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  1. I doubt you will get any third party plugins, this is version 11, not the one on the Magix website.
  2. You can change your country and the add to cart button becomes clickable but even if you pay with paypal you have to fill out all the address information and phone number on their site to get to checkout and your address will also be supplied by Paypal. You could put in a dodgy address I guess but there would be uncertainty about what would happen.
  3. Are you sure it is Nectar 3 and not Nectar 3 elements. Has anyone downloaded and installed and run it? I don't have Isotope stuff how is it authorized? ilok or whatever. I would imagine you have to install direct to your DAW ie you can't download it on to a separate computer and then transfer it, is that right?
  4. Your latency settings might be a bit too low for good mixing performance on that machine with that audio interface. You would want to be setting it at least to 256 but preferably 512. I have a similar computer to you. Mine is set to 512 or 1024 usually. If I'm recording vocals or guitar I don't need to change it as I direct monitor off the interface for that. It's only if I want to record using the midi keyboard or guitar sim in real time that I change it. Then I run it at 64. Sometimes I might mute a number of tracks because I don't need all tracks to record. I can run it at 64 all the time but there will be the occasional glitch if I do that. Sometimes I leave it on 64 without realizing until I get a glitch and then check it. I find 64 is good for real time recording with amp sim and USB midi keyboard. I generally don't freeze tracks because I like everything to remain in midi until the end. 128 might be a good compromise for recording and mixing if you are recording a lot with midi keyboard and don't want to keep changing things but if you have a lot of tracks and are getting some glitching or hiccups on playback, that setting is probably responsible.
  5. A boy came home from his first bass lesson. His dad asked him how it went. "Today we learned the E string." The boy came home from his second lesson and dad asked him how it went. "Today we learned the A string." The boy came home from his third lesson. Dad asked, "So did you learn the D string today?" "Nope. Today I had a gig."
  6. Just another GUI disaster as far as I am concerned, too much going on, it's just a drum kit ffs. Used to be better when they first came out. I wouldn't use them even if they were free.
  7. Tezza

    Modart Summer Sale

    The nice thing about Pianoteq is that because it is modelled and not sampled, you get access to all 127 midi velocities. I think it's the only VST piano that does that. What it means is there is a very responsive feel when you play it. It's very responsive to touch. NI's pianos have somewhere between 12 and 18 velocity layers. There is a massive difference when you are comparing the two in relation to directly playing, for example if you are learning to play piano or want to sharpen your technique. However, when it comes to playing back midi files for piano and mixing them in, there is less of a difference because you don't need many velocity layers in order to mix in the pianos (unless it's by itself, which is advantageous). Ultimately you are going to even out the velocities through compression anyway to fit it in the mix. I tend to use velocity layers as a sort of psuedo compression anyway. If some notes are sticking out, I even it out through manipulating velocity values a bit before applying compression and having 12 - 18 layers is fine for that, compression mops up the rest. Playing Pianoteq as a Psuedo piano on a midi keyboard by itself or with a sparse mix is very nice, it sounds and feels good. But in a busy mix, I can swap it out with other piano's and they will suit just as well. I tend to use other pianos more because they are easier to quickly adjust. Pianoteq is a tweakers delight for the dedicated single instrument piano player but is way overkill for just putting a piano in a mix. I don't want to spend the rest of my life working out how everything works, it's just GUI filler for me.
  8. It's also not just about audio files, I've found that different DAW's seem to make certain VSTi's sound different or better than others. At least they do to my ears. They also can have different latency capability when playing through a midi keyboard. Responsiveness also contributes to a better or worse perceived sound. I notice it more when I start layering more complex midi sounds, mixing pianos and synths etc. None of these differences are necessarily better or worse but to be honest, the DAW's sound quite different to me when I do this. Mixcraft sounds "grainy" which is good for dirtier sounds, Cakewalk sounds "analog", deeper and thicker, good for making VST instruments more "live". Harrison mixbus takes that same sound to another level. Cubase sounds "clinical" can be very clean and revealing, which is good for mixing. Protools sounds "boxy", like the high and low end have had cuts automatically applied, I don't really use protools much though, I don't find it good for midi. These are all probably exaggerated descriptions, just what it sounds like to me.
  9. That's more like what a bouncer on the door of a nightclub would say when you've hit one to many clubs for the night. Or if you don't meet the dress standards. Have you tried putting on a shirt and tie with decent shoes and then resubmitting the request?
