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  1. I've always found that windows works great as an offline operating system. Never had any problems with it in 20 years. This is why I run an offline computer with all my DAW, video editing, multi-media and critical applications on it. No anti-virus and all Lan etc disabled. I use a KVM switch and laptop docking port, so all my internet browsing and work, light software processing etc is done on the laptop. I press a button and I am on the other offline computer using the same monitor and keyboard/mouse. Very compact 2 computer system.
  2. Thanks Mathew, I was referring just to the Ashampoo bundle, the topic of this thread, not Humble Bundles in general. I've clarified my post by inserting the words " these Ashampoo" in my post. I have used Humble Bundle a number of times and got great programs from it. So far, in this bundle, I've looked at these two: Win Optimizer 18 I'm not normally into these sorts of windows optimizing programs and didn't think I would like it. It's great. There are about 37 separate modules for addressing things like dead registry entries and files, duplicate files, resource hogs etc, deleting garbage, managing services etc. It does a really good job making it easy. My laptop was playing up a bit because the 128gig "C" drive was full to red. I couldn't find where all the big files were. I was putting off addressing the problem because it was an elusive one. Using this, I found everything and reclaimed a massive 60gig in a very short time, also cleaned everything up and fully deleted the half deleted rubbish on my system and removed their registry keys. Now the laptop is back to speedy again. It's also a nice psychological feeling, knowing your computer has had a decent clean. This program will be staying on my laptop. PDF Pro 2 A very nice PDF reader and editor all in one that also installs a virtual PDF printer to print to PDF from any application. Has a thin menu at the top so doesn't get in the way of the document. I previously had 3 PDF freeware software programs on my computer to cover the things that I need from a PDF reader/editor application (and still wasn't getting everything I need). I've also used professional ones like Nitro and Foxit pro but I didn't like them much. I use a lot of PDF production in creating various documents for circulation. All the other PDF programs have now been deleted and I have all the functionality I need from the PDF Pro 2. This will be staying on my laptop. I am pleased I got the bundle just from these 2 programs alone. I'm a bit surprised because I've never looked at Ashampoo products before, I assumed they were for beginners but these 2 are definitely not entry level, you can use them more simply or go deeper. I'll look at the others.
  3. When you get these Ashampoo programs on Humble Bundle, they are just the stub installers for the programs which then install directly on your computer from the web, which I don't like. They are also 32 bit programs which I also do not like. I'll have a play with them and see what they are like. My initial impressions are that they are more an entry level/freeware type of program, that is, there may well be freeware programs the same as them or better.
  4. Yes, guns are mainly found in country and regional areas for farmers etc Civilians in urban areas can get certain types of guns for sporting shooting but they are difficult to get and well monitored. Australia has a fairly low rate of shooting deaths. The eastern states however have started opening more gun stores due to constant lobbying. Since the famous Port Arthur massacre in the 90's, tighter reforms were brought in and gun deaths have continually declined.
  5. Yes, neither of those people died though, bruised and battered but fully recovered. The actual statistics might be hard to compute when just looking at police murders but if you look at overall murder rates or "intentional homicide", Australia's recent figures hover around 230 per year and the US sits at around 17,000 per year. Even if you take per capita figures and boost Australia's murder rate accordingly (US has about 13 times the population of Aus) you get 230 X 13 = 2990, that's still 2990 vs 17,000 in the US.
  6. I beg for forgiveness and bend the knee to the King. Hopefully his grace can extend mercy in my case.
  7. Yes, I've just discovered that, It puts the Humble Bundle subscription in with your order and it looks like you have to press that button to add to your cart but you just need to press the amount button and then as you say scroll down to the payment buttons and select one of those and it goes through. Some useful products here. Whoops, didn't see Larry's post before mine. Now what to do?
