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  1. Yeah that's definitely a step backwards! I want to know what percentage I'm doing wet to dry. Very disappointing indeed!!
  2. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this bx_limiter? With my $25 voucher makes it around 25 bucks. Just wondering if there is anything special about this particular limiter versus others I already own.
  3. Yeah that's what I'm thinking, just wondered if anyone on here had ever used it. Thanks
  4. Can you do the same thing with Neutron Advanced?
  5. Wondering if anyone has had any experience/thoughts on this plugin? The walk through videos on the VST Buzz page look pretty interesting & was just wanting to know if anybody's used/uses it.
  6. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with the Drawmer 1973?
  7. Yeah definitely subtle from what I've seen/heard in some Youtube videos for this plugin but indeed a difference. It's looking like no one on here has any feelings one way or the other for this. Anyone...........Anyone?
  8. Was wondering what anyone's thoughts or experience with the Pi&Phi MkIII EQ are? Looks somewhat interesting but in the end I guess it's just another EQ & I have quite a few other ones. Thanks
  9. Yeah that bundle only includes RX9 Standard not Advanced. But as stated still not a bad deal just not what I was looking for.
  10. RX9 Advance and Neutron 4 was really what I was after and a couple of other little things might have been OK. Also with the promise of the updates later was nice too.
  11. Yeah, I definitely missed out on this one!
  12. I'm late to this particular deal just wondering if its still available? I'm not seeing the upgrade path to the "everything bundle' anywhere from MPS 4.1. Just wondering if I can still get in on this deal? Thanks
  13. Thanks Scook!!
  14. Does anyone know if this comes in a Prochannel module as well, like some of the other Boz plugins? Thanks
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