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  1. Many thanks for the quick responses. You gave me the clues I needed to sort this. I had forgotten that I used an external drive for the IK downloads ( to prevent my SSD becoming full during the group buy! ) and this wasn't still connected. Once I reconnected it, the updates worked. As ever, this forum is the business.
  2. Hi there. Does anyone else have a problem with getting the IK Product Manager to install the updates. I see that an update is available ( orange "Update" is visible ) but when I click on it nothing happens and eventually I have to just close down the product manager. Any help gratefully received.
  3. Some great recommendations in this thread. I don't think I have seen any vocal recommendations though. Any thoughts on good options ( involving Kontakt if necessary) for chamber choir type of music (so SATB arrangements ). Obviously there is the Eric Whitacre material from Spitfire, which probably sets the gold standard, but are there good free / nearly-free examples out there?
  4. I also hesitated because of the resource pull. Does anyone on the forum have experience of using the Eric Whitacre voices with only 16GB of RAM. I know it is a 160GB download, which is another issue, but I don't want to invest only to find it a problem on my machine (Intel Core i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz with 16GB RAM)
  5. I'll try not to disrupt the thread, but I see others asking for advice on their purchases / freebies. I got into the GB by purchasing ST4. All is working fine, but what I notice is the volume automation on my midi tracks in Cakewalk is not impacting the volume of the instruments selected in ST4. In Kontakt there is an option in the instrument settings to " accept standard controllers for volume and pan" which basically "tells" Kontakt to use the volume automation from the midi track ( or not, as the case may be ). Is there a similar setting somewhere in the depths of ST4 that I have not been able to find yet?
  6. Fwrend ... I've been following the advice you included in the above post (many thanks for this ), and all is now working well. I now want to tidy up my disc space, but don't want to mess up at this final point. Am I right in thinking that the large zip files that are now in the IK Product Manager folder on my SSD can now be transferred to an external drive and deleted from my SSD? I think that is the logic you express above. Also, do these samples actually expire at some point, or is it only if you want to download them again after the 180 day period would the back ups be usefu?
  7. I knew you guys would sort me out! Spot on Doug .... I have now redirected the download to the SSD and it is now working.
  8. Hi. Is anyone else having problems with the IK Product Manager. I'm trying to download sounds for SampleTank 4 to an SSD. The error message I get is "not enough space to download sounds" and yet SampleTank 4 needs 88GB and my SSD has more than 700GB of space. I am using the "more options" option to direct the download to the SSD and for some of the smaller downloads ( SampleTank SE for example ) this works fine. Any ideas? ( and apologies if this is already covered somewhere in this very long thread!)
  9. Thanks to all those who replied to my post yesterday asking about SampleTank. I went for the 4 version, rather and SE, so that should give me some options on the freebies. And of course you have one more for your count!
  10. and just to address any concerns, because I see I come up as post No. 1, all my other posts were on the old Sonar system!
  11. It's been a while since I have posted on this forum, but I think I am about to and 1 to your count. I already use Kontact 6, mainly for orchestral and vocal kind of stuff. Sample Tank 4 SE might give some interesting extra options. Any advice out there on whether it is worth it ( being fully aware of the bias that might be present by positing on this very long tread that has a vested interest in more people signing up to the offer !!)
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