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  1. This has become a consistent thing when trying to load up a project you have work in it tries to load then disappears I thought it was due to plug ins at first but this is happening all the time. It is very annoying that you cant even open up projects anymore! These are school boy errors that should not be in any DAW it's 2022 for crying out loud.
  2. I think it is something in the preferences.
  3. When I upload a song I have been mixing it suddenly disappears, or I try to export a session into a WAV.FILE it will not execute it will just disappear. Other projects open up and play but the one I am working on it will not even open. I have to open another project then open the project I am having the problems with. What could this be a bad plug in?
  4. Hi Bitflipper: I am using WAV Forms some of the artifacts are in the session, I am using audio (vox) and VI's Komplete, Addictive Drums and Dim Pro. Some instruments are out of sync once it is mixdown and then I play it on Groove Music. I have had to go back to platinum to however, mix down is not giving me any audio once it is mixdown. What to do. I may have to take the stems and put it in another DAW.
  5. I just downloaded the latest update for Cakewalk by bandlab. I have worked on a song which has a few plug ins not more than what is normal. I have exported the track and played it on Groove Music. All the clicks and pops have been translated on to the track and some instruments are out of phase. This seems strange to me as when I listen to the track in Cakewalk and I play it through they are no clicks and pops or instruments out of phase. What could the problem be? I record in other software and this does not happen at all.
  6. That little spinny thing that you talk about has been exposed of for a brand new SSD (Samsung QVO 1TB Sata 2.5) Someone is going to tell me that the QVO is no good, come on lets hear it. I think Sonar does not like Komplete for some reason. maybe if I rescan my VST like you said it might help. Let's see.
  7. The drop outs are hideous this has never happened before. I don't come on here too much but thought let me see if anyone else is experiencing the same issues with CBBL?
  8. Since downloading this version the drop outs are consistent. When are the hot fixes coming out? I am using the Scarlett 3rd Gen interface.
  9. I have been using Cakewalk for years myself...when we had the problems I jumped ship to another platform which will remain nameless. I used Komplete 12 with Cakewalk but there seems to be a bug in Cakewalk where you select a channel then open another channel and the two separate tracks I will hear on both tracks. This is the first bug I have ever experienced in Cakewalk. In the other DAW I use I have not experienced any problems whatsoever, I do like the fact that the metronome was eventually fixed.
  10. With all the new DAW's on the market can we still classify Cakewalk as the best whether it is free or not?
  11. dappa1

    What's the plan

  12. I cannot save my projects in cakewalk and it is asking me to activate via bandlab assistant but I cannot locate it. Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  13. First look at the forum, doesn't look too bad. I am working on a song in Sonar (bandlab) which needs mixing is LANDR any good. Has anyone tried it for mixing. If so how did it go. When my song is finished I will upload it to the Songs Forums. So fellas look out for it!
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