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  1. Right, but my point of showing the example with the resistive curve really was that something seems wrong with amplitube. If I was going for a darker tone, I’d adjust the amp settings or IR rather than change to a resistive load. The other 2 emulations have enough of a range to be dialled in to so sound darker, or a different IR can be used - it’s a pretty versatile amp. What surprised me was that Amplitube doesn’t seem to be able to be dialled bright enough, and it seems that the issue may be down to how they’ve modelled the power amp. If they sound consistent when using a resistive load, then it’s not a particularly useful or representative example of how the amp sounds in real world use. I can’t remember for definitely, but I’m pretty sure the amplitube tone is exactly the same in both parts of the video. I just changed the fm-3’s load and suddenly it sounded more like Amplitube. Liking the darker tone is absolutely fine, and may even be an improvement in your opinion. I’d still rather strive for the most accurate emulation first and foremost. The ideal would be that the load changes when you change cabs so you can match the load to whatever cab IR you’re using. At the least, modelling with the matching cab is a pretty good place to start. FWIW, I own Amplitube and almost all of the expansions. I like it for what it is, it’s improved a lot over the years and some models are pretty accurate. I also think if they improved their power amp modelling then it would be one of the best available, but at the moment something isn’t quite right.
  2. Just thought I’d chime in on this thread as I did the comparison video posted above. Its the same IR throughout (and the labels are correct). The tones may not be to everyone’s taste but they will never please everyone, so that’s fine. The point was really to show that Audio Assault and FM-3 behave very similarly. I was surprised that Amplitube was quite different - not bad necessarily, but surprising that it’s so dull at basically any settings which isn’t really representative of the real amp, or other emulations. I honestly can’t understand CCLarry’s comments at all - Amplitube sounds bandpassed and flat compared to the other 2 to my ear. Surprisingly, I tried some other amplitube models that always felt a bit dark to me and every time when I changed the FM-3 to a resistive load, it got closer to Amplitubes sound. V5 should have improved on these impedance interaction behaviours but it still sounds to me like they may have been modelled with a strange load attached. Some people may enjoy the duller and softer sound it gives, but I only tend to use 4x12’s with my amps so I usually like the response they give when being driven by an amp. Anyway, thanks for checking the video out guys and I hope it was useful to you. There’s lots of great guitar gear available these days and lots of it is very inexpensive, we’re totally spoiled. I still love real amps and cabs most, but I’m honestly staggered how closely most emulations these days can match my amps (check my other videos if you’d like proof of that).
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