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  1. Looks like we'll hit 20 free sometime tonight.
  2. I appreciate the answer. From a user-standpoint this feels really misleading at best. Almost like buying software that advertises as "includes x number of fonts" and finding out they included each letter contained within the font as a separate one: "200+ fonts included", but really 4 fonts with the full alphabet in each; extreme example but I think it get the point across and might explain some people's hesitation with jumping in with IK Multimedia.
  3. @Peter - IK Multimedia Do you have any answers about the preset discrepancy between what is listed on the IKM website and what's actually installed? This is a sticking point for a lot of us and I would really like an answer before I buy in.
  4. It's really beginning to feel like we're not going to make it all the way on this group buy. We're past the two-thirds mark for time with only 9 days left and we're not even half-way there. If my calculations are correct, we may not even make it to 2,000 participants. I think what would really help is if IK Multimedia would send someone here and to the other forums with some actual answers to the many questions that are holding a ton of people back from buying in. If the group buy goes all the way, do we get Syntronik 2 Max as it says on IK Multimedia's website? Will there be any upgrade path to other products from IKM? Do we get the multi's that would be included in Syntronik 2 Max? If so, how? Why is there a huge discrepancy with the number of presets advertised on the website and what people actually get? Someone on another forum said that IK support told them that they consider wavesets as "instrument presets." This seems absurd. So every wavetable is an instrument preset on a wavetable synth? And every sine, triangle wave, square wave, including intermediate steps between are also presets according to IKM? This is misleading at best. @Peter - IK Multimedia Can you answer these questions? Silence is not golden.
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