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  1. http://www.morevox.com/web/freebbie.html 2023 one.
  2. Covering them in a video seems the right choice 😎
  3. Sweet mate, I will try this out.
  4. How do you reckon? I will probably figure it out once I install it. Do the NLS Non-Linear Summer work as a saturation plugin too?
  5. You are deluded yourself beyond salvation. Visit a psychologist man. (And study Logic while you're at it).
  6. If I did, you started it, read your first post again.
  7. Of course not, but you are looking too much into it.\ Honest to god, do you really think they are deceiving anyone?
  8. This is meh? Patches are so musical, wtf!
  9. Here I am disagreeing with you again, lol. Not meh to me, and they can price their stuff as they want. (because they are not located in the US, the world should be a free market, and the law is for the man, not the other way around).
  10. Last Call

    Kazrog True EQ452

    They saved on the graphic designer 😭
  11. Man, you should have a list of the best savings one could get from the best plugins out there first, or intrument libraries. That would make it more interesting. Just a thought ( for example EW Choir from Spitfire is again 50% off, now that is a gret deal).
  12. Yeah, to me the experience almost gave me a heart attack, it happened to me like 3 times at leasr. Uninstalled Protools never looked back.
  13. Check the truss rod, I've heard horror stories. 🤑
  14. My point still stands 😚 😎
  15. My best friend in the Music Academy was called Peter, wow. Go figure 🤗
  16. Their DAW still sucks that much these days? JUST GIVE UP Avid: Noise Burst Peak Protection Preference. I can't believe after maybe 14 years they haven't fixed that. Reaper has never given me a noise burst.
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