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  1. Hi all,

    Mr. Newbie here again. If my learning curve gets any steeper I'll need crampons! Anyway I'm adding a few cymbal crashes to my drums ( Addictive Drums 2) by opening the midi in the inspector and using the draw tool to add a few crashes here and there. But sometimes it seems to shorten the sound, so instead of a crash there's a quick sound like a hi hat closing, not what I want. As usual this will be me being dumb but I cant figure out what I'm doing wrong?

  2. Thanks Its dawning on me slowly. Tonight just realised it happens when I change the cursor from "select" to "move" say when I'm adjusting when a track starts. oddly, it is all ok to start with, i.e. when I use the "select" setting for the mouse, but once I change to "move" it only brings up the ruler using "move" and refuses to do so for "selects" not asure why

  3. I dont think so, its very odd. I can move the cursor up to the timeline and click, and the ruler comes back. But obviously its easier to be able to click on the track you are working with, or anywhere amongst the tracks, to get the ruler to where you are starting from > but for no reason it stops doing it! I've tried checking what I do when this happens but there seems no reason..annoying.

  4. Actually, it changes the way it works, I'll give it a try later to understand what is happening,  and see if this is a fix, didn't know there was such a thing as a shortcut...lots to learn. Very odd though, it seems to just stop working at random, and then later back comes the ruler if I click anywhere and on any track..irritating.

  5. Hi,

    This is annoying me now so I thought I would ask what I am doing wrong. I click anywhere on any track and the time ruler ( vertical line) appears where I click. so far so normal.  I then do lots of stuff like open new track, record something whatever, ( not sure what causes this to happen ) and now it wont appear unless I click right at the top of all the tracks where the time is displayed. So I am doing something to cause this but what am I doing? Not the end of the world but irritating and it slows me up. 

  6. Hui,

    I have a completed track and am now adding vocals. On the meter the signal seems fine, no clipping, maybe reading 12 peak. All by the book. But on playback its far too quiet, drowned out by other instruments. But the other tracks are all set ok with no peaking or distorting.

    I can get the vocals louder but of course it is then in the red and distorted. Any obvious errors? ( I route the mike through a small Yamaha mixer MG82, and from there to a Steinberg interface, maybe that's a problem? I do this as my mike lead isn't a jack and doesn't fit the Steinberg input jack. ( Amateur hour I know)

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