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  1. I have a theory on what is going on here. Remember, the media killed harry's mother, princess Diana. The paparazzi hounded her and were pursuing and machine gun flashing the car when it crashed. Now the media are hounding his wife.....he knows what happens next if he doesn't do something. I like the royals and am a bit of a Monarchist, I was born in England, lived there until 10 and then came to Australia but the Commonwealth is also strong here.
  2. I've bounced this over from the "Acoustic Guitar VST required" thread because Bill Phillips made a general post about it and I discovered upon investigation that they are currently having a 50% off sale on this. It's an acoustic and electric guitar modeller, very small download (78mb). I don't own it and have not used it extensively, just listened to the demos. Some others who have experience with it might be able to chime in. I don't know that it satisfies my specific need for a traditional acoustic finger picking guitar sound but it does sound really good at what it does and has lots of possibilities for new and high quality sounds. https://www.applied-acoustics.com/strum-gs-2/
  3. Thanks, had a look at this, small download (78mb). Acoustic modelling. I think it fails a little as a dedicated traditional acoustic guitar from what I've heard but it has many possibilities for both electric and acoustic and the sound quality, although different, is excellent. This would be a great way to incorporate unusual guitar sounds into a modern production. They also have a sale on at the moment, 50% off, so I've bounced it over to the deals section. I am enticed to get it because although it won't fill the gap for a traditional acoustic for me, the high quality sounds and plentiful variations it has could really have an application in music.
  4. Thanks, didn't know about this, they also have a finger picking pattern player for $79.00 US but they don't show it's features as a sample player which is what I'm primarily looking for. I've dropped them an email to clarify this. That Acoustic Lite sounds really good for $24.95!
  5. I have a background in film making and ran a production house for a while, also a short film group that also made some independent features. The discussion of "the Producer" was always being discussed. Basically, it worked like this, those films that had a Producer attached got finished, those that did not have a Producer attached struggled or failed. In film, the relationship between the Director and Producer is what drives everything. I would think of composition and production representing the Director and the Producer. The composer is the Director, assembling and creating everything and that's where it ends for most people doing music. They then struggle to finish and market their productions and in reality, it's too much work to do both jobs and most people just can't change hats like that. They are different personalities. We came to the conclusion that unless there was both a Director and Producer attached to a film, no-one else was interested in participating, no crew, no actors etc. These days, most DAW oriented musicians are trying to do both jobs and that will never work as well as having a dedicated Producer overseeing your work. If you are serious about your music, you need a dedicated Producer involved, someone who is not you. The Producer's primary roles are to see that everything runs on time, on budget and that the work is finished, polished and marketed.
  6. I've got Komplete ultimate 10 and attempted to upgrade to 12 using the hard drive option but it didn't work for me because it still needed a huge download (whats the point of offering the hard drive option?). Native Access has destroyed any hope of me using NI products again unfortunately otherwise, this problem would have been done and dusted long ago. I need to be able to go into town and use their blistering speed internet connection to download the product in full and then transfer it to my offline DAW as I don't have a good internet connection where I live, I can't do this with Native Non-Access as you have to download it to your DAW directly. I'm also after a specific type of finger picking sound.
  7. I've been living my real life! I only go downstairs occasionally, when there is something there that interests me, which is not often.
  8. I wonder if that is connected to whether you use the media creation utility to upgrade online or offline. I did mine offline transferring windows 10 to a usb, installed it etc and then went online to activate only.
  9. There is also a product key that shows on the system page when you upgrade and that is the key for win 10 that you can put in to activate if you need to. It becomes your new product key.
  10. Yes, I have seen the orange tree samples, they are pretty full sounding, they are $179.00 US about $260.00 AUD. I find the interface a little overwhelming, sample size is 11.5gb.
  11. Hadn't seen this, very interesting, the controls are phenomenal, the way they implement the articulations and keyswitches etc are excellent, more options for control over sound than I've seen anywhere else, 12 string, power chords etc good strumming engine as well. Sound quality is really good as well. Price is excellent. On the short list. Requires full version of Kontakt but that's ok I have that. Possibly a little brighter than I was seeking but the sound quality between all of these paid products seems to be more around personal preference than sampling quality, they all sound really good to me.
  12. Thanks Mark, yes they sound good but a bit on the expensive side for me, $169.00 US, $245.00AUS, the free one also has some other limitations:
  13. Lately, I've been transcribing my acoustic guitar bits to midi and playing them back through jazz guitar in kontakt with guitar rig. The sound is ok but of course electric. This is not so bad since my acoustic guitar style is mainly grabbed chords and finger picking jazz style, with the occasional strummed chord. I don't have an acoustic guitar in my collection. So far, the best I've found for the style I play and in terms of price is: https://www.ilyaefimov.com/products/acoustic-guitars/acoustic-guitar.html The price is 99 Euro, which equates to about $160.00 aus. I was wondering if anyone else has any ideas about what might be a good option. I don't want a strumming guitar sound or thin sounding picking and would like to keep the price down if possible. If anyone has any other ideas or can point me in the right direction it would be most appreciated. Also, if anyone has used illya efimov guitars and knows the install and has an opinion on them that would also be handy, I cannot find information about the install and authorization procedure.
  14. That's one thing I noticed as well when I upgraded, Win 10 starts much faster than Win 7, I am also on SSD's.
  15. The BM800 isn't rubbished on reviews and forums, should be able to get a decent sound. I think it's best to work with the gear that the OP has and give him advice on that, he is just starting out by the sounds of it. The simple way is to set up the right mic position that sounds good, record directly into the audio interface and not worry about EQ cuts, then after it's recorded use a low shelf to cut off the boom if/as necessary and then run a parametric with a narrow Q boost across the midrange to find the ugly frequency(s) and pull those down 3-6db. That should get him in the ballpark. This can be done with the pro EQ in Cakewalk. Then experiment with compression/reverb, start with the presets. Can also use some saturation to brighten it up a bit and give it some grit. https://www.audio-issues.com/music-mixing/acoustic-guitar-eq/ https://www.musicianonamission.com/approach-equalization-two-types-eq/
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