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  1. We've just added Neural DSP now after it being a popular request: https://musicsoftwaredeals.com/?manufacturer=786 We've also fixed some small bugs like duplicate products being displayed and added logic to our backend to deal with different vendors calling products slightly different names (now they're all merged into one automagically). Next on the agenda will be a massive redesign to improve the look and layout and make it even easier to browse.
  2. Best Service and Plugin Boutique are the current cheapest places (excluding the use of coupon codes etc.). https://musicsoftwaredeals.com/price-history/MTurboAmp-by-MeldaProduction-39430/
  3. All of the current sale prices across KVR, JR, Audio Deluxe, Pluginboutique : https://musicsoftwaredeals.com/?manufacturer=86
  4. Best Service tend to have the best pricing on the Melda products in general: https://musicsoftwaredeals.com/?manufacturer=46
  5. Here's all of the prices across different vendors at the moment (plus price history since Feb): https://musicsoftwaredeals.com/price-history/Hollywood-Orchestra-Opus---Diamond-Edition-by-EastWest-35135/
  6. Thanks! Yep that's a big which we're fixing at the moment. Each of the duplicates gets merged into one
  7. Lowest price so far! https://musicsoftwaredeals.com/price-history/Continuo-2-by-Karanyi-Sounds-2011/
  8. Added Producerspot.com store now too - so we're now collecting data from 18 stores in total (and over 200 brands)
  9. And in case you're wondering, here are the cheapest products on ADSR on sale right now between $0 - $19 in ascending order https://musicsoftwaredeals.com/?store=525&price_to=19&sort_by=price_asc
  10. Thanks. We've also updated the search box so if you search for a company name (manufacturer) it will show the results there too. Eg. if you search for Project SAM, it will show you all Project Sam products in the results
  11. @mibby We've now added the new feature you asked for. Now when you change the search/display criteria, the URL autoupdates with the filters you choose so you can bookmark that particular search for the future. For example: https://musicsoftwaredeals.com/?price_to=20&sortBy=price_asc The above URL will show all deal from $0-$20 in ascending order starting from cheapest to most expensive within that bracket. This one would show all deals from Plugin Boutique only that are $0-$10: https://musicsoftwaredeals.com/?store=524&price_to=10&sortBy=price_asc So just change your search/filter criteria then save that URL as a bookmark and it will load the data you're looking for each time automatically 😀
  12. Thanks, we've added that to the top of the website @mibby so you can see the last time the stores were scraped A few comments: - You can type into the price slider to select your min/max prices to show (we'll improve the layout later though) - We're in the process of updating the price alert email structure at the moment thanks for that feedback - We've updated the layout of the table view a little to improve that - We're in the process of storing your preferred search defaults at the moment. How it will work is each time you update the search filtering (eg. select a max price or chose a category) we update the URL (without reloading) and you can just bookmark that search in your browser or share the URL with someone. When you visits again using that URL we do a search based on the parameters in the URL. So no need for us to save your profile / information, we just update the URL based on your search parameters. One question for you that I'm still not sure about: So say you have a price alert setup on Audiority Grainspace. You click on the link for Audiority Grainspace in your "price alerts" page and it will bring you to where? The Audiority website? The Grainspace product page on Plugin Boutique etc.? Yes we scrape Waves directly for example. Who in particular do you want to see scraped?
  13. @mibbythanks for all of this feedback really appreciate it, please keep it coming! 1. Slider over dropdown - we're fixing this at the moment 2. Slider being too large - yep we could change how its shown 3. Email alerts we intend to improve and are looking at right now. Do you mind me asking where are the price alerts from in your screenshot? What would you like to see in your price alert email, image, unsubscribe from one, unsibscribe from all? When you say you expect to be brought through to the product tab instead of history page, what would that look like exactly? Just a blank page with nothing other than the square on it? What is the point of being shown the square image when you click the link instead of the full history page?
  14. Added some more features: 1. Price range filter - choose the price range for deals you'd like to see 2. Added "add alert" button to each deal on front page - default option is any price drop but you can select any options Working on the "search" functionality at the moment to let you search for any product even if there's no deal happening at the moment so you can see the price history for that product, setup alerts etc.
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