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  1. @InstrEd Yes, your daughter must be good now, drawing can be a beneficial skill in whatever you do. I've always been unable to draw, everything I tried looked really bad. An unsympathetic High School Art teacher who used to berate me didn't help, and then Trade School as a mechanic had to draw gearbox parts etc I was ridiculed. Even when I went to Uni and had to draw animals for Biology, I was laughed at. If I ever had to draw anything, it would immediately cause anxiety. I think my grades at High School, Trade School and Uni would have all been a bit better if I could have just been able to draw better, so having that skill will come in handy for your daughter. I just want to be able to do line art style cartoons and characters so that they can be inserted in the documents I write. It's one thing to copy from an artist, next thing is making up your own but I am pleasantly surprised at my progress. Also, get my skills up to a level on Youtube where I won't be an embarrassment when I attend the drawing classes.
  2. Yes, I almost went down a different track, submitting support tickets and reinstalling etc all stuff that could have gone on forever, the sort of complaints I see all over the internet. I wonder how many of them just needed to update their OS. I am looking at the tablets as well but at this point I don't see much point in getting a tablet and having this software on my computer if I can't even draw! I've decided to go down a different route that apparently some graphic artists use. Since I already have a scanner, I have decided to do my sketches on A4 paper and then scan them into Paintshop Pro and painter as line art as I just want to do cartoons. The advantage is, I can download the drawing tutorial files off Youtube, play them on the TV and copy what they are doing on to a sheet of A4 paper attached to a clipboard while sitting on the lounge. I am pretty blown away by watching how the professionals draw, all the rules and what can be produced. A lot of it is just way beyond my current capabilities. I am at this level at the moment: https://www.youtube.com/user/ArtforKidsHub They have little projects 5 - 15 mins. Then of course, Youtube is packed full of more drawing tutorials right up to extremely advanced.
  3. Does the Deco Pro stuff work on Corel Painter and Paintshop Pro? From what I've read, the tablets have to be either Wacom compatible (wintab) or Real Time Stylus (RTS) compatible to work with these Corel products, otherwise it just acts as a pointing device and you get no pressure. I find it difficult to actually find out what tablets are compatible. Wacom are compatible but Huion and Deco Pro etc, I don't know and they don't seem to say what their process is. It's also difficult to find certainty on other forums with some saying that third party tablets work and others having install issues and having to do workarounds or not getting the thing to work properly.
  4. I put Paintshop Pro, Aftershot 3 and Painter on my old Win 7 laptop. The programs install from the internet. I was a bit shocked because there were problems with all of them freezing and not opening and taking ages to load and GUI partially loading etc I did a quick search on the internet and saw quite a few horror stories and a chill ran down my spine. I thought I would check that my Windows 7 was up to date first and found I needed 800mb or so of 47 updates. I updated Windows then restarted and held my breath. Thankfully, all of the problems have vanished that I can see so far. It's a bit odd as I have put some new software on the laptop and have not had this experience. It seems as though this software really needs windows 7 to be up to date. In fairness, they do say that on their site. Just thought I would give a heads up, if you are on Win 7 and you get some odd behavior, make sure Win 7 is fully updated.
  5. Thanks Abacab, yes, the standard version misses out a lot of what you really need in the RAW conversion engine but that sounds fine. Just deciding whether I want to go for the Painter as well. My drawing skills are pretty bad, I've always wanted to improve my drawing for some of the stuff I do especially cartoon type characters, but thought it was a skill beyond me. I just quickly did this guys seminar though and was quite surprised how quick it came together to do something simple. Being able to draw can have all sorts of benefits for designing your own website graphics, CD covers/on-line product boxes, film storyboards (mine are terrible!) etc There are plenty of great videos on youtube and after a bit of research, I discovered there are group drawing classes at a local community center and art class for just $3.00 - $12.00 for 1hr. Could be a great skill for anyone to add for a little dosh and a bit of practice.
  6. Has anyone who has bought this bundle found out how much it is to upgrade Aftershot 3 standard to Aftershot 3 pro? There might be some offer available from within Aftershot 3 standard once it is installed.
  7. Check it out: https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/39-FX-Bundle/6803-W-A-Production-Back-to-School-Bundle?utm_campaign=151318_PB - WA Production - 02-10-2020&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Newsletter&dm_i=6D39,38RA,1A6PX1,CVC4,1 You can also pick up the free WA Production Pumper 3 and Imprint Bundle being given away at Plugin Boutique this month.
  8. They know a lot of people are stuck in their homes and they, like many other online businesses, are making a killing from sales going up so they are all competing to grab a sector of the market.
  9. Tezza

