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  1. I'm glad I got the plugins that I wanted the most. Those past deals were the best like two for $49.00 The $25.00 voucher made it even sweeter with a finale cost of $24.00. That was the good old days.
  2. WAVES has a very smart marketing department. Received a notice of the ssl 4000 collection sale a day after my waves coupon from the waves update plan expired. The coupon would have taken another $18.00 off of the $71.27 price bringing it down to $53.27. 😒
  3. EASTERBOOST20 is not valid on purchase of Phaedra-Redux. I tried it, gave me this message "EASTERBOOST20 discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart", but the code works with any other purchase.
  4. Sent4th

    Antares Articulator

    I agree, wish I had waited.😭😭😭😭
  5. Sent4th

    Antares Articulator

    How many auto-tune unlimited subscription 14 day free trial are you allowed? I ended the free trial for their plugin last month. Can you get another one?
  6. Simon, the only disadvantage is that any libraries you added to Kontakt using the software to add libraries with not show up in V2.
  7. Use the code CREATE40 at everyPlugin to get it cheaper.
  8. Awesome, it would take me more than a month to cover the entire showroom. Their customer service is second to none. They will call you personally to see how you are doing with you purchase or if you need any new gear or equipment. I have been a long time customer of Sweetwater. Nice tour video.
  9. Free is the best price I can afford. Can't turn down those prices.
  10. Fwrend you better get it before you be singing "The Thrill Is Gone".
  11. After purchasing Mercury, Abbey Road and Studio Classics what else is left? As BB King would sing " The Thrill Is Gone".
  12. Thanks for the heads up. Picked up both Nimbus, R4 and a Bitwig Studio 8 track for $15.33 using virtual cash.
  13. Support finally completed my support ticket. Cubase 12 Pro now shows in my product downloads along with Cubase 11 Pro.
  14. It is a great bundle. I was able to pick this bundle up for $99 at APD, but that sale was in 2017. I haven't seen it at that price since.
  15. I contacted support to ask when will my Cubase 12 Pro show up in my product downloads. It has been over a week and no response as of yet.
  16. Yeeeaaah, I just did a big "WUP" with Koby a few days ago for Mercury and few others plugins. This is my reward which is better than the $18 coupon that can only be used on a purchase of $50 or more.
  17. Zo, ditto what cclarry stated. I also have the same issues. Learned from the Cubase forum, the problems should be corrected soon.
  18. Sent4th

    Waves free plugin

    Maybe I forgot, but when you "WUP" a plugin you got a percentage to apply to a purchase of another plugin. Now when you "WUP" a plugin, depending the "WUP" fee, you get $5.00 to apply to any purchase over $50.00. To me that makes no sense. Example: I "WUP" a low plugin for $12.00 to use the code from Waves to reduce my cost on the next plugin, but they gave me $5.00 for any purchase over $50.00 and most of their plugins are $29.00. Am I being picky, has it always been like this?
  19. COMOS must be the free plugin coming shortly from Waves. Good, I glad it is not another "One Knob" plugin. I have enough of those to make a "Big Knob".
  20. Forgot I had this already in my plugin bag and now I have two.😲
  21. cclarry, It is Satin or Satin R & B, they are both the same. When saw "Satin" in my email and clicked on the link it took me to the Satin R&B page stating free download.
  22. Good sale prices for some very good libraries. I have them all, just waiting for "Atlantis" to be released.
  23. You are right, BandLab is a much better daw, but I was testing all my daws to see if the IKmultimedia plugins had a bug because it was crashing all of my daws. The problem was solved after un-installing the IK plugins and re-installing T-RackS 5. I am using BandLab.🙂
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