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  1. You have a great Heavy feel to this one. I especially liked the driving handclaps all the way thru. Great creativity! I Really liked the song and performance. mark
  2. mark skinner


    I cleaned the lead track up a little and boosted it up. I think it sounds better. Thanks for the suggestion . Mix 2
  3. mark skinner


    @jwnicholson78 and @Wookiee Thanks guys for the listen and comments. @KSband I agree with you. After uploading this to Soundcloud the first time , I took it down and re-panned the guitars. In the process I backed off the lead guitar a little. I was wondering myself if I overdid it. Appreciate the suggestion and will address it later. Thanks .. mark
  4. mark skinner


    Hello , I Finally got this one ready to submit. My main objective was to learn about acoustic IR's to record my "go to" thin bodied Washburn Monterey Studio acoustic using the piezo pickup. It's panned to the left and the IR made a Huge difference. My nylon Godin Hybrid is panned to the right. I bought the basic version of Bias FX and used it on my G&L ASAT. After profiling my neck pickup I used a PRS guitar match setting. After finding and modifying a lead preset I got sounds and sustain that I've never heard from this guitar. Awesome software ! Any crits and suggestions for improvement are welcomed. Thanks .. mark - New link down the page -
  5. Great Job ! This was nice and smooth. You do a Great job with cover songs but this is even better. Enjoyed it .. mark
  6. Very Nice .. A lot of cool stuff going on . Loved it .. mark
  7. mark skinner

    Too Much

    Very Nice ! I Love the chorus melody and you did a Very good job on the vocals. My mix suggestion would be to tame the vocal reverb a little (with more pre delay). It's a little hollow sounding. I would also boost it up a little. Enjoyed it .. Great job .. mark
  8. Very well done Barry. I Really liked the way you carved out the space for the bass and drums. I thought it was Very well written and you sang it with conviction. No crits or suggestions .. mark
  9. Great job ! I thought you did a Very nice job on the vocals. You should do more guitar , great tone and playing. I really enjoyed it .. mark
  10. Justin , Very Nice job. She has a Beautiful voice with a Really nice quality and overtones. I do think the quick passages had a little too much pitch correction , taking a little bit away from the performance. It sounded like it was auto tune as opposed to melodyne. The piano was Very well played. My biggest pet peave is not including a couple seconds of silence before a song begins. All that being said , I think it was a beautiful song and well done. Really looking forward to hearing more from you and your daughter. Welcome to the forum .. Enjoyed it .. mark
  11. Thanks for searching. I just did a google search of the song title and Cakewalk. Went straight to it. Posted in 2019. Everybody seems to know him. @RikF . I'll check further.. Thanks .. mark
  12. Does anybody know if "Rick F " is still around ? I'm Finally thinking about posting a song that He did just noodling around on a slow traditional blues song titled "Blind Boy Blues". I learned his licks and after 3 months of recording , I got it done. He gave me his blessing and permission to repost it and said , "He thought it wasn't really a structured song but just playing around". I felt funny about it , and never did. I've recently revisited the mix and think it would be a nice tribute to his playing. I can't find a way to contact him. I know he was having Major vision problems when he posted it. Thanks .. mark
  13. Keith , you've sure been on a roll lately. I thought this was Great ! and a Powerful performance. I Especially liked the bridge. Very creative. Enjoyed it .. mark
  14. mark skinner

    I'm stuck

    Sisi , Yes , personally I would replace the organ like patch at 0:30. To me it sounds like it has no depth and almost like the tuning is drifting around. This is just a personal preference as I think a different patch would fit the song better. Yes All the synth parts sounded like they needed some air. Maybe send them all to a bus and put a "little" airy verb there. Yes the section at 1:15 should be "at least" 16 bars for some lead coming in whenever it feel right. As far as your track volumes go start by opening the console view and check all of your meters for anything too loud and make adjustments. Afterwards change your "master" output bus to mono. (it's going to sound bad) and use your ears and the faders until it sounds balanced. Switch back to stereo on the master and take a Long break. You'll probably find everything sounding much better and needing just minor tweeking when you come back. Good luck .. mark
  15. mark skinner

