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  1. Since version 6 has just been released, do you think the interfaces comith with said version?
  2. Damn, they are so generous 😎
  3. Love the GUI 😁
  4. Well, 20 user ones isn't that bad. Unless you are a guitar player, where you need zillions, lol. Thanks
  5. In TONEX CS you can only have/download 20 user presets (user shared presets)?
  6. Oh, nice, enjoy! (Only selling because of the pandemic and stuff, otherwise I wouldn't 😎 I live Softube).
  7. I am letting go the Weiss complete bundle for $600 (if interested you could return what you just bought, idk).
  8. It allows 5 activations! 😎
  9. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/53-Multi-Effect-/9702-TuGlicento-2
  10. Monster guitar at least for leads sounds awesome. I am amazed. (At least for mockups is absolutely stunning, watch 2nd video: https://agushardiman.tv/monster-guitar-a-free-vst-guitar-for-making-a-midi-mockup-for-your-song/ ) And it's FREE too, wow.
  11. Video game music is serious composition. I loved this and is a great find, thanks so much.
  12. I edited all my comments (well, not all 100+ I have made so far, haha). Cheers.
  13. Simon, I never meant to make you feel bad about the aids thing, let's make amends πŸ€—
  14. Man, I like you so much! πŸ₯° Even though I get your point, and that you were so polite with your statement, I feel on the internet people take stuff too seriously, instead of what, at least the intention of a comment is (also have noticed people focus on the negative). Specially people from the US. (and please don't take this as offensive, just making clear my perception, where I live we call a black guy, well, Black, and no one makes a fuss about it, and in some regions people call Black other guys that aren't, sometimes is with love, we call anyone fat/thin (and they aren't), with love, specially people that are married the wife calls his husband fat/thin, but with love, as if it were a positive adjective, in fact is used as a sustantive). Nevertheless, I will try to say from now on "I am allergic to the Beatles". (Also I really don't come here to make fun out of anyone, or argue with anyone, in fact, if he didn't say or do anything, I wouldn't have said anything). (Also, aids to me doesn't mean a thing, is just another very bad illness, and where I live really no one makes a fuss about it, that's why I strongly feel US people focus a lot on the negative, or jump out of their seat because of just an expression (I play videogames a lot with voice chat and I notice this happens every single day, like if everyone's ready to jump at anything). Also, please don't think I come here also to make anyone feel bad. Uff, lots of typing, I am tired/ TLDR: You're great, I made a comment someone felt offended by, my bad. (But don't make a fuss about it).
  15. Well, to me, a song is lyrics and melody, so if it's your melody (no matter the chord progression, which we know are used on zillions of songs), then it's your song (medley in this case). At 1:28 a guitar melody starts, I love it. And the whole solo is very nice (did you play it? Or just composed it? I love guitar btw. I hate the Beatles, lol ( to me they sound like very very very old music and ... EDITED). I am not saying I hate their songs, some of which I like because there are other artists that cover them. Nevertheless I am not fond of any Beatles songs at all either. I love 80's hair metal, πŸ₯°that's my thing (very melodic, great vocalists) and Kiss. I love old Dream Theater, but I don't like progressive metal as a genre. Yes, I am weird if you think that, lol.
  16. This is YOUR song? My fave part is 1:28 (guitar melody/solo) and my fave part of it is the staccato part.
  17. Damn, delete the thread because now I am curious! lol
  18. You look young in your picture πŸ€—
  19. Judging by the sound this is a steal.
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