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  1. Omg, I thought they closed shop for good, I was so sad about them. Glad you brought this up now.
  2. Losing one of your own is so bitter. Our music community was lucky to have him. Usually it doesn't but this time it hit me and made me cry.
  3. Dang I missed it!!! Too bad! 🫠
  4. Oh, didn't answer this, sorry. I haven't found an amazing drums library yet. I am testing lots of BFD libraries, they have some good elements, but it's like they have this amazing snare (maybe) but the rest of the kit is supbar. I will type more of my findings when I reach a proper conclusion (there are a zillion BFD expansions ). Cheers. (EDIT: I told the Portsmouth guys -they guys on the video- to make their own sound library, that they would sell a ton, some days ago. Ofc probably they won't listen, lol).
  5. Um, I don't really think so. To me it even sounds compressed. And loud enough. It sounds BIG! And FAT, I mean, PHAT! I invite you to download the audio of the video, and import it in your fave DAW, cut a loop out of it (maybe just 2 bars?) and experiment with it using your fave guitar/bass sounds and vocals. Maybe add/piano a synth to it. You could even nowadays stretch it to one of your songs, just for kicks. Oh, remember you mix the song around vocals and drums. I play a little, I have a DW/Tama Starclassic mix of drums, Meinl cymbals. What I don't have is an interface like an Apollo x6 or 8xp to record drums properly. If I did, I bet I could manage to get them sound right, maybe like the video. Also I have noticed, to my unfortunate past (but now I am the happiest man alive), that the gear you use to hear back sound/music is the most important thing in the world. I have some NS10's type of speaker... and... they sound like trash. I just got 2 weeks ago some Sony SSC5 something and... omg... the difference is abysmal. I can enjoy music again. I downgraded from an RME dac to an Apple dongle... and omg the difference is abysmal too. I introduced RME to my blacklist of things. (and there is an article why Boutique audio manufacturers have nothing on Apple, and after reading key elements of it... it convinced me 100% the article is right). I downgraded from some Sennheiser HD820 (2400 dollars...) to some Moondrop Chu (there is now a Chu II version I didn't know) IEMS... and to me... they sound just beyond amazing. Stuff sounds they way it's supposed to. There's just an example, this song Even Flow by Pearl Jam... it has lots of cymbals, you can hear them all pristine clear, super bright... but... cymbals are bright by default. No phasing, no nothing... I am amazed by how now a $20 pair of IEMS can sound so perfect (CHU II fixes the bass being very low to my tastes, haven't bought them yet). I have some Hifiman X Edition on the way, they arrive tomorrow, but... this Moondrop Chu are just phehomenal (reading reviews they are prone to "breaking", but I don't care, they are just stellar). I am so radical I am this close to throwing to the trash my SEnnheiser cans (tested the 599S too, they are ok), and my RME ADI 2 DAC too... I already threw some Beyerdynamic cans away... yeah... that's me. (I won't buy another GERMAN thingie in my life. ) After all now, I mean, TLDR, I love my cheap audio gear, and I love music and SOUND (I fixate a lot on TIMBER mostly). And I couldn't be happier. (Already bought 6 Apple dongles, and my plan is selling my RME DAC and buy a 100, I kid you not). Ahhh, felt good to get that out of my chest. I know, too much typing. Think what you will. I'll be enjoying my favorite toons now till I drop dead finally. FINALLY. 😎
  6. Yeah, nope. I don't think Toontrack is any good. But I understand you like them as a lot of people. Their STOCKHOLM SDX is pretty decent. I feel their Room and Overhead channels are the worst (Overall speaking). To me they sound kind of thin and harsh. Just so you know what I think recorded drums should sound like, here is a snippet of that idea: https://youtu.be/VCgB93xSewI?si=WHwxIa1TCAEwv10v&t=195
  7. Sounds better than Toontrack, that is for sure! Hell, even BFD player sounds better than Toontrack, lol.
  8. Tested: Where Does The Tone Come From In A Microphone? - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Bma2TE-x6M
  9. Hi Krupa, could you elaborate on this? After watching the video on Youtube: What gives a microphone its sound? Or something like that, where it's clear what I have assumed for a quite some time ago, that the capsule is what matter (I guess decent electronics too). I would love to buy maybe on Microphone Parts some capsules and mod my Rode NT1-As.
  10. Too bad a company from the USA, the "best" country in the world, has to lie on their site trying to sell a product. It's not a LARGE diaphragm microphone... The V250 is a small-diaphragm FET condenser microphone made by MXL for distribution by Guitar Center and its affiliated companies.
  11. I think you asked what really bothered me about this new Free drum library, I obliged, then you replied, but couldn't see your reply in time. All good, have a good one.
  12. I didn't get to see your reply Pavs, because of the deleted thread. Cheers.
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