  10. So I guess you can look at it as an actual video shoot then. The screen recording is just another "take" that you can use. I am looking at it as screen recording type teaching. Typically you might end up with 5 files for this then: 1. Introductory full frame video 2. Webcam or video of the face to overlay (if you want this) 3. Full screen video of the screen 4. Introductory audio 5. Narration audio It probably would be better to edit all of this in a dedicated NLE. The webcam, screen and narration can be captured at once and the introductory video and audio can be done separately. So one workflow could be to use the video camera to record webcam footage and narration audio (audio, direct to camera) In which case you would need only to record the screen via computer. Or for simplicity and depending on the strength of your computer, record a dedicated webcam, narration audio and screen all direct to the computer. Use the video camera for introductory video and audio only. Even with this you would want a decent mic solution rather than using the webcam mic. So you want something that can record audio from a separate source, the webcam and the screen. I was thinking of using the laptop but there is no reason I couldn't use the Desktop PC to do this, that has the UR44 attached and I would get better audio. Given ACDsee's single user licence, it might make sense to install it on the Desktop PC rather than the laptop.
  11. Thanks for that, I've tried all of those, except the Nvidia one. The problem is, all these provide part functionality but they don't provide a video editor with text and images, webcam and screen recording all in one and the ability to capture it all at the same time. There are free version NLE's like Davinci, Hitfilm, Lightworks etc but they don't do screen capture or webcam capture. The free version of Bandicam has no linear editing function and neither does OBS. Camstudio I wouldn't bother with, it's immensely buggy and development on the project is stalled. Flashback is what I was using, they advertise all the things it can do but those things are not available in the free version, you have to upgrade to the pro version. Shadowplay is mainly a screen recorder. You can certainly combine the different functions of the different free programs on offer but you don't get Camtasia style functions all in one for free as far as I can tell, there's always something missing. Having everything in one program makes it easier. Being able to capture the screen, audio and webcam into the same application at the same time and then edit it on the timeline can make everything a lot quicker if you are doing training videos. It might be better to record the webcam, screen and audio narration into separate files and then drag them all into a professional NLE for highest quality. For that purpose you could use the free version of Davinci, Lightworks or Hitfilm etc but you would still need something to do all the initial capturing. I've got Vegas which I like. I want to try and set up to capture from a GH3 (as webcam), a lavalier mic and the screen at the same time. I could get away with the webcam since that will only be small anyway but being able to get audio in from the lavalier or shotgun or both via the laptop computer or through the UR44 into the Desktop would up the quality. What I can't stand is when the training videos record audio from the webcam and you get that echoy, distant thin sound. The reviews I've seen of video studio seem to be comparing it to other NLE's like Premiere or Davinci but that is not what it is made for. I've yet to run it, I hope I can burn the audio off the timeline in some way to take to a dedicated audio editor or it might have eq and compression but I doubt it. Ill fire it up tomorrow, see how it goes.
  12. What other free alternatives have you found? I searched for quite a while and came up with nothing really. OBS is really unintuitive and is directed mainly at broadcasting live streaming from numerous sources rather than a simple video editor with screen/webcam recording. Other options I've seen are mainly just screen recorders but don't have inbuilt video editing capabilities or even webcam recording and even they are rare with decent functionality, Flashback was a screen recorder I was using. The ACDSEE one appears to have more functions than the paid Filmora one ($29.00). The 1 licence per PC thing doesn't worry me for this software as I will only use it on my laptop, but it has put me off their other software. It's not clear how that works and I can't stand companies that are not upfront about their licensing policies.
  13. Thought I would drop this one in as I know some like to do screen recordings/webcam recordings etc and it can also be good for diagnosing problems, taking a screenshot of what you are doing. I know it can be difficult to get a good program like this for free. It is basically a Camtasia clone. Available until July 29th. 64bit windows 7 up, 129mb full program download. ACDsee are also running some sales on their products for the photographer within you until August the 4th. https://www.acdsee.com/en/download-our-video-studio-for-free/
  14. It's also about the end goal, for example, if you are practicing guitar, what is the reason for that, the end goal? Are you practicing just to improve yourself for enjoyment or to play for others or to join a band or to do some DAW recording of your songs? Or are you practicing out of boredom or because it is just a repeated behavior because you've always done it. If you know what the end goal is, you know what kind of instruction you need to take yourself to the next level. There are many rungs on the ladder in the music business and there are plenty of teachers around to help you up each rung. If you want to improve your personal guitar technique then a guitar teacher might be the answer, if you want to get better at writing songs then a song writing teacher might be appropriate. Same for learning to operate a DAW or learning to mix. If you want to market your songs then a producer or marketing teacher might be the best bet. A "teacher" can be different things. I personally believe that nothing is better than having a live human teacher on a one to one basis, however this is not always possible or financially viable. There can also be local classes and of course, there are many on-line courses or downloadable tutorials available that can also do a very good job at giving you the specific instruction you need to get past a block in your growth, but.... if you don't know what the end goal is, you don't know where you are going, then it is a lot more difficult to find the appropriate teacher for where your at.
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