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  1. I couldn't find any clean DI sounds at unreal instruments, it was all full on heavy metal sounds, I generally don't use that style of sound. I am not sure what is available in the free version of Kontakt as I have only the paid version, in that, I can select something like Jazz guitar and select a pickup style, turn everything else off and that gives a clean DI sound, not unlike when I plug my actual guitar in, in fact that is what I use to create the DI sound, I model it on what my actual guitar sounds like plugged in. Then I can feed that into Guitar Rig into twang for example and with some FX. The end result is that nobody I know can tell it's not a real guitar, mixed in with real guitar, I even get confused which is which. But this is for a specific style of sound, finger or pick picking cleaner Jazz style, with a little dirt and strummed chords, some heavier distorted block chords etc. I've not tried getting metal sounds out of it, I don't think it would do those that well.
  2. Same here, I had a terrible tinnitus in my left ear that went on for years, there is a little high frequency loss but for the most part it seems to have gone away....touch wood. It was due to playing on the right of the drummer in bands...or to the position I used to take in a local nightclub that I frequented much to often, not to sure. I have ear plugs in my car at all times so I can use them if necessary, I also take them with me when going to the cinema, I've only used them once there, I have a cut down version especially for the cinema, don't use them usually but it's nice to know they are there if I need them. Even in a shop when the loud alarm went off, I dropped everything and went outside. I remember in the heavy metal band, we played at a particular venue regularly and due to complaints by local residents, they installed a traffic light system, when it glowed red then you had to turn down but the volume was pretty low. So the crew would fix the light so it would only ever glow green or orange, regardless of the volume, they would change it after. Worked a treat for many gigs! These days, volume doesn't seem to be a concern where and when I play live, more jazzy and acoustic type stuff.
  3. From the manual: There are 4 different keyboard velocity curves and 3 fixed velocity levels to choose between, depending on how sensitive and dynamic you want the Impact GX keyboard to play. Here is how you change a velocity curve: Steps: 1. Press the [Setup] button. The LED button is illuminated blue to indicate setup is active. 2. Press the G#1 key on your keyboard to select Velocity Curve. 3. Enter the value corresponding to the velocity curve you want (1 to 7 - see below) using the white number keys spanning G3–B4 (G4-B5 on GX61). 4. Press Enter (C5). This will change the velocity curve setting immediately and exit Setup. Velocity curves: 1 Normal, focus on mid to high velocity levels 2 Soft, The most dynamic curve with a focus on the low to mid velocity levels 3 Hard, focus on the higher velocity levels. If you don't like exercising your finger muscles, this may be the one for you 4 Linear, approximates a linear experience from low to high 5 127 Fixed, fixed velocity level at 127 6 100 Fixed fixed velocity level at 100 7 64 Fixed fixed velocity level at 64
  4. All this stuff gives me a headache.
  5. Maybe I should go upstairs and rattle a few cages, it's been a while.....
  6. "ancient guitar-slinging primates" There's still plenty of them around. I am proud to call myself one.
  7. The free version of Kontakt has some guitars in it if you like programming midi guitars, if you use the basic guitar sounds and disable the processing of them in Kontakt and then feed that to something like guitar rig, they can sound alright.
  8. I stick to Moccona 3 and 5, the dark roast and classic. I've often thought about getting a machine but am too cowardly to actually do it.
  9. That's what put me off the Sonivox stuff, there's like 28 steps to get it running and authorized. Couldn't be bothered, I have enough pianos anyway at the moment. I just use what came with KU10 and haven't really looked for pianos since, so cannot help in recommending one.
  10. Part of the problem might be that the velocity curve of the keyboard doesn't suit you. I was using that keyboard and out of the box, they can have an unflattering velocity curve, It can max out the velocities of the instruments with little pressure on the keyboard making them sound a bit loud and harsh, especially if you are a hard player. I changed it to a softer one, you'll have to consult the manual about doing this as I have forgotten how to do it. I believe it has 4 to choose from. Velocity curves are an individual choice depending on how hard or soft you like to play.
