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  1. Agree, thread should be unlocked. Locking down an entire thread with lots of community members posts simply because there was a passing reference by one person to a political figure is overkill. All it does is punish many for the sins of one. The person who posted the offending comment has said he would have changed it if asked or there was the option of deleting the post and advising the poster or even suspending the poster. But given the nature of the offending, a single passing reference to a political figure by one person, I think advice to the poster to change what they posted would have been enough. Why should everyone who was contributing to the thread be punished for what was a minor offense by a single poster? Too heavy handed in my view. I could understand it if it was flaming out but this wasn't that.
  2. I measured mine and the center cone of the speakers is just 2ft 8inches or about 80cm apart. What I found in this small space is that it is better to not turn the Rokits to face you but rather have them like HiFi speakers coming almost straight out. I have mine turned in about 1 inch. With this, I am very happy with the stereo field but if I turn them in fully to face my ears, that evaporates because they are just to close together.
  3. I suppose, to be absolutely sure, depending on how easy it is to swap out woofers, you could just swap the woofers between the speakers and see if the buzzing carries to the other speaker. I did take the back off one of my Rokits but cannot remember what it looked like inside.
  4. 3 ft editing, the new way forward! I also thought I would add that another reason I preference changing speakers rather than components in active speakers is because the buzzing may not be caused by the speaker itself but by some component on the board servicing that speaker. If your in a situation where you can try a different woofer at a cheaper cost then it might be worth it but there is a risk that you may find the problem is still there after replacing the woofer, so you want to be able to return the woofer if it doesn't work. In passive speakers, it's a bit more clear cut if the speaker is at fault, you can change them over and if the buzzing continues in the speaker then it must be the speaker but in active speakers if you change them over, the amp goes with them, you can't separate the amp from the speaker to rule it out as a cause of the buzzing. But you can determine if the fault is in the monitor by swapping them over.
  5. Well done on getting the woofer replacement, I don't usually think along those lines here in Oz because such components can be hard to source here. I still use the G3 Rokit 5's. I have tried replacing them with other speakers but come straight back to them. I have a smaller area that is not really acoustically well set up in which to do music/video production. The Rokits are great because you can at least get a good balance of bass and treble at low or high volumes even with the 3 foot triangle I have set up. They don't aggravate tinnitus, you have control over high and low frequencies anyway so you can set up a pleasant balanced sound at low volumes. You can also turn them up if you want to stand back a bit. No other speaker I have tried comes even close to providing that sound in my space, in fact many were just unusable. It might be different if I was able to set up a 5 foot triangle in a dedicated room. I don't kid myself that I have the ultimate mixing setup but the Rokits allow me to do whatever editing I want with video or music all day long if I want without broken ears and with the best balanced sound I can get in the space I have and the results are fine for my uses. Yes, I would love to have 8 inch speakers in a dedicated sound dampened and insulated area with a tuned system but truthfully, even in that environment I would probably use the Rokits at low volume for most of the time in sorting out sounds etc and then use the biggies for final mixing.
  6. You could take the back panel off to make sure it's not something loose rattling around. Also, if the speakers are not isolated with foam or stands, whatever, you might be getting resonance build up. You can try swapping over just the speakers themselves, see if the buzzing follows the speaker or the other speaker in the buzzing place takes on the buzzing. The thing with the rokits is that when one dies, you can just get another one to take its place.
  7. I've got Komplete ultimate 13 and while there are a lot of synths/synth instruments in there, every one of them seems to have a different interface. Sometimes I think it would have been better from a workflow perspective to just get one really good synth and meticulously learn how to use it. It's a bit tiring to be confronted with completely different GUI's every time I want to search for some sound for projects. The presets are no help at all, just a barrage of totally different sounds. I've always had that problem with synths though. The other VST instruments like sample based libraries are fine, theres not so much going on.
  8. I had sampletank and the original fender v1 decades ago. I liked them because they were easy to install, simple to operate, had a good sound and they worked by themselves without nag screens. Now, they are the opposite of that, convoluted install, too complex and filled with nag screens. Apparently, the plugins still sound good, I wouldn't know because there is no way I would ever use them, tried a couple of times and my response was "you must be joking". Just too much going on for me. I hate these narcissistic type companies that think you have no other software on your computer other than theirs and everyday your going to do business with only them through their shops.
  9. That post triggered a brief post traumatic shock. My first car was a mini and one day I was driving down a steep hill which was a three lane highway, hit the brakes, nothing happened, pulled the handbrake nothing happened, came around the corner at 80ks and all 3 lanes were blocked with stopped cars at the traffic lights. I'll never forget that feeling. I was too young and dumb to realize that all I needed to do was pump the pedal. instead, my foot remained planted on the brake to no effect. I drove into the small gap between the road and the railing on the left side and steered the car into the railing causing sparks and a horrible noise. Luckily the cars were in the middle of the lane and, having a mini, I avoided smashing into them. Then I did pump the pedal, more from instinct than anything else and it came up and I was able to stop, with the left side of the mini totalled and the railing badly damaged. Dodged a bullet there, so the moral of the story is, if your brakes fail, don't forget to pump to see if you can get pressure back. oh also, never buy a car for $60.00.
  10. For me, it's more about having a small computer that I can put in a shopping bag and take into the library to use their very fast internet. I am in a regional area and internet speed is slow and data expensive, making downloading large libraries slow or broken completely and yet being charged heavily for that exercise. The library internet is blazingly fast and seemingly unlimited in data. I can smuggle the computer in with a small monitor and then go for it!
  11. That's good to know, so your intending to use just the one drive to produce, would be good to know how that works out.
  12. Thanks, actually, my question was directed at John, I'm trying to find out how much success people are having with one drive. I agree with you and have been following the 3 drive mantra for 20 years but things have changed with faster computers and drives so I am trying to get opinions from people that actually use 1 or 2 drives and what they are able to do with that. If your an engineer with 100 projects all with 100 tracks each then that might not work but for lighter "home muso" type work, 1 or 2 drives might be ok, I don't know. I want to get rid of the big tower and get a smaller computer but these come with 1 or 2 drive capability.
  13. Thanks, what I was asking is if you are using a single drive for everything. So you have only one drive and no others? I was only asking as I was wondering how well a music system functions with one ssd.
  14. I think it's an old debate now, SSD's are fine, I would never consider a mechanical hard disk for anything anymore. I was in the shops the other day looking for a cheap computer to set up as a media center, starting them up, the ones with mechanical drives reminded me of the reason I moved away from them 5 years ago. Just too slow. As long as you have a good backup and perhaps a mechanical might be alright for that, but I use a SSD even for that. Are you using a single drive? how does it go?
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