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  1. I have been using Cakewalk for years myself...when we had the problems I jumped ship to another platform which will remain nameless. I used Komplete 12 with Cakewalk but there seems to be a bug in Cakewalk where you select a channel then open another channel and the two separate tracks I will hear on both tracks. This is the first bug I have ever experienced in Cakewalk. In the other DAW I use I have not experienced any problems whatsoever, I do like the fact that the metronome was eventually fixed.
  2. With all the new DAW's on the market can we still classify Cakewalk as the best whether it is free or not?
  3. dappa1

    What's the plan

  4. I cannot save my projects in cakewalk and it is asking me to activate via bandlab assistant but I cannot locate it. Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  5. First look at the forum, doesn't look too bad. I am working on a song in Sonar (bandlab) which needs mixing is LANDR any good. Has anyone tried it for mixing. If so how did it go. When my song is finished I will upload it to the Songs Forums. So fellas look out for it!
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