  11. Thamks Mettelus, have tried the Amplesound lite stuff but didn't really like it, sounded thin to me. Might be ok in a mix but I need something more upfront.
  12. I tried Reaper 4 and 5 but I never liked it, just didn't bond with it. I also found it to be a bit unstable, it would suddenly close down without any warning, just shut off, gone. No windows notification either. I went to the reaper forums with my complaint but was machine gunned by reaper lovers saying it was all my fault. I am sure it must work for some people but I like to be able to have my DAW on all day and come back to it on and off adding a bit of midi/audio or whatever and I want it to just sit there and work. I am also not a dual monitor person, I like single window. Being able to change everything in CbB, to remove/change stuff I don't use and have it looking simple is what I like. I think CbB provides the most control over that than any other DAW. I have it set like old Acid 7 most of the time, with the pan and volume in the track headers etc. I'm not that inspired to try it again, happy with what I've got. I jump between CbB and Cubase, they are the only 2 DAW's I use now after using so many others.
  13. Yes, that seems to be the case and music generally doesn't require intense graphics so perhaps its ok to have a big powerful graphics card in the DAW. Mine just gets slightly noisier when I am doing rendering or scrubbing FX over video. I don't do gaming on the computer so have never heard it roar,
  14. I've always used internal graphics for music systems, never had a problem, even with dual monitors. I've bumped mine up to a 6gb card with multiple HDMI out but that is because I am doing video editing as well now. It's the noise the cards can make that puts me off them but this one is not so bad.
  15. It sounded to me like you were the one complaining about EZ Drummer, not me, what I said was: "Why don't you just start another post saying you want to move from EZ drummer to something better and not too expensive. You might be surprised there could be something that fits in with your budget. This would at least be a positive thing to do. Or if you like EZ drummer, keep using it and ignore the haters." I haven't heard your music and have not commented on it as far as I know. I was just reading between the lines and it seemed to me you don't like the sound of EZ Drummer but you don't want to move to a different platform that you are not familiar with. From what I remember of EZ Drummer, I didn't like it much because it was centered around Rock and the actual drum sounds I didn't like much. I use NI Studio Drummer because I got it with Komplete Ultimate 10 and I used it a lot and became familiar with it. I am sure there is better out there. I have also used AD2 which was also good but moved away, again because of install/authorization systems that were not compatible with my computer. Whatever you use, you are going to want better later if you continue to create music, that is what happens, the endless pursuit of "better" sounds. Sounds to me like you've reached the end with EZ Drummer, it's not in the same league as your other instruments anyway. Just take it around the back of the house and shoot it in the head. Commit to learning something new.
  16. Why don't you just start another post saying you want to move from EZ drummer to something better and not too expensive. You might be surprised there could be something that fits in with your budget. This would at least be a positive hing to do. Or if you like EZ drummer, keep using it and ignore the haters. A decent piano is not hard to find. You've already got some samples there that are excellent quality, Trillian, Miroslav, NI strings and Acoustic guitar, Arturia DX7, so I don't know what your on about. Just upgrade your drums and get a decent piano. I think one comes with Miroslav anyway, so use that and just get some better drums. If your playing Trillian with EZ drummer, your not doing it justice anyway.
  17. Nope, too expensive, the Taylor I was interested in but even with discount was US $135.00 which is AUS $200.00.
  18. Hmmmm..........I am needing a good steel string acoustic and clean sounding jazz guitar right now for some midi based jazz/orchestral arrangements. I have Komplete ultimate 10 and thought these would be covered, the acoustic is not, there are some electrics in Kontakt Factory but not great for clean. I have moved away from NI now because of their install procedure, no good for me with bad internet. Will have a look but if the install and authorization procedure is not clearly explained from the outset, I will pass.
