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  1. Hi,

    I use Melodyne to sort my (poor ) vocals out. Seems to help. ( I could sing "hey Jude" and make it sound like an only average song , that's a clue as to how uninspiring my vocals are!)


    I digress;  I used the "transfer" button this time, not the Region FX method. I think this former stops me adding another effect later on, such as sonitus reverb? Certainly this effect doesn't seem to want to work when I add it. Should I have used the region FX method instead? I seem to recall reading that the order of the effect is important but this was a bit above my novice ability to understand. All very confusing, but my voice really needs reverb!

  2. Hi,

    I thought I'd get through the day without doing something dumb but no. I've somehow adjusted a setting unwittingly and now the play head and cursor race along the song at double the speed the project first started with,  not giving me a chance to find things, difficult to describe but intensely annoying. I've done a screenshot, God knows what I've clicked on, I've tried everything. In fairness to myself,  also spent ages on the forum and Google trying to suss out what is wrong, but its a problem that's difficult to describe in a search. Ideas? Sorry to ask the forum again but I'm stuck.


  3. Hi all,

    Does anyone have a good way to do this? I tend to write songs by putting down a basic brad and butter beat for all of the song, and then I add fills and breaks later. Is it best to simply overlay the AD beat on the same track, or place the fill on a different track, and try to line it up, and delete whatever it replaces? Clumsy I think, and I'm sure theres a better way?

  4. Odd thing today; being a novice I spend loads of time Googling Cakewalk queries, ( conscious of my ignorance on everything I try not to bother the forum) but today, up comes this site each time ( screenshot) its never happened before. is it a browser issue? The site looks to be genuine but its a portal not a proper search query returned? And its useless at returning a result which matches my query...odd.


  5. Hi all

    Okay, dumb question time, but its not something I can figure out. I use my Juno DS to trigger my various plug ins, so for example, I have Cakewalk SI drums on one track, addictive keys on another, etc. If I stop the song and want to maybe play a little piano to check something before recording, it plays the drums too. Sounds silly.

    I can mute the drum track and this sorts it, but it is a bit cumbersome to do this each time when you're writing a song. I'm doing something dumb I know, ( wont be the first or last time) any advice from people who know what they're doing?

  6. I see your point John. From my point of view, I write songs to share with others, ( NB I am a complete nobody in song writing terms) and this is what I enjoy. To get to a higher standard of mixes and masters would be great but it simply would take too long to catch up and to learn new things to the level of yourself and others on the forum; if I ever got someone who said " nice song, here's a cheque" ha ha then I don't think it would be because I'd done a great job of mixing it producing it etc. it would be because it was a good song, despite an amateur mix. So I try to improve my understanding of the process but I also must be careful not to devote all my time to this as I simply dont enjoy that side of things. But I do try my best to take advice, even when its a bit over my head!

  7. Hi

    I have tried to understand how to do this by using the help and the forums but am struggling.(again) I have a song to upload but it has a narrative voiceover at the start I need to get rid of for copyright reasons. The help section tells me to highlight all tracks and press delete or delete special. All this does is delete any data on the tracks. I want the song to start from a new point at zero when the narrative is taken out, obviously I don't want 10 bars of silence! Annoyingly I asked this last year and got (as usual) helpful replies. But I've lost the post and forgotten what I did! I think it was a dialog box asking how many measures to get rid of. Any clues welcome!

  8. Thanks all, I will try to digest the advice as best I can. As I said to John, I am always in too much of a a hurry, and its a false economy. But to be fair I really only want to play or record, I am not technical at all; and each time I try and sort something it seems to take an hour or more from my day only for another issue to arrive later! but that's the way it is I reckon, as I do everything myself from writing, singing, playing and recording. On a more upbeat note, looking back to when I started with CW I have made huge progress ( with help from the forum) but there's a long way to go before I get to grips with stuff. A VERY long way!

  9. Hi

    I am trying to learn how to use melodyne, a wise move if you have voice as poor as mine, and no one to do vocals for you! Basically what I did was to sing a vocal line, then duplicate the track, introduce melodyne, do a transfer of the vocal line, and raise all the notes by say a third to create a harmony track. sounds okay if somewhat "computerised" With my poor range this makes sense though. But... see screenshot, the odd track is track 7.  Elsewhere in the song the main vocal track jumps up in volume, and I looked at this, it seems to be because the vocal is "doubled up" on the melodyne duplicate track. But I had deleted this bit and just kept the harmony bit from earlier in the song. Looking at the track there is nothing there at all, no waveform, but the vocals can still be heard when I solo it.  I am stuck once again. Perhaps I am using melodyne wrongly? Should I simply open a new track, insert melodyne as a plugin and go from there with a copy and paste of the original vocal line, then dragging this up by a third, harmony instead of using a duplicate track? I wish I was Robert Plant, for more reasons than one!


  10. John you are absolutely right, mea culpa. In my defence I find the terminology very daunting. you wrote this first;

    Only thing that I can think of if the track has been automated. Either mute or volume .


    I thogut, " no it hasnt" and didnt read on properly, in too much of a hurry, as usual, but of course more haste less speed. 


    So my apologies, its must be  annoying to spend time helping people and they don't read the post thoroughly, I am on the naughty step, rightly so!

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