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  1. Hi everyone, Is it possible to assign the midi out of a single same track to more than one output. I would like to send midi info to a single midi track and have it sent to multiple outs. As far as I can tell I’m only able to choose one. Thanks for any help.
  2. Hi everyone, Is it possible to create a tempo map from a recorded wave. I’ve read the documentation and seems doable but I’m not having any luck. I’m trying to add midi drums to a prerecorded track. Thanks for any help
  3. Is it possible to switch between different tracks without leaving the piano roll view? There was an option for this in Sonar that I seem to be missing in cakewalk by Bandlab . Thanks
  4. Was experimenting with amp simulators. Bypassing within the amplitube plug-in when needed results in no audio passing through. Turning the Amplitube plug-in on and off in the fx rack lets the audio pass through. Does that make any sense lol?
  5. This method is great for automating parameters within the plugin like bypassing but the plugin itself remains active in the effects rack. I was hoping to turn it on and off like I can with a mouse. Thanks though
  6. Thanks for your quick response! I’ll explore this tonight.
  7. Is it possible to turn off and on by automation a single plugin in the effects rack while leaving remaining plugins in that same rack active ? Thanks for any help.
  8. Has anyone had any luck getting biasfx2 to respond to midi control????
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