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  1. I'm not really a microwave person, the only thing the microwave gets used for is to reheat coffee, tea and milo that has gone cold because I didn't drink it in time.
  2. Good point! I have a similar situation as I am sure many do but we can learn from the cooking example, your music needs to be both "cooked" and "served". you have to pick one of the "recipes" that you have and bring it to fruition one at a time, then you will both cook and serve more songs. More of your recipes need to make it on to the plate. Otherwise you risk overwhelming listeners with half baked songs.
  3. Yes, if I do eat chicken or fish, I normally boil it in one of those steamers, bottom pan has chicken or fish in it with boiling water and then the one on top that acts as a steamer has whatever vegetables in it. You can put 1cm triangular cut potatoes in it together with a few 1cm thick slices of sweet potato and a couple of peeled small size carrots, let that steam for about 5 mins then add broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower or cabbage/beans and half a tomato, let that steam for another 5 - 10 minutes while you do the gravy in another saucepan and then serve. "Roast" dinner in 15 minutes, with the saucepans washed in that time as well, then some balsamic vinegar on the greens and some mayonnaise for the carrots....anything can be cooked in the steamer in 15 minutes. The key is size and hardness, cut chicken or fish into 1cm slices so it cooks faster and the harder vegetables go in first, softer don't need as much. Gravy takes 5 minutes with the powder dissolved in cold water first then added to the water in the pan (that you got from the bottom steamer) then dilute a couple of teaspoons of cornflour in tiny amount of cold water and slowly add that till you get thick gravy. Whole thing takes 15 minutes, can also put eggs in bottom or the vegie patties in. If I'm making rice dish, I boil that in a pan and use the wok for the vegies and sauce, again, 15 minutes. I only cook for 15 minutes at the most to make 1 or 2 meals.
  4. With jingles, commercial, video accompaniment and EDM it's a bit like that for me, but with my old originals, they are like a fine wine that has aged, sometimes for 40 years, and are only now being savored.
  5. Cast iron, stainless steel, anything except dementia causing aluminum or cancer causing non stick frypans. I've had cast iron but man they are heavy, I bet you never got into an argument with your mum while she was cooking in the kitchen.
  6. I don't know but in bands, the term "cooking" is sometimes used when the band is gelling together well and pumping out a great sound ie "we are really cooking now".
  7. Yes thanks, Antler also told me about this. In version 4 can you continuously cycle a looped midi part smoothly while cutting/moving/pasting notes?
  8. Yes, thanks, switching the chase long notes on fixes that problem, there is a setting in S1 ver 3. However, the timeline doesn't play back smoothly when I am looping a midi part and cutting/moving notes around while it cycles. Keeps stuttering. I don't think there is a setting for that. Maybe the new version is smoother, don't know.
  9. Just hit the record button. If you don't hit the record button at least 80 times in one sitting then your not doing it right.
  10. There are definitely similarities between cooking a meal and writing a song on a DAW, probably too many to list.
  11. Non stick frypans, I hate them and they are completely unnecessary but if you go to a shop to buy a frypan, they are all coated with these cancer causing chemicals. I won't use them, just use uncoated skillets and woks which I have to get from special shops. I worked in a Chinese restaurant from about 14 to 18 and that influenced the way I cook. I've always enjoyed cooking whether by myself or for others. With woks, it's about knowing how to treat the wok and with non-coated pans it's about olive oil and heat control. If you use the heat correctly, you won't get sticking.
  12. If you've got laminate and vinyl on the living room floor, how did you put an underlay underneath that? I would be carpeting the living room and putting a decent soft underlay underneath the carpet. When you carpet the room, you have to nail in the wooden risers all around the skirting board which will take it up about a centimeter or so, then you place the underlay in between the wooden risers and then place the carpet on top of that so you end up with about 2 centimeters of sound proofing but even if sound does get through, the carpet deadens whatever sound is in the room. Vinyl or laminate flooring is going to magnify whatever sound does get into the room from any source. A rug might help but it won't be as effective as professionally laid carpet. I cannot see how placing hard underlays or lead underlays under vinyl or laminate is going to do anything to stop the sound getting through and even worse, the high frequencies ricocheting around the room once they get in, which magnifies it. Just wait till the baby starts screaming and the domestic violence starts, hopefully, being an apartment, you won't have to put up with the barking dog to add to the chorus. Oh, the joy of apartment living. Seriously though, they can be very different. I lived in high rise apartments for a while and they were dead silent, couldn't hear a thing above, below or sideways (they were also fully carpeted) but then also a unit block that was terrible (also had hard flooring). You might need to consult a sound proofing expert to get their opinion before spending huge dollars on something that to me anyway, sounds as if it will do nothing. I can't see how more hard layers is going to change anything.
  13. You can't delete your own posts. You can change the content of the post through the edit function. The only way to delete it, is to PM a moderator who may choose to delete it or not. The idea is for the forum posts to maintain continuity which is why posters cannot delete their own posts.
  14. That's what turned me off their stuff, the push selling and annoying crippleware. Together with the interface. I'm happy with S-Gear, Kuassa and even Guitar Rig at times, they all have a place on my DAW. Real looking amps with knobs that turn like real amps without all the bells and whistles and no nag screens. Nag screens are from the 80's, someone needs to tell IK that.
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