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  1. Cakewalk is the best for me, and even though it's free, it helps me make money.
  2. I've been a continuous Cakewalk user since Sonar 8, when one regularly had to pay for updates. I was skeptical about Bandlab being able to provide a quality up-to-date program for free, but there is no doubt that Bandlab has improved the stability of Cakewalk and, as the video indicates, continues to innovate. Articulation Maps are going to be very helpful for work flow.
  3. With the bearings going bad, it'll only get worse, and then it might lock up and quit spinning at all.
  4. That's what I needed! Thanks for the info. I'm really not surprised that Cakewalk already had that feature. It's such a deep program that I still don't know it all after over 10 years of experience. My only feature request now would be for the Selection readout to be larger...but I'll be happy with Cakewalk even if that never happens.
  5. I use Cakewalk to produce radio and TV commercial audio, where timing has to be precise. Often, I need to cut down a longer piece of music to fit, sometimes starting in the middle. It would be helpful if, when one makes a time selection, there is a readout of exactly how long the time selection itself is.
  6. Thanks for the helpful overview. It makes the many changes less overwhelming and more immediately usable.
  7. Thanks for covering this. My VST list used to show (m) for mono UAD plugins, but quit doing so at some time in the past. Adding the variable "VSTPlugInNameFormat" and entering "1" now makes the list look like it used to.
  8. The best way to see if CW is for you is to download it, install it and try it. As long as you don't uninstall your existing Sonar set up, you will retain all your previous plug-ins in CW and can always go back to using Platinum (but I don't know why anyone would want to go back to Platinum). Best of all, it's not just a free trial, the full installation of CW is COMPLETELY FREE. It's a no brainer. I still have every version from Sonar 8 on up installed, but use only CW now, even when modifying sessions recorded in past versions.
  9. Thank you, Bandlab, for reviving Cakewalk a year ago this week! Some of us never quit using Sonar after Gibson dropped the program, so it was great to see Bandlab step in and make our favorite DAW more rock-solid than ever.
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