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  1. Wow, thanks for the link! I had some "Bestcoins" in my account and applied them to my order, which reduced the final price to $42.26! Already received my serial number ..........better go ahead and redeem before they change their minds! 😉
  2. Yes, this is a known issue with the VST3 version. I reported to Noel back in May or so (soon after the BBC SO release). Noel reported after looking at the crash dump I sent that it appears to be an issue on Spitfires end. I also reported the findings to Spitfire. Until fixed, use the VST2 version as it works as expected. I checked several other DAW apps and they seem to work fine with the VST3 version.
  3. Is that for the one day of UAD plugin sales? I know UA has a lot of customers worldwide and are quite popular, but that is insane.
  4. Thanks Noel, I've sent a bug report to Spitfire about this issue along with the .dmp file.
  5. I've replicated the crash upon opening the BBC VST3. Please see attached .dmp file. Best regards, Billy Buck 2020.05 Early Access BBC VST3 Crash Dump_05262020_100755.zip
  6. I just picked up EZBass at Sweetwater for $149. I got the serial number to register within minutes in my inbox. Probably could have waited and got it a bit cheaper elsewhere, but I was prepared to pay the full $179 at launch, so still happy I got a discount and my serial number at the the same time. Installing as I type this......
  7. Schools, workplaces, and concerts worldwide have been requested to close & with many people self quarantining and working from home, we wanted to help you occupy your time a little. From today until March 20th, we're offering the Korg iKaossilator App FREE for both iOS & Android. Go to this link for more info and have some fun: https://www.korg.com/us/news/2020/0313/
  8. It appears the default MIDI playback buffer size default is set at "20" ms in the HFRC. I manually raised it to "200". That is the recommended starting point correct? I remember in SPLAT I had it set to 250ms. Thanks for your continued efforts in improving CbB! Billy Buck
  9. UA gear works fine with Cakewalk. I've been using various UA interfaces with Cake products since 2012. Currently using their Apollo Twin USB device. Apollo drivers are stable and working for both the audio & DSP (separate drivers for each). UAD plugins work fine inside CnB and with the Apollo Console app. Only thing to keep in mind is that you will need to enable the "Extra Buffers" option from the UAD Control Panel when using UAD plugins inside CbB. Otherwise, everything pretty much works out of the box using default settings.
  10. Latest update installed and working without issue here as well. Previous projects loading just fine. Very nice update CbB!
  11. I've noticed that changing the Stereo Interleave button to Mono from the track itself does not force an inserted Mono plugin to stay Mono (FX bin still shows two pins), only using the Interleave button from the Mix Console itself changes the pins from stereo to mono and vice versa. Otherwise, inserting a Mono plugin with the Interleave set to the default Stereo forces the Mono plugin to Stereo (two pins). I am using UAD plugins to test this, as I need to use the Mono versions of these plugins to get reduced DSP usage that the Mono versions afford. I do recall this behavior changed about the time that the Stereo/Mono Interleave was taken out of the audio track controls back before SONAR Platinum. They were later put back in but have never really worked right, as when using from the Mix Console itself. I have just got in the habit of using the Interleave button on the Mix Console itself when changing the Interleave status.
  12. Try reading through this SONAR/UAD thread from the old Cakewalk forum for a possible answer to your issue. http://forum.cakewalk.com/Missing-plugin-suffixes-SOLVED-m3204949.aspx#3505682
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