    Kuassa Studio Bundle

    The chorus sounded great, better than anything else I've tried in terms of software pedals. I've heard enough. I picked up the Vermillion, Matchlock, the chorus and the 5 pedal custom bundle, got the delay, the compressor and the reverb pedals. Left 2 empty slots as they are bringing out some new pedals so might wait on that. So many good things about this that gets rid of all the things that bug me about other software guitar stuff: 1. Installation and activation procedure. You buy the item then enter your serial in your account and it generates a license file. You download the item together with the license file, transfer to whatever computer, install and apply the license, that's it. No ilok, no challenge response, you do not need to then activate it over the internet etc. All the licenses are held in your account. 2. You can download either the VST 2 or VST 3, 64 or 32 bit versions separately and also the stand alone version for the amps. No dual VST installs on your hard drive or 32 and 64 bit versions together (unless you want them) 3. GUI. You can put the amp into a slot in your DAW and each pedal into a slot in your DAW. When you click on the amp, it takes up less than a 6th of your screen (24 inch, 1080p), it's an amp with a couple of mics you can move around and controls are easy to work, no clutter, no shell like guitar rig, THU or amplitube which cover a much larger area and you have to fuss about choosing between everything. When you click the pedal, it appears by itself at about less than one 8th of the screen, big knobs, only the ones you really need, easy to see and fine tune. 4. Presets. There are only about 8 presets but you can download more if you want. The idea is that you set up the amp and pedals manually to whatever you want, like a real amp and pedals. Really easy to do given the GUI. Much preferable to trawling through 500,000 presets (none of them suitable) in the hope you might find something. 5. Workflow. It's so easy to drag an amp into the DAW slot, click on it and with minimal easy work, get the sound you want. 6. Sitting in the mix. Both amps I tried and the chorus pedal (haven't tried the other pedals yet) just sit straight in with the basic presets, you can get away with not even using DAW eq to get it to sit in there. When you shrink it into the mix, it retains its tone well instead of having to put up with so much distortion and harsh treble that seems to normally accompany shrinking VST guitar stuff into the mix. 7. Sound and tone. This stuff sounds fantastic to me. It's got a nice analog, organic tone, no annoying, shrill, digital high end going on. I have replaced Guitar Rig 5 (GR6 isn't much better, just 3 new amps and the same old amps, a bit one dimensional and lacking in tone), THU with it's bass heavy everything and digital sounding effects (compared to Kuassa), Amplitube (never got on with it, complex GUI and screen nags, just doesn't sound as good to me) and even Scuffham S-Gear. S-Gear has a nice sheen to it but the effects are lacking and it is fiddly setting mic distance and selecting mics. The Kuassa stuff just sounds overall better to me. 8. The option of using the amps and pedals in a shell, in a similar way to GR5, Amplitube and THU. That is their A360, you can put everything in it. That's what I want to get away from when working inside the DAW, but I would use it as standalone as you cannot use the pedals outside of the DAW unless you have the shell. It's free to download if you want that option. There's probably other stuff I like but that is enough to draw me in. I am an official Kuassa fanboi now. All these comments must be seen in the light of the sound I like. I like clean or crunch, slightly distorted sounds from a fender strat, Jazz, Blues, Acoustic etc. I don't do heavy metal or that extreme, smooth distortion that most on youtube seem to crave, so I don't know if this would suit. Things I don't like about the Kuassa stuff, there's only 2 really: 1. The long names they use for their amps and pedals. If you put their amps or pedals into your DAW slots, all you see is the first 8 or 10 letters, so you just see Amplifikation or Efektor, you can't see the actual amp or pedal name. Why can't they just use Kuassa followed by amp/pedal name? and why the cryptic names for their pedals (Efektor RV3604), why not just Kuassa Reverb. This seems out of step with the their other commitments to an easy GUI as stated on their website. 2. The bad English all over their website and in their manuals. I get it, they are an Indonesian company based in Indonesia, with Indonesian developers etc. But for goodness sake, if you want to sell to English speaking markets, hire someone who can speak good English to rewrite everything. What is written is understandable, mostly, but you just get the feeling your on one of those "cheap Chinese crap" ebay websites. "This pedal make you playing nicely" "You will realizing your inspiratons". It's both hilarious and annoying at the same time. They make such a great product but to any English speaking person, their presentation screams "WARNING! CHEAP RUBBISH AND POTENTIAL SCAMMERS AHEAD" Their stuff certainly is priced nicely but it is not inferior to any of the other offerings, a step above if you ask me. I do feel they are letting themselves down a bit in this area and turning potential customers away.
  10. Tezza