  8. Get all the software you need to make your computer do everything from optimizing photos and videos to create the best sounds and way more. Titles include Ashampoo SoundStage Pro, Ashampoo Cinemagraph, Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro, and more. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be anyway to get this bundle without also having to subscribe to Humble Choice for an extra $27.00 https://www.humblebundle.com/software/software-bundle-3?linkID=&mcID=102:5ed6afabdca1ce1d0d74cc62:ot:5df2dc6fd8a09ee6231fcfa7:1&utm_source=Humble+Bundle+Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2020_06_03_softwarebundle3&linkID=&utm_content=cta_button
  9. The problem with this situation as I see it, is that there are constant explosions that relate to a specific behavior by police in America. Namely, strangling to death African Americans who are lying face down on the ground with their hands handcuffed behind their backs. Regardless of all the political mumbo jumbo how can this possibly be seen as either necessary or professional police practice? I acknowledge that some are shot but it seems that these instances of "I can't breathe" explode into prominence. That actual practice needs to be acknowledged as wrong and ceased by the police. But it persists. An answer could be to label that specific behavior with some derogatory term to bring that term into the public eye. Give it a name to expose it. I thought of a name which I thought would be good, it could be referred to as "horizontal lynching". Such a term evokes all sorts of unpleasant memories and evil connotations in America. It's a term that might stick in the minds of police and the general public at large to prevent the practice. That's what I would be doing if I were protesting in America, I would have a placard that read "Stop Horizontal Lynching!". In Australia, the police commissioner has come out and described the practice as "grotesque police brutality". Unusual for police to comment in such a way about other police.
  10. Tezza

    Ample Guitar VC III

    Reminds me of back in the day as well, I didn't use an SG, I had a Les Paul but I sure beat the hell out of that chord your playing, up and down the neck it went.
  11. I think the Soundforge audio studio and all their "studio" stuff is 16bit. Correction: it has 32 bit 384khz capabilities, I think it is just their video "studio" stuff that has 16 bit audio. It's not a multitracker, mono or stereo only, I'll see what the main differences are between it and the pro version.
  12. Yes, the site and their marketing philosophy is very "hard sell" constantly offering things and directing you to promo videos for things, inundated with upselling emails etc. I agree, it's very off putting, they are their own worst enemy in that regard. However, all those things can be gotten rid of and it doesn't detract from the usefulness of what they have created. I had a song that I had difficulty putting a middle eight to, trialing the different chords and moving to something different using these midi files did achieve a breakthrough in that case. Not something I would use all the time but I think the concept has it's place as another tool. It also means I don't have to play the keyboard all the time to get something happening. It's sort of in line with what I've been doing anyway, synthing in long chords and then chopping them to bits to create piano, horns, bass etc. Probably most useful to those with limited musical knowledge that might not already have completed or semi-completed songs.
  13. I stumbled on this but it doesn't show on their home page, nevertheless, the sale does work if you are into midi packs of chords. They are doing a sale bundle with some other things all for $27.00. This is what is included: ---------------------------------------------------------- Unison Midi Chord pack. ($67.00) 1,200+ Total MIDI Files (have all the fundamental chords & progressions in existence right at your fingertips) Individual Chords & Full Progressions (chain your own chords together or use the pre-made, proven chord progressions) Drag & Drop Ready (we've done all the hard work for you) Key Labeled & Organized (no wasting time sifting through folders or doing guesswork to find what you want) 15 Page In-Depth Walkthrough PDF (uncover tips & tricks on basic music theory and how to best use the pack) 100% Royalty Free (all money you earn from music you make with the Unison MIDI Chord Pack is yours to keep) Made For All Genres Of Music (the chords & progressions inside the Unison MIDI Chord Pack are essential to all pro-level music) Usable With Any Sound (unlike audio loops, you can play all the chords & progressions with your favorite instruments & synths) Compatible With All DAW's (plus both Mac & PC) Unison Theory Blueprint PDF ($47 Value). This bonus is the ultimate guide to writing melodies in any genre of music even if you don't know music theory. Unison MIDI Secrets PDF ($27 value). This is a distillation of 25 of our best MIDI secrets that you can use to take your MIDI game to the next level. Unison Loop Pack ($67 Value). This bonus is what you can use to quickly start a track in any genre. Inside you'll find 200 fully loaded genre-specific drum loops. ------------------------------------------------------- I've not used midi packs of chords before but I found it useful as another tool to grab to supplement your song, for inspiration or to quickly make new songs. Might be useful for some people and especially useful for people with limited music theory background. I don't know how long the sale lasts. https://web.unison.audio/midi-chord-pack?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqtmSucTb6QIV2gW3AB01KQWYEAEYAiAAEgI9NfD_BwE
  14. In Cubase, I install both and let Cubase decide which it wants to use, in all other DAW's including CbB I only use VST2 and will not even install the VST3 version if there is an option to allow that, otherwise I just delete it.
  15. No patches though so you have to download the entire program each time they come out with a fix. I'll stick with version 1 until things settle down a bit. I'm scouring the forums elsewhere as well to see what complaints come up.
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