  19. It depends what kind of music you make but I think great midi samples or loops for the music you are producing is important. Having a good and well setup guitar if you are a guitarist, being able to sing and having one good mic if you are going to do your own vocals. Keyboards are generally well catered for one way or another. A modern computer, nothing fancy needed really though, as long as its got multiple SSD's, In the box plugins ok. I don't use Toontrack instruments but I used to, I moved away from them because of the download/authorization process. EZ Drummer is ok but surely it's not that much to move to superior drummer or wait for some specials on other drum programs. There is a big jump in sound there, it's also not that hard to get something better than EZ keys, even Piano 192, the free one is better sounding as a piano. You should be able to move up to something better for not much coin. I'm sure those who are listening to your stuff are just giving honest feedback. If your poor you just have to do more legwork to get the good samples and pounce about now, black Friday. Is this about cost or is it about change? Moving to something different can be a bit of a learning curve at first, just cram it in and the new becomes old very quickly.
  20. Awful! Hope they find a rego plate or face to identify on the cameras. You might also want to leave a list with the local pawn shops/secondhand dealers/music shops depending on how big your town is. Not having receipts/serial numbers might be an issue if they pawn it and you try to get it back. Reminds me of the day when I was in a heavy metal band and broke my cardinal rule by leaving all the gear in the van overnight. I remember waking up, looking down at the van parked in the bay and seeing the door open.... We got all the gear back because the idiot that stole it all bragged about it down the local pub, word got back to us, so we paid him a visit and served up some heavy metal style justice. He had pawned some of it but gave us all the names and we went over with him to all the pawn shops and got that gear back. We had to first take him to a couple of places so he could loan money to get the gear back as he had spent some of it. Pawn shops were not that sympathetic initially because we didn't have receipts or proof of ownership but 10 angry looking, long haired guys in leather convinced them otherwise. 2 carloads of 10 guys driving around town repairing his mess, it was a bit like pulp fiction. It wasn't necessary to call the police, we just roughed him up a bit and the crew gave him "community service". That meant he had to work loading gear to and from the van and stage gaffing etc we made him work 6 gigs and the crew didn't treat him the best, he wasn't referred to by name but was called "the criminal". He went to the same school as some of us did so we knew him from school days. I think he learned his lesson.
  21. I always found sony vegas pro to be stable, back in the day, it was a highly pirated software and the cracked versions were never stable for long, a lot of people complaining about crashes were using the cracked version. I don't know what the newer Magix versions are like, I am still using 10. I've also been using hitfilm quite a lot recently, pretty surprising, the quality of effects like planes flying over, rockets hitting cities, star trek beam outs. Not cheesy at all but so many variables to play with.
  22. Never thought about it until now. Damn it, you've presented me with another problem now that I never realized existed. I won't able able to sleep tonight!
  23. No, I would not be able to stand that. My bedroom is free of all electrical equipment and everything all over the house is turned off at the power point when I go to bed. That might be because electricity is so expensive here but also, I just don't like going to bed knowing there are things on. I am a bit OCD there, I will check and double check and sometimes triple check all power points are off before going to bed or going out.
  24. I am similar to you, I had 128gig boot disc on both my laptop (where I download stuff) and my offline DAW. I quickly found I needed to upgrade both to 256gig boot drives and even with that I am just "coping". Programs can be large and I am an avid video downloader especially from my account with lynda.com. These videos cannot be transferred to a USB disc and must run on a laptop so a bit of build up there. A program like Cubase for example is about 30gig but that is a zip file. So you need 30gig space to download it then you need another 30gig space to extract it and then you need another 30gig to install it so 100gig just to install. You can remove the others once it's installed but you need a lot of free space to initially install it. I am also getting back into video and website building and you can get the same problem with those problems. I can cope at the moment but I would agree that for me anyway, the new size for a boot disc on both my laptop and DAW will be 500gig on any new computer I move to or build. I wouldn't go to 1TB though, I don't think that would be necessary as I have more drives on both the laptop and DAW to transfer data to. I don't know if it makes much difference what size you use in terms of speed of start up because SSD's are like RAM memory in many ways. I still think it is good housekeeping to keep the boot disc as clean and lean as possible. On my laptop which is connected to the internet and involved in many downloads, I do notice windows slowing down over time and I occasionally defrag it even though they say you shouldn't do this with SSD's, I only do it occasionally, 3 time a year. I do notice it speeds windows up after a defrag and cleaning out the junk. On my offline DAW, I don't notice windows slowing down at all. I still defrag once a year though.
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