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  1. It's not a bad choice for a name at all. If you have an std I am sorry for you, hahaha. When you go to a concert or see a comedian, if you like it you CLAP. Clapping s so rooted to the music world. Hey, I clap if my daughter gets straight A's. If the word has such a derogatory meaning in your mind you have issues...
  2. I would like to know too 😁
  3. We don't know ofc precisely the situation, but you bet your azz I would send those emails if I felt it was needed to hurt current sales so the other ***** wouldn't get any gains from something I created. IF, that is 🤗
  4. Wow, you really did work on it? That's so cool, despite the outcome for your company ofc.
  5. I was gonna say it's not me, I swear! But then I read your comment and I couldn't anymore, sad face 🤗
  6. True. Nevertheless, nobody likes hubs. Specially when going mobile (they are a FORCED necessary evil by the industry). Thank god the MBP comes with more ports, just like back in the old days. Anyway, I won't waste my time writing Neve I won't buy their interface. 😂
  7. Just guitar plugins and reverbs use a shitload of CPU, so this update is meh.
  8. I said don't get me started! 🤗 Also I said this isn't about performance 🤗 Scarletts and Claretts have usb c type connection. Audient too. Those guys want to sell! Neve and RME don't. Apple wants to sell and has a giant share of the market. Guess what? They use type C connections. Even materials wise a usb C type connection uses less material to be manufactured because it's smaller. Honest to god I hate that I had to spell that out 🤬 .... 🤗 Also, I hate that I have to use an adapter and buy a PRINTER cable to connect my ADI-2 to my Apple M1 Silicon Mac. Enough is enough 🤣
  9. It's massively ***** to use anything but a USB C port/connection. Don't get me started... 😡 (this isn't about transfer speed btw).
  10. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Neve88M--neve-88m-usb-audio-interface
  11. The Vynil sound alone sounds superb. 😎
  12. Last Call

    Audient iD44 MKII

    This has been the best interface I ever had. Sold it at the time coz I was in another planet. But if I were looking for an interface, this one takes the cake. (Better than UA even by 2 miles).
  13. Fire the Skillet too!
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