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  1. I close the Ask option in Preference Window. This problem is temporarily solved, but it is not convenient.
  2. I cannot click the CheckBox of "Ask This Every Time". The mouse detection seems to be in staff view, not Drag and Drop Option. I also install SONAR 8. Do I unistall SONAR 8 ?
  3. When I open the quick tab(in edit), I cannot close it in Staff View Window.
  4. In soar 8, the movement of notes is very simple. But BandLab seems to be hard to operate the movement of notes by drag and drop. Even I use select tool with shift button to move the notes, but I cannot click the confirm and cancel button in the drag and drop option window. My OS is traditional-Chinese.
  5. To move several notes in the Staff view 1.Select the Select tool in the Control Bar. 2.Select the notes to be moved. 3.Click one of the selected notes. 4.Drag the notes to a new time, pitch, or staff. I had tried the method, but it does not work. I also use shift with select tool, but the I cannot click the confirm button in Drag and Drop Option window even Cancel button. My OS is Windows 10 trad-chinese.
  6. In staff view, I use select tools to select multi-symbol, and then use move tool to move them. But it does not work.
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