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  1. Look into the user routing, in the M32.
  2. Me too it was a long troubleshoot. and no we/I would have never been able to diagnose that, the faulty chip was adding gain to any audio source coming in and/or out in windows 11 but not 10, meaning even though I was using external audio interface's the onboard sound chip was adding gain to all "audio signals" at every stage during the in and out and possibly trying to be the clock master , at least that's how I understand what they told me what was the cause of the warbly clipping static noises during recording. I do have to give props to PC Audio Labs, I'm a difficult client when my stuff doesn't work, and as soon as the figured out I had done my research about the problem they were most attentive when I would make suggestions on what to look for. I wasn't happy that I got a faulty DAW, but now that it is as "advertised" this DAW/M32 combo is amazing My live recording rig, this was the first outing for the repaired DAW (on the right), it worked flawlessly, I didn't, I went to turn off the metronome while recording but not being used to the new GUI (for me) i stopped recording, the transport kept going, as expected I use that feature to be able to turn on and off recording. I lost about 45 seconds of the first song. Thankfully the redundant SD card recording in the M32 was rolling. It's nice to be pushing faders again instead of cases thanks again for everyone's help Tom
  3. Hey all. I think we finally got this issue sorted, turns out it was a faultily audio amplifying chip on the motherboard and how winnows 11 handled it(it didn't happen in 10, and thats what took so long for the builder to find out what was causing the problem. Thanks for all of the help and suggestions, it helped me get reacquainted with working with a DAW Tom
  4. Update I had a 2+ hr remote meeting with the DAW builder yesterday, he couldn't figure it out either I have to send the DAW back in for repairs. we were able to recreate all of my issues with all of my audio interfaces, and both of us agreed, we've never heard or seen anything like this in our combined 50+ years working with DAWS. Seems to be some sort of buffering issue between the USB and the Thunderbolt ports and/or the motherboard, thanks for all of the thoughts and suggestions, after a few years of being out of the recording business (I've been stage managing and setting up audio for festivals and concert venues.) I am coming back to Studio and live recording. I have been building a new room in a video studio, to add multitrack audio as an option https://islandstationmedialab.com/ The Audio section needs updating because I just bought a whole bunch of gear. I must say this version of CW is great. I have been using X2 since it came out{been using CW products since 98, this was the last version I got for beta testing, I was on the X3 and X4 team but did not test enough to get the updates{this was my transition from studio to live production}. nice to see some of the things I like about this DAW {and suggested} still in there. I am at times forced to us ProTools and or Adobe Premire pro for mixing, and I don't like it, every time I ask 'How do you do this...., I get the answer oh you can't do that but here is another way.... 10 minutes later it happens, then I say in Sonar it's this key command,,,, Noel, if you read this thank you
  5. I've been in contact with the DAW builder for the past couple of month's. and we're both stumped, we are on to PS tests to see if the PS is causing interference with my A/D-D/A I/O's, I have made my system work with old DAW's but not my new PC audio labs Pock Box that I went overboard with upgrading. now I have an over powered LT that is waiting to catch up Tom
  6. Yes set to card. after spend some time on this. thie issue is pointing at my PC audio Labs DAW I think it's too fast and it's widows 11, none of the drivers for my cards (klark teknik dn32. SSLbig 6 and UAD Apollo) are up to date and work with my windows 10 DAWS. I have a appointment scheduled wit PC Audio Labs to figure this out. will post the results to help others Thanks all for the advice, I'm close to figuring this out TTom
  7. Thanks, I have an "it all looks good on paper" set up between all 3 devices, but I am missing something some where. I have several more things to try. I'm not finding much info about the Klark Teknik DN32-LIVE card with the Midas M32r, I will check if I turned off no sound, good call, it's something to try. Thanks I hav
  8. ASIO driver is from the Klark Teknik DN32-LIVE card, newest version. no to the latency monitor, I'll check that out when I get to the studio. And yes I should assume my new LT DAW is up to spec I had PC audio labs build me a ROK BOX MC Mobile X DT and upgraded RAM, Video card, processor and all else I could. thanks Tom
  9. Good call I'll see if my new LT has USB2 ports Thanks Tom
  10. Already did that several times, I usually run at 1024 in my old set up and it worked just fine for 10+years. no it's not just pops and clicks, those are a clocking issue (I agree), and I haven't found the correct combo of settings in CW preference settings, the midas sends out 48K 32 bit via USB 2 and is an ASIO driver, I do see in the control bar that CW is set to 48/32. the garggling is a new one for me, it almost sounds like it's going through a flanger. Thanks Tom
  11. John I am using the latest version of cakewalk by bandlab (the one that is currently for download and they say when I downloaded it it was not supported any more) my new audio interface is the Midas M32rwith the Klark Teknik DN32-LIVE card, the RME interface works just fine with my old set up with Sonar X2, and has nothing to do with my current trouble, I have never used my RME with my new LT as it does not have a FW card. my old recording set up with Sonar X2 and RME FW 800 still work great. I pretty sure RME will not help my situation with recording from a Midas M32r ( I'm using the Klark Teknik DN32-LIVE card with the M32r to a PC Audiolab laptop, running Cakewalk by bandcamp,) Thanks Tom
  12. Hello, I have recently upgraded my recording system(live and studio) I used to have a RME FW 800 to a laptop built by a DAW builder running Sonar X2 it ran flawlessly for 12 years, to a PC audio labs built LT and a Midas M32r. Here's my trouble, all of my old projects play just fine through outs to the M32r, with the new LT, I can do multi out from the tracks or go through the CW main out in stereo. but anything I track new through the M32r to CW has clocking noises, I do have CW set to 32 bit 48K as well as the M32r, CW is set to ASIO as that is what the M32r is using, I can get proper tracks recorded to Tracks by Waves (a live recording software for virtual sound checks, not a DAW). The M32r also records to the SD cards just fine, and I can import the into the new CW and they played back properly the first time, today they had the garggled clocking noise. this is confusing. I'm using the Klark Teknik DN32-LIVE card with the M32r and that is USB2 to the DAW. I am a long time CW since about 1998, and I guess I can out myself now that CW is no longer in development, as a former Sonar beta tester for about 4 years I do have a understanding of the way CW routs audio, but this has me confused, it all looks good, but I am defiantly missing something in the preferences. Noel Borthwick if you can help me again, that would be great I've got a studio session next Monday Thanks Tom
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