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  1. I love Channel Tool Plugin, I wait for L-Phase Series Plugin great job , I will say here in Italy
  2. Nuovo Tutorial , and we have already passed the 50 tutorials
  3. Nuovo Tutorial, La tecnologia ARA all interno di Cakewalk "Melodyne"
  4. Nuovo Tutorial, Configurare xtouche behringer (modulo mackie control)
  5. Nuovo Tutorial, Come creare un Loop da un Sample Audio
  6. Ciao Folk today I updated cakewalk and I can no longer insert the Softube plugins on the prochannel. Solutions? bug cakewalk.mp4
  7. Ciao Everyone I setting the ACT controls with a MIDI controller but when I change track if I move a knob the vst loses the value of the plugin command. why ? Cakewalk Act --1.m4v
  8. per normalizzare una traccia vai su Elabora, applica Effetto , Normalizza
  9. Vertical Line called The "Now time" ?
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