posted somewhere on this forum would be an interesting addition. Later ... mark
  2. mark skinner

    Forum members /home country ?

    Hello to everyone. I posted this aiming at the administrators of this forum . I really didn't expect everyone to respond like this. Great surprise ! Thank you all. mark
  3. mark skinner

    An Old Old Recording

    Cool , sounds like a real song from the heart. The clarinets also added a lot . I still have a suitcase full of cassette tapes from a Tascam 8 track recorder. It played 2x speed , I wish I had something to play them on. mark
  4. mark skinner

    Billies shuffle, Bandlab recording

    Rik , I really don't see how you could have done better on a single take experimental test track. Import it back in a daw do some minor tweeks in the eq , and you'll have a keeper anyone should be proud of. Best of luck to you ... mark
  5. mark skinner

    Billies shuffle, Bandlab recording

    Great playing and production . I really liked the pristine highs in your mix. I did think the low root notes were a little overpowering. (may have been my headphones) . I googled your new guitar and noticed it didn't normally have a pickup. Did you add one or using mic(s). Do you think the ad-2 was responsible for most of the great guitar tone ? I've been looking at new preamps .... Enjoyed it . mark
  6. mark skinner

    There Before

    Very nice and clean mix, I really enjoyed that . Kinda has the feel of some of those killer Daryl Hall ballads. Great job . mark
  7. mark skinner

    instillation date

    Is there a place in my files I can find the date of my last install . I seem to be overlooking it. I have to move my pc for internet access and just don't want to be surprised again by demo mode. Thanks ... mark
  8. mark skinner

    EQing input

    I recently received a booming acoustic guitar track to add to a friends project. I got the boom out of the track but it still didn't sound like a keeper. I used to own the guitar he used , and know for a fact it's not a boomy guitar. I had him re record and keep the mic "away" from the sound hole. The track came out much better , clean and crisp. I think the first objective is to get the instrument sounding as good as it possibly can without any eq , then applying it to polish the track . It'll save you a lot of time in the long run .. mark
  9. mark skinner

    All the Love I Need

    Nice ! I like your vocal control. I think you could do the low spoken part singing with a high energy , real high voice .. ms
  10. mark skinner

    Forum members /home country ?

    Mark Skinner - USA (deep south) Hartselle Alabama.
  11. mark skinner


    JB , I searched thru 12 pages , in the songs section on this forum "without" finding anything. I then went to band camp and looked there , again with no luck. The point was , that I was impressed enough that I wanted to hear what other directions you were taking with your music... Thanks mark
  12. mark skinner


    When I heard this song I searched thru 12 pages to hear more from you. Just Saying .... Now , I have a friend who sings his heart out when trying out a new song in a live venue . Put him in a sterile studio with the same song and he can't sing. He isn't dynamic and his vocal range just leaves. I think he worries to much about popping the mic , etc.. Put some mood lighting on him , give him a full length mirror, and the difference is night and day. Vocal range is even better and not as pitchy. I do have to melodyne some but he and anyone else hearing it is impressed. He felt really shy doing this at first but got over it. I know this is a "F....d" up suggestion ! nothing to lose by trying it ... mark
  13. mark skinner


    Great Job ! I really enjoyed that. I was captivated by a lot of the changes and different directions you went. I totally agree with freddy j about the vocal drops . I "fully" plan on "Stealing" that effect from you... mark
  14. mark skinner

    Delete markers ?

    Clement , You said you assigned the delete key to delete the track. Do you mean you just highlighted the track , Or did you actually changed the function of the delete key? In one of your earlier posts you said the track got deleted instead of the marker .. I would also make sure none of your tracks are highlighted while trying to delete a marker . Good Luck . ms
  15. mark skinner

    Delete markers ?

    Markers can easily be deleted in the "Track View". When you hover over the marker with your mouse , you will see a hollow arrow pointing down. When you left click , you should see this arrow turn solid white , keep your left click button down and click Delete . Make sure you don't cover up the marker with the Now time position before doing this . ms
  16. mark skinner

    Freeware Instruments Thread

    more piano ??
  17. mark skinner

    Favorite Freeware FX Thread

    Thumbs up to @sping for the gvst link. The "g-clip" wave shaper has become my go to tool for taming those really fast spikes that cause me problems later ... mark
  18. mark skinner

    Can't Place Notes In The Piano Roll?

    After you select your "midi" track , open the prv. Select your "smart" tool. When you get ready to place a note on the grid, you have to click and use a "slight drag" to the right with your mouse to place the note. This is much better than the earlier Sonar prv. It's very hard to "accidentally" place notes with mouse clicks. mark
  19. mark skinner

    Stop Code

    My old desktop pc started doing that a lot. I eventually heard a tick in my tower. After pulling a plastic cover off I could see a wire from my main power switch was arcing on the frame. Super fast blip was making it reboot. Id check your power connections just in case ..
  20. mark skinner

    Creating Vocal Harmonies with Melodyne

    Razor , one last comment from me . If you are in this for the long haul , you'll find that when you are in your mid 60's like I am , vocal range will be the first thing to go. Melodyne and programs like it , will quickly become your friend. If you have time , might as well learn it top to bottom before you actually need it . Later ... mark
  21. mark skinner

    Creating Vocal Harmonies with Melodyne

    I've found that low and 3rd harmony's can be very transparent if the timing is adjusted a little . 5th up starts sounding artificial , above that is bad unless so far back in the mix you can hardly hear it. Most singers can hit the 3rd above the lead vocal. I had one guy sing the 3rd , and actually sang the same note thru the entire track. I then built a 5th off of that track . Not having to move it very far in melodyne made it convincing. Also , if I have a repeating part of a track or chorus , I'll take the harmony tracks and swap them around , they start sounding like different takes instead of just building from a single performance .. mark
  22. mark skinner

    More Pro Channel FX and vst FXs

    Go to the "instruments &effects" section and check out the "favorite freeware fx " post ...
  23. mark skinner

    Weird phantom sounds.

    Sounds like an electrical pop to me , maybe somewhere in you cables. Thru most of it the left side of your meter is spiking higher ... Are the noises ever present on any other track soloed ? One part of it almost sounds like footsteps.. Any paranormal activity ?? mark
  24. mark skinner

    How high to set the output gain of songs?

    "Thanks" I'll check him out. I've gone thru the same thing relating to levels , and have redone a lot of songs after changing my mind. I am now settled on -14 lufs. I usually export the main mix at around -6 peak db and do my final gain, comp, eq, limiting, etc. outside of the main project. Less confusing for me this way. G-Clip has been very helpful for removing the really quick spikes that I've had problems with using normal comps. and limiters. I actually prefer -18 to -16 lufs, but doing my final at -14 and controlling the true peak insures no clipping during conversions for streaming. Good luck ... mark
  25. mark skinner

    SI drums issue

    Thanks for the info. I'll recheck all my settings related to plugins. ms