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  1. Tezza

    Arturia Keylab/Control Surfaces

    Yes, I use he older model Nektar Impact LX61 which is fantastic with Cakewalk, everything (i mean everything) works as it should without setting anything up at all, even just using the old Sonar integration files from the Nektar website. I was looking at the Arturia and Kontrol keyboards as well, others that I have tried, I always keep running back to the LX61. My pet peves with the mk2 KK keyboards is that you cannot turn the keybed lights off, whereas you could with the mk1. Also, the 8 encoders can all be different resistances. These things can bug the hell out of some people. Haven't tried Arturia but if the setup is that much of a pain, I don't think I will.
  2. Thanks mate, excellent post, I'm still on Win 7 but looking to move to Win 10, with Komplete Ultimate 10, the performance of NI stuff under Win 10 is a priority for me.
  3. Tezza

    Moving from Windows to Apple

    Windows shouldn't be that bad. I admit I've never used a mac but I've never felt inclined to. For me, windows runs fine on both my laptop and my desktop PC. I am using windows 7 still though. You probably just need to do a general cleanup and defrag or maybe you have a slow hard drive to start with or not enough ram. With an SSD you shouldn't worry about it. There really shouldn't be many problems at all. It can get a little slower as time goes by depending on how much you use it but a system clean and defrag usually fixes that. Really, it should be 6 - 12 months before it needs this. It shouldn't get that slow. I've thought about switching to Mac but the limited options/greater difficulty in adding hard drives and upgrading turns me off. You don't give the specs of your current system, perhaps there is a way to upgrade it without too much cost. Also, you don't say what the problems are. It might be possible to get what you already have running well.
  4. Tezza

    Groove 3 Black Friday in July Sale

    So glad I found this, only $14.00 for Cubase Pro 10 explained, will grab it tomorrow. I like the Groove 3 videos because i can download the full video to my laptop at the library and then transfer it to a USB stick and watch on TV while operating my DAW.
  5. Are there any published rules for using the forum? I cannot seem to find them if there are.
  6. Tezza

    Open- or closed-back cans for mixing?

    Thanks, I'll try this with my 598's and Morphit.
  7. I think it was a feature of the old sonar forums that has migrated over here. I'm on most DAW forums but the old sonar forum takes the cake for off topic posts put on threads, sometimes little irrelevant comments just to get someones post count up. I suppose some of it's funny but not when you search for an answer to a cakewalk/sonar problem and then end up at the old forum and have to sort through all the rubbish to find the good bits.
  8. Tezza

    Steinberg Releases Spectral Layers !

    Yep, it doesn't interest me at the moment but I am sure it will hypnotize others into using. Just another thing to learn when I already have too much to learn already. Yes, like playing in a band is one thing and sitting at a computer with a DAW is another. You can still enjoy photography without going near Photoshop, just find a decent wet lab near you, take your snaps and get them to develop the images, turn out great! Like old school, never have to go near a computer. Professional photography has become reliant a bit more on the computer though. Screens are hypnotizing and manufacturers of products that use screens are working out more ways to make them even more enticing, it all looks fantastic, you buy it and then 3 months later move on to the next shiny new item. What should I do with my music this Saturday morning? Phone some mates have a jam and some coffee? Go busking down the local? Stay at home and fire up Cakewalk by myself? One is easy, I don't have to go anywhere, the other two will take more effort and organization. Will the screen win?
  9. I think you have to download the program direct to your DAW via a stub installer, that's no good for me with bad internet and offline DAW. on-line authorization is fine, just put the dongle in and takes a couple of minutes if that. offline is also ok, I just can't download products direct to the DAW, takes too long and fails repeatedly. Unless I can download the product on my laptop in a good internet area and then transfer it to my DAW then the company does not suit me.
  10. It could be that the majority of people who voted in that poll were people who came over from Sonar and already had good instruments and a long history of making music with Sonar and so were quite technical and therefore picked up the more obscure audio editing needs. Either that or they found out what other DAW's do when they were forced to abandon Sonar for another DAW. This could be why audio editing was at the top of the list. I would have thought instruments would have been at the top because Cakewalk doesn't really have any, but at least it's second! EDIT: I read the posts from that thread with the poll and the majority certainly seemed to be longtime Sonar users who all already had good instruments that came with Sonar and could be used with Cakewalk. I think this may have skewed the poll against instruments.
  11. Tezza

