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  1. Yep I found 5 mins after posting here but I didn't find how to delete the post unfortunatelly, thanks for the headsup
  2. I thought he meant "Windows" as in the "Windows logo" key on the keyboard, like the ALT+TAB version with the Windows key to switch beteen Cakewalk projects which is why I went onto a long explanation for not being able to have 2 instances of Cakewalk open at the same time. User 905133, everytime I come on this forum to get some help or advice, there is always one dude that bashes me publicly or points out every mistake I did etc. I'm tired of this, so yeah, when you willingly pointed out the fact I didn't mention your "if" when responding to you, while you already knew that you edited it AFTER I replied, I think it's fair to say that you don't have any purpose of calling me out in an extra comment just to make me look dumb. Why would you call me out on that otherwise "That's why I said IF" (no you didn't when I wrote my answer) what would be the purpose of this sentence if not making yourself look right and me wrong? Anyways I don't want to argue with you. I disliked your edited comment cause you disliked mine, just like one of the dudes that bashed me on my first day here, disliking all my comments to make sure I'm stuck at 0 reputation. Dislike all my comments if you wish, I don't deal with toxic people. If you are not toxic, then admit your sentence was looking like so. Have a good rest of your day. Ælleden
  3. Oh my god thank you so much, will help a lot! Have a good rest of your day! Ælleden
  4. Ok so this works with the shortcut you mentionned, but I can't find where to do it manually to switch between files. I didn't understand that openning 2 files was about having 2 files open in the SAME Cakewalk instance. I thought it would be like it usually is for most apps, so like having 2 explorers open side by side in different windows. I can't quite find how you can tile them in collumns, I can switch between them with the shortcut you mentionned tho. I have 2 monitors, so maybe I could extend my Cakewalk app on them both and then split in columns inside the instance.
  5. I just tried to open a new instance of Cakewalk from a different workspace in Windows and it sends me back to the workspace where Cakewalk is already open.
  6. Lord Tim, yes I am, it was like that by default, I never changed it Edit: just tried without "running as admin" mode and it still doesn't open 2 sessions at a time, when I try to open the second one, it just maximizes the previous window like if Windows was telling me "Hey look, you have it open already it's there"
  7. You didn't say if, you edited your message AFTER I answered with that comment you quoted. So don't try to make me look like a fool please, thank you. Ok maybe this is a bug then, what version of Cakewalk are you using at the moment?
  8. That's what I have there: "Allow Only One Open Project at a Time" is already unticked by default. And I still cannot open either a .cwp file or open a fresh Cakewalk file if I already have one open. In the scenario where I want to open an existing file, from my explorer for example, it will open it from my already openned session and close the one I had open. In the scenario where I want to open a fresh Cakewalk, it will show the "as administrator" prompt but will never open when I click "yes"
  9. Wait how do you open 2 Cakewalk files then cause I tried countless times and if I have one already open, the app never launches a second time.
  10. Hello, I would like to copy paste some of my clips from one cakewalk file to another cakewalk file. The problem being is that you cannot have 2 cakewalk files open at the same time so my question is: - How do you transfer things from one file to another? The way I would do it on another software would be to have both files open, CTRL+C in the source one and CTRL+V in the one I'm working on but obviously it's not possible there. I know that for instruments you can save your instrument as a template or something but how about like a whole clip? Or even samples you used, it would be convenient to just be able to have 2 files open and see instantly what sample it was for the kick for example and just copy paste it in your other scene instead of having to manually write down the name somewhere, then openning the other file, finding it back in your folder of samples to use it again. This is getting annoying as openning Cakewalk is not something that happens instantly, especially as the file gets bigger and bigger or when you open an older hefty file. Is there any trick to "solve" this issue? Thank you Ælleden
  11. Hello, I'd like to move the groups in the arranger track but without moving the clips that are inside, just the group start and end range. Kinda like if you were moving the loop range or selection range. By default if you move the group (ex: the verse group) it moves everything that is currently included inside this group, which I don't want. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you Ælleden
  12. Hey, sorry for the late update, I kinda gave up on everything about this issue because the drivers of the interface make my PC crash (and actually ruined it now cause now my PC crashes even with the drivers uninstalled and with the interface unplugged, it probably messed up something internally idk what's going on, M-Audio is going deaf with my requests since the last 4 months.) I will need to update my PC and change my system so that's why I didn't report feedback earlier, I'm stuck with MME and my default monitor speakers at the moment (yikes) Will come back here when I get a new PC with drivers of the audio interface that work on it. (Will never buy anything from M-Audio ever again)
  13. I received my Audio Interface but.. - it's not working. - doesn't detect my new microphone. - I can't register it because it says the ID is invalid.. Such a pleasure I will keep you updated on that when supports responds
  14. Ok thank you, will update you after!
  15. @Lord Tim Well I'm glad to hear that then because my Audio Interface should be arriving today, I bought an M-Audio M-Track solo. Can't wait to install it and have all my audio problems disappear in one go ahah
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