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  1. I've found those mic screens with long goose necks start sagging. You attach them to the mic stand, bend them into position maybe 2" from the mic and then next thing you notice it's 3" from the mic, then 4".
  2. Thanks Reid, looks like a great resource for Premiere, what are they going to do, give it away free until your reliant on it and then charge for it? interesting, but I just use Vegas. Been cramming FX on an internal drive but it's getting full.
  3. Same here, this ones not for me though, more games oriented, but with the growth of the SFX stuff I have, I'm finally able to justify an external hard drive devoted only to SFX and ambiences etc. Will also put the Video FX on it as well. I only use internal drives normally, so attaching a portable external with project elements is a new venture.
  4. Can't find it on the home page. Coming up as $99.00
  5. Modelled pianos like Pianoteq also have better velocity response, Pianoteq responds to all 127 velocities, sampled pianos have usually up to about 16 velocity layers, also sampled instruments sometimes tend to knock off that all important first part of the note, really noticeable on guitar sampled libraries but also noticeable on piano libraries, some do better than others.
  6. Horses for courses. There are no rules about how or not you should get your computer built. Some like to do it themselves, others like to get others to do it. There are pros and cons for each but people have different needs. I'm waiting to do a guts upgrade, a Mobo with an 8th to 10th gen i7 intel with 16gig of ram or more. I don't want the latest because it is too powerful for my needs and I live in a country with the 2nd highest electricity bills in the world, in a state in that country that has the highest bills of all the other states. I don't need all the heat either. I could do it myself but there is a local guy who is going to do it for me, with warranty, so that's good for peace of mind. If anything does go wrong hardware wise. I've swapped out and maintained computers for years, for video editing and music the reality is, they are incredibly reliable. Back in the day, there were problems but today, not so much. For the average Home muso doing audio recording and using VST's like kontakt or komplete etc with a midi controller all you need is: i7 7th to 10th gen 16gig ram (all the same) 3 SSD hard drives (minimum) Separate graphics card Separate reputable audio interface 4 - 6 USB ports Windows 10 or 11 No Wifi or lan No Antivirus Reputable DAW Done and dusted. This will do everything you need without problems. The only hardware problems seem to come from mismatched or not properly seated ram or lack of hard drives. That's about it really. Any modern computer is pretty reliable. Any other problems are going to be software related which is why I disable any wifi or lan and on board audio and also have no antivirus (just what comes with windows). DAW related problems, if they occur, can be sorted by googling or on a forum. Windows related problems, if they occur, can be sorted the same way. The reality is though, you shouldn't get any problems. If you've got modern third party hardware devices, like a particular keyboard or mixer etc then there may be some stuffing about setting it up but once set up, shouldn't give any problems. If your using old gear then there may be workarounds or you may need to get more modern gear. People who have mission critical projects though, it helps to have a phone number of a local tech should something unusual pop up but most home musos don't need that. I had a video editing business many years ago, in the days of XP and Vista, that was a dodgy period for windows and video editing, it was great then having access to a Tech on the phone. If I were running a business today, I would want access to a Tech on the phone or someone to come around, if for nothing else so I could be doing something else while they fix the problem. I am amazed at how reliable computers are today, compared to yesteryear.
  7. I also think about this, I wonder what being "played" actually means, same with youtube (number of views). Does the listener have to listen or watch for a certain period of time before it is counted as "played" or "viewed" or do they just need to click on it and listen/watch for a few seconds? Then that behavior is counted as a played or viewed.
  8. Looks like a good package 96/192khz wav files. Lots of selections of sounds within each package, would like to know what the installation/authorization process is for this package, can't find info on it anywhere. If anyone knows?
  9. Although it's good to do these long form courses I've also found that when I'm doing stuff in the DAW I will sometimes also run my TV connected to Youtube. Then when I want to do something in the DAW or use some function of a third party plugin I haven't used before, I just ask about it on the TV remote mic and up pops a video explaining it.
  10. 9 hours, pretty good, I'm a video course addict and love Udemy's drop pricing on some great courses. It does pay to watch the preview video's of the course and any other free ones that are sometimes indicated in the course structure to get a good idea of what it's like first. Sometimes there's annoying hard to understand accents or wasteful talking or using plugins that are third party and not included with studio one or using a different version of studio one to the one you have, all things to check out. Also I've found treating it like professional education ie creating a time frame to finish it like one hour a day or so and committing to finishing it, whatever happens. I don't use studio one but I have version 3, I don't mind doing courses on other DAW's because it's all learning about the same thing anyway and a lot of the knowledge you gain can be transferred over to the DAW you use. Sometimes I find that other DAW's will do something that I thought mine couldn't then I find that it can, all good learning.
  11. Sounds like you are using dynamic microphones into run of the mill audio interfaces. They don't handle dynamic mics that well, it causes you to turn up the gain on the preamp which can lead to harshness. Perhaps the RME is better for this? I have the same problem running an SM58 into my UR44 directly. The cloudlifter solutions apparently do work, plenty of podcasters use them with the sm7b for example. They also introduce a little noise but it seems the opinion is that the trade off is in favor of the cloud lifter, rather than running the gain super high on the audio interface preamp. I haven't yet tried one myself so can't give a personal opinion but have been considering one for some narration and also to lay down scatch vocals for songs, since I can only use the condenser mics at certain times due to them picking up every conceivable noise during the day. The cloudlifter devices provide about 25db gain on a dynamic mic so they say, and run from the phantom power on your audio interface, you plug it in on the end of the mic or somewhere between the mic and the audio interface depending on what model you get.
  12. Just remember to tell your neighbors that their lights might go dim every time you start your computer!
  13. Most would probably say that having long hair has nothing to do with whether you are a good musician or not. I have had my hair crew cut for some years but decided to grow it longer. As it gets longer, I am feeling a renewed confidence in my musicianship skills. Maybe it's because when I was playing out in bands all the time, I had long hair and I am drawing on some psychologically ingrained view of self that calls on that history to make me feel more comfortable. I just find that it feels more comfortable to play guitar and piano with long hair as opposed to a crew cut. It's not really long, I'm at the annoying middle stage where the back is about shoulder length and the sides will need some time to catch up. I only need to grow it all to shoulder length. There's definitely a change in how I am approaching music but I worry I may not be able to edit video anymore since video editors seem to have short hair.
  14. I would get one if the new one's looked like this, but to me the new ones they are putting out just look like a rosewood fretboard that hasn't been oiled in 20 years. Horrible light, dry, parched color. Completely destroys it, I would rather choose maple. I like dark rosewood fretboards and before anyone suggests it, no, I wont be putting stain or boot polish on a new fretboard to make it darker like some are doing. I'll stick to older secondhand strat's and tele's with nice dark rosewood. Kenny, how come yours looks so dark and rich?
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