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  1. I tend to use some sort of notch eq before the compressor and then sweetening afterwards. I found when recording my acoustic guitars and vocals quite a bit both from mic and direct from the guitar, there was always some harsh dominant frequency or 2, probably because I don't use top line high end equipment, when I notched that/those out a bit it acted a bit like a compressor creating a smoother sound and wave form. Just sounded smoother to me and easier on the compressor which doesn't then have to work so hard to compress horrid harsh dominant frequencies.
  2. I use a EV ND767a dynamic mic for scratch vocals on songs or as primary mic for other voice stuff, can get close so I can record anything anytime without background noise seeping in. Then to polish up vocals, I use a AKG C214 but I have to have quiet surroundings for that as it picks up everything.
  3. They go through periods where most courses are suddenly reduced to $10.00 or $14.99 etc it's worth checking out because if you find a course you really like, even if it costs hundreds, it will probably end up on sale in the next month or so. Looks like they are all on sale at the moment. I'm a bit of a video tutorial junkie, there are some great courses for just about everything on Udemy for cheap but it pays to run through the preview courses and look at the individual lessons offered before you commit just to see what they are like because some instructors have annoying hard to understand accents or are just bad or the lecturers might not cover what you want.
  4. I have the brightness on my monitor turned down, it's set at about 23, quite low. The screen is not too bright, looks very flat, that is how I like it. I leave it on that for everything. I find it's a lot easier on the eyes this way but I guess it depends on the brightness of the room your in as well.
  5. This is much better, the phone home every 30 days thing, wtf? I think there are more people using mainly offline DAW's than these DAW makers realize. By mainly offline, I mean only connecting to the internet to authorize and then that's it.
  6. Continual renewing over the internet every 30 days, what a load of rubbish.
  7. You just need to click the squares to get the different pricings for full purchase or subscription..
  8. I know some here use Vegas Pro, I do. Just checked to see what the Black Friday deals are and there are some good ones, if you own Vegas Pro Edit then you can upgrade to the latest for $139.00 Au (which I think is about $99.00 US). Not so good discounts on new purchases etc There are some good innovations in the new version of Vegas Pro, might be worth a look. https://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/au/sem/vegas-edit/ I only use Vegas Edit, since it's essentially the same as Pro but without the third party offerings which I have already.
  9. Yes, it seems that way looking on their site: ----------------------------------------------------------- Cubase 12 is coming The next version of Cubase will bring not only inspiring new features and significant workflow improvements, but it will also be backed by new Steinberg Licensing. Cubase 12 will help you to create faster and focus on your music, with more flexibility on how and where you use Cubase. Cubase 12 will be released in 2022, but we are starting the grace period today. This means that all Cubase versions activated from today onwards will be eligible for a free update to Cubase 12. ---------------------------------------------------------- I am having a hard time believing this is real though, the prospect of moving straight to 12 from 10 and also going dongle free for $166.00 AU is a bit exciting, surely it cannot be true!!!
  10. In my Steinberg account they are saying $166.00 AU to upgrade to 11 from my version which is 10, that's not too bad, does anyone know if that will mean I get 12 free in 2022?
  11. Who is reverb nation: https://www.reverbnation.com/ What has happened: https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/singapores-bandlab-acquires-diy-artist-services-platform-reverbnation/
  12. Tezza

    XLN Black Friday Sale

    Isn't AD2 like over 10 years old now and has never changed?
  13. Protect the band first, got to keep that going. The show must go on and other band members are complaining about him so it shouldn't be just your problem. Make sure he understands why band members are upset with him ie starting songs in wrong key and bad timing etc, people in this state always like to confuse by making things personal so it is good to zoom in on what he is doing that harms the band, look at it from a professional business perspective. Is he the lead singer as well as the bass player? You wont have a band if you get rid of him. Good luck finding a replacement. You may need to replace him with 2 people or phase him out gradually, suggest a dedicated bass player so he can concentrate on singing and then when the bass player is in, replace him as singer if he doesn't shape up. If he only sings on some songs but is mainly the bass player then you will have to start auditioning bass players behind his back and cover the singing by others or drop those songs. Sounds treacherous I know but the gigs come first and if you sack him straight away, without a backup, you wont be able to gig until you find a new person and get them up and running. If you confront him too aggressively he might storm out and then you can't gig. I've had to deal with a few of these situations together with other band members, we got a replacement up to speed behind the scenes before getting rid of the culprit as we were gigging 2-4 shows a week and couldn't afford the downtime replacing a band member requires. I remember getting in a new bass player into a band and I went through all the songs with him, just guitar and bass, and then the drummer practiced with him at his home as well, then we sacked the bass player and literally next day were practicing with the full band and new bass player and played out at the next gig with the new bass player. The old bass player didn't like us a lot but....the band and gigs come first.
  14. Agree, thread should be unlocked. Locking down an entire thread with lots of community members posts simply because there was a passing reference by one person to a political figure is overkill. All it does is punish many for the sins of one. The person who posted the offending comment has said he would have changed it if asked or there was the option of deleting the post and advising the poster or even suspending the poster. But given the nature of the offending, a single passing reference to a political figure by one person, I think advice to the poster to change what they posted would have been enough. Why should everyone who was contributing to the thread be punished for what was a minor offense by a single poster? Too heavy handed in my view. I could understand it if it was flaming out but this wasn't that.
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