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  1. This keeps happening over and over, just using numpad 2 for one single note makes it crash sometimes, not even needed the full CTRL + Numpad key to make it crash. It's not reproducible 100% of the time but is once in a while. It's quite annoying I just lost 30mins of work again...
  2. I'm sorry but it doesn't work. The view still scrolls from left to write following the position of the playback timing. Which makes my view adjust around the playback if I'm zoomed in.
  3. Ok so it crashed again using the command CTRL + padnum 2 to move everything down by an octave. It honestly didn't happen since last time I complained on here, so i used this command a lot in mean time and that was pretty stable until today. Here is a screenshot, I'm not sure I can debug much more than that: I recently restarted my song over but using some of the old instruments I designed. After making a grovy counter rythm with my chords, I was about to duplicate that on my bass line and when I wanted to go down an octave to match what I had on my previous song version (which you see on the right) it crashed. Using Xfer Serum.
  4. Thank you, that's a nice video, at least I learned that to tune this instrument you need to compress the metal which does this sound by releasing the tension. So it's opposite of actual drums skin or strings which I guess explains why it sounds so different
  5. Hello, For personnal testing I would like to create a handpan sound design with Xfer Serum for example or with any other methods. If you guys have any ideas where I could start from, or just know what produces this sound at least so I can understand it better and how I can reproduce it. It would help me to know what causes this very specific and aerial sound but I'm a complete beginner in music and I have no clue what would be needed to have something sounding quite close to that. If you don't know how a Handpan sounds, here is a short example:
  6. Mark you're right it's actually CTRL+Numpad8 not shift my bad. I don't know why but it's not crashing anymore lol, I literally had this issue almost everytime I used the command on all my projects and now it's working, I'll come back next time it crashes due to that and will try to be precise what i had in my scene
  7. Hello, I would like the view I'm in, either Piano Roll or Track View to stay locked on some measures when I press play. By default the camera will follow the real time cursor playing but I would like it not to center on that but stay centered where I left it. I couldn't find how I could manage to achieve that. Might be a stupid question but that would be very helpful when editing notes in Piano roll for example. Thank you Ælledyn
  8. Wow so I just read all of the comments. I honestly read the first answers I got right after I posted, I kinda expected this behaviour cause I knew the way my tilted message would feel for some people. Then seeing how aggressive everyone was I just left the forum. I accidentally came back on the forum from searching something on google and noticed I had a DM, from a guy apologizing and asking if I found the answer to my question. After that I came back to read what you guys all wrote. I will answer in only one message for everybody cause that will be way simpler to do. 1/ I'm not a troll, I was just super tilted that day after losing my work, having to rewrite the notes several times for many reasons. Some of you apparently felt for me from what I read so thank you for understanding how I felt that day. For the others, I envy you for never beeing tilted by a software. 2/ Thank you for explaning why separate midi clips were created when writing notes manually (which is what I was doing) in several tutorials I watched from 2 different guys on Youtube they both said they didn't know why Cakewalk was creating separate midi clips, so I just assumed it was an unwanted feature / bug. 3/ I haven't watched your tutorials yet Jean Vere 4/ Bouncing Midi clips to merge them back together DID not work that specific day even after restarting Cakewalk and rebooting my PC, the only fix was to create a new file and redo everything (which tilted me the day I did that) 5/ Software constantly crashes when selecting several midi notes in the piano roll and using the SHIFT + NumPad8 shortcut which moves the selection by an octave or SHIFT + NumPad2 which moves down by an octave. (moving manually doesn't make the software crash, just using the shortcut) Using this shortcut for a single note doesn't make it crash. This is a regular occurence that happens everytime for me no matter the project I started. 