    I'm stuck

    Sisi , Here's my honest opinion after 3 listens. The first intro synth sounds Good but "dry". I think it needs a little "airy" reverb. Maybe fast and clean from rematrix solo in the pro channel. The second synth coming in at 0:15 is Way too hot and needs a lot of the bass EQ'd out of it. I would EQ it drop the fader to 0 and ease it up until you like it. The synth patch coming in at 0:30 is Hot and just plain Bad. I'd Definitely find another patch. It's also taking All the attention away from everything else including the drums. I'm not hearing a kick. The patch coming in at 1:05 is very cool. I'd try a Slow automated pan sweeping from left to right. At 1:15 Everything is coming in nicely but the arp patch is also a little dry. This section needs to be repeated and have a synth lead come in. This would be a Good spot for a lead instead of repeating everything again. Anyway , here's a start. If I don't like the way things are sounding in my stuff I often make radical changes including deleting days of recording and mixing. Best of luck to you ... mark
  16. mark skinner

    John O'Groats

    Bjorn , I Really enjoyed that. Great job on the grace notes on the violin. You nicely captured the "bagpipe" feel using them. I also thought the voice you used from Heavyocity was perfect. She sounded like another well fitting instrument at the start of her passages. Wonderful performance .. mark
  17. Bapu , How about some with Overdrive and Distortion ?? May be a new future project for me ..
  18. Bruce , I Really enjoyed working on this one with you. It was pretty easy working against your Great acoustic track even though it get get covered up a bit. I tried my best to play it myself , but couldn't get it done. The lyrics were Very well written and performed .. Big fan .. mark
  19. OK , I'm calling this one done. @Kevin Walsh @DeeringAmps @Johnbee58 @noynekker Thank You for your ears and kind comments. Bruce , the part you mentioned at 2:33 had no additional processing. I may have just gotten lucky with the delay timing and the bow stroke. Thank You ! mark
  20. placing your curser arrow at the top portion of the timeline , the icon appears. Placing your curser arrow at the lower portion of the timeline , only the arrow appears.
  21. Great job on the vocals Keith , this sure didn't sound like an easy one to sing. I Really liked the melody. mark
  22. First off , welcome to the forum. I think you have a Really Nice one here . You did some Very creative mixing with a nice feel. The problem I'm having is with the "highs" completely disappearing in several sections. Right off the bat 17 seconds in when the 808 subs come in the highs are lost but come back in a little later. What ever the problem is , it happens a few times. I don't think they're getting covered up , but sounds like they are getting "removed". This is a Big problem. Mix wise I thought the subs were a little hot and the auto tune was a "little " over used. Bear in mind this response comes from someone who doesn't produce music in this genre , but really does appreciate it. Enjoyed it .. mark
  23. Larry , I Loved the repeating dropped d sounding guitar melody. I especially liked the way you ended the sections with the bending notes. I agree with Wookie about the mix needing some work , but I'm not sure what I would start with . Being a guitarist I'd probably keep the guitars up front with more ambient processing , and bring the other instruments in and out. I'd also try dropping the ending and do a fade out with a repeating guitar section. Still .. a Very nice song. When I think I've heard everything that can be done with a dropped d guitar , someone comes along with a nice one like this .. I Very much enjoyed it .. mark
  24. I just found a 2019 post from @msmcleod loading an acoustic guitar body IR into TH3. He loaded 2 IR's in and still had to crank up the TH3 output. I'll give that a try also. ms
  25. Hello , I'm trying to use a Taylor ac guitar IR on a great playing , but not stellar sounding (DI or Mic) thin bodied Washburn. My First time using IR's. I managed to get it loaded into the pro channel Rematrix reverb module. I transformed the sound to something Very usable , but with a Lot of processing. The trouble I'm having is that the IR is So quiet that after I get the tone I want , I have to use a Lot of gain to get the level back up. Is this typical of IR's ? One question I have is , since the IR just looks like a typical wav file , could it be imported to a track , boosted then exported to an IR folder? Since the reverb module only has the wet/dry slider it seems like I could get it done without so much volume loss. I might be just going about this the wrong way .. ? Thanks for any direction.. mark
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