    Kuassa Studio Bundle

    Yes, on to it at the moment. We had a first bright sunny day here in South Australia, the coming of summer. Just had to go out to the forest/beach and then watch the footy down at the pub with band playing. Everything is mostly back to normal here in SA. Testing out the pedals now, looks like I might get the custom pedal bundle, where you can choose your own 5 pedals for $49.00 and you can also leave some blank for future pedals, so I will choose 4 and leave one for some upcoming ones. Matchlock is great, I will grab that as well, thanks for the heads up! Yes I noticed the A360 which allows you to house everything in one shell so it becomes like Guitar Rig or Amplitube but I couldn't work out how much it costs, do you know? I sent them an email about it.
  11. Ugh! 4 gigs is even worse. OK if I could download it to the laptop and then move it over to my primarily offline DAW but not possible with this.
  12. So it's a bootstrapper where you have to download the installer to your DAW and it will only then install the full program direct to your DAW which appears to be 2.5gig. Not much use to me since I cannot download that file size direct to my DAW. It's like Native Instruments "native access" and the reason I dumped Native Instruments. Another company I will be avoiding for now. It will sit rotting away in my plugin boutique account perhaps for a day in the future.
  13. Tezza

    Kuassa Studio Bundle

    Kuassa's sale extends to all their offerings slashed by 50% including the guitar amps and pedals etc. I downloaded their Vermillion amp, took a very short time for it to replace guitar rig, THU and scuffham on the tracks I tried it on. I'm just using the THU effects with it at the moment. What's more, I haven't even eq'd it into the mixes yet, just used the amp tone and microphone controls with a bit of the amp reverb and it sits nicely with a little compression, so I already know what it's going to sound like with further tweaking. The clean jazz channel is what I like but the bluesy sound is good too. It has the ability to use impulse responses but haven't bothered yet. Very impressed with this thing. It's working really well with my midi piano roll guitar pieces as well, played through the kontakt factory Jazz guitar. I love the simplicity of the gui and being so easy to tweak to the sound you want. You've got the amp tone controls and can move the mics around just by grabbing them and moving. I am also going to get their chorus pedal for $12.00, see what their effects are like, if that's good, I might get some others. There is only 2 days left for the sale. I haven't tested it with live playing just yet, I will do that tomorrow. Just adding it to the tracks already recorded with midi or dry guitar. I love it when you put something on a track and can just hear straight away, even using the presets that it's an improvement in the sound and it fit's straight into the mix. It had a bit of a trebly scratchy sound out of the box but dialing up the gain slightly, turning the treble down and switching the mics, completely changed that to a smoother, rounder sound. I like that it's got the grit if you want it but that you can also get rid of it. I can't wait to jam with this thing tomorrow. By the way, they have got some free stuff as well: Guitar amplifier: https://www.kuassa.com/products/amplifikation-lite/ Silencer (noise gate) pedal: https://www.kuassa.com/products/efektor-silencer/ Graphic equalizer pedal: https://www.kuassa.com/products/efektor-gq3607-graphic-equalizer/ Studio rack basic equalizer: https://www.kuassa.com/products/basiq/
  14. I bought the Kuassa Vermillion VST guitar amp for $19.00 US to also get trash and carbon thrown in. I have tried other Kuassa amps but not this one although I know what it is supposed to do. Surprise buy, maybe I'll like it, maybe I won't...oh well.
  15. I am more of a midi and VST instrument combined with real instruments person than a loop person. I always have difficulty finding a loop that fits what I'm doing. If I want a beat, I'll chuck a bunch of midi patterns from the drum vst as a start and then change them around a bit or create something new in midi. I guess these are loops but midi loops. I don't use audio loops at all, probably missing out on something. I manually write bass lines and input keyboard and guitar through playing in or writing on the piano roll. I've become quite strict about what stays on my hard drive. I will try out stuff and if I don't like it, it's gone. I usually try it out on my laptop where I download it and it won't even make it's way on to my offline DAW if I don't like it. Great sounds are the best asset. You are better off having one great sounding piano or synth etc rather than 20 that sound awful. One set of decent plugins that you like the gui, sound and like to use, rather than thousands which you struggle to understand and will never use. Generally, you get what you pay for, with some exceptions. To be honest, I don't really know how to use audio loops to make music. I would like to use them but it just doesn't seem to work for me. I have a few of them but they just end up as hard drive filler.
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