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  1. in fact I already did it and even format my pc, because I thought my pc was the problem
  2. yes, in fact I do the whole process but cakewalk does not recognize the control surface however I remember that in sonar platinum there was a third party created to be able to use a control surface, that I used at some time and it did not generate the error, but forget your name, since you last formatted my machine 😓
  3. Hello, I have an i7 7600k with 16 gb of ram ddr4 at 3000 mhz, a ssd m2 of 240 gb where is the operating system and cakewalk bB, a 120 GB SSD where my recordings are saved and a 2TB hard drive where they are saved My accessories and a Radeon RX570 with more internal and external hard drives, all with a good case with good ventilation and liquid cooling in the processor, the reason for this is that hard drives and m2 processors do not always work at full power when they reach a certain temperature (see this information in the manufacturer's information, with reference to the limit temperatures), and use windows 10. a UMC404HD interface that I have configured in 8192 samples when I mix and 252 when I record, with an output latency of 87.2 ms and output 92.7 ms. giving me a total of 179.9 ms round trip (I always try not to reach 500 ms of latency) I think that if you do not pass that limit you can mix very well. Almost all my sessions are from 10 channels to 120 channels and approximately from 24 to 32 buses and I have no work problems, what's more, I think everything depends on your workflow.
  4. hola, no tienes problemas de coneccion al usar la xtouch con protocolo MCU? a mi me pasa con un Iconpad 😕
  5. Hi, I am using a control surface Icon pad with mackie protocol (MCU), the question is that cakewalk recognizes the icon pad but does not react to any signal when trying to move a fader or something else, someone else has happened?
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