6/ My specs are: # CPU: Intel Core i7-5820K 3.3 GHz 6-Core Processor # CPU Cooling: Corsair H100i PRO 75 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler # Mobo: Asus X99-A/USB 3.1 ATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard # GPU: Asus GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8 GB STRIX GAMING Advanced Video Card # RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 32 GB (4 x 16 GB) DDR4-2666 CL15 Memory = 64GB # Power Supply: Corsair HX Platinum 850 W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply # SSD1: (Windows 10 Pro): Crucial M4 256 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive # SSD2: (Linux CentOS) Samsung 860 Evo 1 TB 2.5" Solid State Drive # HDD1: Seagate Barracuda Compute 8 TB 3.5" 5400RPM Internal Hard Drive # HDD2: Hitachi Deskstar NAS 6 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive # Output Audio Device: Bose QC35 II Gaming Headset I don't know how much of these are relevant for a DAW but that's pretty much it. Cakewalk is installed on HDD not on SSD because I don't have much space anymore on it and for obvious compatibility reasons I installed it on Windows. 7/ Thank you to all the people that actually answered my question about Cakewalk compared to other DAWs. To expand on that for those of you asking, I mainly will write midi notes myself and using samples for the rest, I won't record anything as I don't have a single proper device to do that, instruments or Midi Keyboards, I'm not a musician, I'm not a composer song writer or anything, I just love music so much that I figured I could try making my own. 8/ jsg, I read all of your comment, thank you for posting such a massive answer full of knowledge. 9/ Yeah my first impression about the community wasn't fantastic I must say, maybe I deserved it is what some believe, maybe I did is what I believe aswell. In the end I came back after a very nice message from one of you so I guess all good then. 10/ I don't use Sony Vegas or After Effects for my job, I use SideFX Houdini and The Foundry Nuke mostly is what I meant by complex software. They both are known in the industry to be quite complex because they have so many advanced features and different workflows. Nuke is a nodal version of After Effects in a way, and Houdini is nodal and scripting way of crearting the 3D assets like Blender / Maya or other CG software would, it's just more advanced and mostly targetting FX (explosion water sand snow dust smoke magic etc.) And finally I think I answered more of less everyone so I guess we can close this thread. Unless you can help me debug the SHIFT+Numpad 8 command cause that would be very helpful. Cheers Ælleden
  9. Oh come on please, don't act like we're children, I'm not smart i'm trying to understand
  10. It's not the point anyways, I was asking if other DAWs are like that aswell, or if the fact they are not free they are maybe more polished, more user friendly, more optimized, less crashes and bugs etc.
  11. It's precisely the point, IT DOESN'T do what I ask, it's bugged af, quick example of the latest issue I ran in. I write some midi stuff, for some unknown reasons Cakewalk decides to split it in several clips WITHOUT ME ASKING. Then I try to merge them back using the only method that exists. It doesnt work, I look on forums, no mention of this, I look on tutorial, only mention is the method I found before, which doesn't work, so NO, it doesn't do what I ask it to do
  12. I actually watched countless tutorials once I decided I would go for Cakewalk. By countless I mean about 30, which is quite a lot for only 2 weeks. And considering that i use complex software all day, I'm quite surprised to have to look for so many basic features such as merging stuff, displaying several stuff together etc or just navigating in the software with keyboard. This should be default for so many things idk.
  13. Hello, I'm a complete newbie in the music production, I started 2 weeks ago with Cakewalk because it was free. I just want your honest opinion about it compared to the other DAWs you tried. If i'm being honest i'm actually really mad and tilted about this software. I work in the Visual Effects industry, which is full of very complex and advanced software with scripting, code, nodal stuff etc. so I'm no stranger to pieces of software that are hard to master and yet Cakewalk, which should be a simple music making software, is extremelly unreliable and not intuitive at all in my opinion. Plenty of features actually don't work as intented, audio bugs, Cakewalk splitting your work into pieces that you have to merge back together but it doesn't work 2 times out of 3. multiple crashes etc. Is it the same with other DAWs? I was mega hyped when the thought of making some of my own tracks came up and now I'm mega tilted and on the verge of ditching everything. What's your take on that. I'm probably gonna receive a very biased opinion since a non-cakewalk user wouldn't read the Cakewalk forum lol but please don't flame me. Thank you Ælleden
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