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  1. Really appreciating and enjoying the comments. Thank you! Happy to announce that this track has caught the attention of the Sum 41 boys so they are leveling up. You can say you heard them here first. haha
  2. Haha yes that snare grabs a lot of discussion. The drummer wants that ball-peen hammer on steel sound. He is in another traditional band and has to use a different snare. I decided to just let him be to express himself. I like it. Thanks for the kudos on the recording!
  3. I have a young but very talented Punk band on my roster and this is their first track done here at the Studio. No Triggers on the drums and I ended up using 1st vocal take.
  4. Tell me your stories about how you utilize this great and timeless effect. I use it to beef up and spread acoustic tracks and tell clients it's magic 😁
  5. Thanks for the responses. I bought the ADA with intentions of having more inputs for drums so I guess I will get my moneys worth by using it for Overheads. talkback and room mics to free up all 8 UMC channels.
  6. Greetings! I have looked high and low for a defined answer on this topic and hope someone here has been down my path and found the answer. I have the ADA 8200 sync setting to "Slave ADAT" in. Optical cables in and out to the UMC 1820. I am using the internal clock from the UMC since the ADA is the slave. I have access to all 8 UMC inputs and the 8 ADAT channels from the ADA. They arm and record just fine. Driver mode is set to ASIO in Cakewalk. Playback and record master is set to UMC ASIO Driver 1 out and in respectively. Sync in Cakewalk is set to trigger & freewheel. Problem is with monitoring the ADA Channels. I have good headphone monitoring for the 8 UMC inputs but have to use "Input Echo" on the 8 ADAT channels to get headphone monitoring. I have tried running everything on both the 44100 and 4800 sampling rates with no difference. I have a heavy workload on most projects so I cannot drop my buffer size lower than 512. This causes waaaay too much latency in the monitoring to effectively record. Surely these units were made to play nice with each other, no?
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