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  1. Clint Swank

    Self Storage

    Check out the tambourine player. She's incredible. (Remix. MORE TAMBOURINE!)
  2. This is a Jam Traks file that I used to practice to. I ended up writing lyrics to it and performing the whole thing live. Because, y'know, I can.
  3. Clint Swank

    Movin' On

    Ever wonder what would happen if you converted a WAV file to an MP3, and then converted it back to a WAV ? (I didn't do this on a whim, I had no other choice,) But it sounds kinda...analog?
  4. Finally got a reasonable imitation of that Cornell Dupree/Law & Order MXR compressor>Twin Reverb sound on the (left ear) rhythm guitar. It's the little stuff.
  5. So, I'm remixing this now. See what you mean about the chorus. But, short of just going to11, I'm not sure of exactly what to do with it. More cowbell? Any cowbell? Suggestions?
  6. You walk in like a whirlwind disaster / Sometimes sad, sometimes mad, sometimes plastered/ I know the names and I know the games and the panic attacks/ I know your life's important, baby, but/ Can't you relax?/ Can't you just stop for a minute/ Ah, but there's the rub/ I shoulda known when I first met you I joined/ Drama Club/ Drama Club/ I'm acting Opposites attract, it must be/ 'Cause I'm easy going, slow and you trust me/ We talk about it, every night/ While we sorta watch TV/ But if I wanted drama, honey, /I'd watch TNT./Can't you just stop for a minute/ Go lie in the tub/'Cause life with you is 24/7 Drama Club. Drama Club, I'm acting/ Like I really care/Drama Club, I'm acting/ Like I really want to share/ All the fights and the factions/ The nasty little interactions/ To you it's tragedy/ But to me it's comedy Can't you just stop for a minute/ Hell, I'm going down to the pub/ 'Cause a shot and a beer's the only way out of/ Drama club
  7. My new joint is exporting the bounced track into Audacity and using effect>Loudness Normalization to -14 lufs. BIG! Also, I discovered "scooped 2" in the Pro Channel eq presets. Since my voice, the guitars and everything else except the cymbals, for that matter, occupies the midrange, the "scoop" cleans it up and lets everything get louder, without a lot of mud. Now to go back and redo all the rest of them. Thanks for the compliments, Jack, and yes, Steely Dan is my favorite band.
  8. I seem to have been well informed. Everything worked as described above. Except for one thing. The volume doesn't decrease. I bounced the track, repeated the steps on the audio track, got the envelope, volume doesn't change. ????
  9. Yeah, that's it. I've been using it regularly, until the "banned" red line appeared and it's now "banned", I guess. I'd really like if somebody could, y'know, help?
  10. Kinda hard to see, but I know nothing about image manipulation. Look real hard at roughly the middle of the control bar.
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