    PA Purple Audio MC77

    The suspense.......
  12. I am attracted to the "all in one" DAW, I know you can get bits and pieces here and there but I would prefer to get everything from one developer, so you just buy the DAW and away you go. I would suspect those who have sonar or other third party instruments wouldn't notice that Cakewalk doesn't really have instruments. All Cakewalk needs is a decent sample player (like halion, dimension pro or kontakt etc) and a couple of good synths and some pitch correction software then it's done and dusted. As long as it can all be authorized under one developer like Bandlab then that's it. Keep the DAW free but then you pay for the add on pack which contains the sample player, the two good synths and the pitch correction. Don't tie them to the DAW so others can buy them for their different DAW's. This way you keep the capability of owning a great DAW for free but then people can choose to upgrade to the premium version. I think it's a mistake to assume that everyone is using or even has third party instruments, I think people still want the "all in one" DAW at least to start with.
  13. Tezza

    Open- or closed-back cans for mixing?

    I am well aware that higher amperage is important which is why I choose higher amperage audio interfaces but the fact remains USB powered devices have lower voltage and amperage than the 12 volt firewire and pci devices. I learned the difference between the two and the effect on quality of computer audio about 20 years ago. I could write a long list. There is no need to be insulting and demeaning. I am aware of the low 500ma restriction on USB devices which is why I avoid them. Saying you can "drive" high impedance headphones with USB power, well you certainly can, just as you can "drive" active monitors with USB powered devices but if you knew anything at all about computer audio production, you would understand that there's a big difference between "driving" something and getting good quality audio and no, it's not just about the quality of components. The 12 volt 1 amp circuit from the computer sounds much better than the 5 volt 500ma circuit, simple as that, the bass is tighter and the volume is way louder and can more effectively run professional devices, probably not as noticeable at lower volumes, but the headphone output will be clearer and has to work less to produce the same volume. It's just higher quality, when you turn the amps up on those USB devices, for either headphones or active monitors, they don't sound good. But then again, this is fairly basic information. I am aware of this but again, I was talking sheer volume and the laptop internal audio at 12volts 1 amp beats the pants off the USB 500ma devices, sounds fuller as well to me, although this might just be adding bass to make it sound better. Where the laptop audio fails is in the upper register, the clarity and clearness and cleaness of the signal, which I have already said in a previous post, which you have apparently not read. We are so lucky to have you here to spread your great wisdom that is above all others! Actually, we are driving speakers, although usually not larger than 8 inches, remember an audio interface for a DAW usually drives active monitors as well, the more power the better, and again, no, USB powered devices won't sound as good driving cans or speakers, especially when you turn the volume up. Sounds to me like you've come from some audiophile site, you don't seem to understand a lot about music production. Finally, something I didn't know, I wasn't aware USB3 delivers 900ma. Again, you use that word "drive" you can drive anything with anything, doesn't mean it sounds good.
  14. Thanks Peter, this does not answer my question though, I need to know specifically whether you can download the products to an online computer and then transfer them to the offline DAW. I cannot find any information about that on the site. thanks.
  15. Tezza

    Mixing 101 - very basic questions

    I like to get everything running dry first and then put a reverb on a bus and send tracks to it. Some reverbs that are part of the synths, sampled instruments or guitar amp sims to tailor the sound can sound awful to mediocre but sometimes they are good so might leave that on. Vocals benefit from delay rather than reverb, reverb pushes them back into the mix so only a little is needed.